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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Learn English Online

Hi everybody,

There could be nobody who would not want to learn English. And, if you can find one person who is not willing to hone his English skills for his own good you mail me about it, I will stop blogging ! Give it up people, English, you like it or not, has taken not only the literary world, but also the corporate world by storm, establishing itself as the primary and the preferred code of communication, formal and informal, in every walk of life. English has seeped through all cultures and has become more of a mode than for the mere use of expressing. As the world gets more and more competitive, the power of expression becomes very important to defining success. You may have an excellent idea, but if you are not able to express it without loss of power, there is a great possibility that your excellently and brilliantly conceived idea may fall flat ! In fact, if expressed powerfully, even a simple idea may sound exotic and extraordinary. That is simply the power of expression. And, English, being the chosen language today, is a very complicated language. They say the English people themselves are not very good at mastering their own language. In many places it is also seen that English is adulterated with a lot of inevitable colloquialism. This is more evident in the countries that do not have english as their mother language. Thus, people in non-english speaking countries find it a greater challenge to master this language to gain a competitive edge over the rest. Mastering English is not that difficult these days with several agencies providing training.

There are several places where they provide Free English Lesson from which you can reap benefits. You can also get to find out where you stand in your English skill levels by taking English Placement Test online, which comes at the ease of a click. Today, getting a promotion, at many places, is more inclined on your communication skills. Pursuing a professional degree abroad will require you to pass a recognized English exam such as GRE, TOEFL or IELTS. You can undertake English Courses Online to train yourself well to appear for these exams confidently. Learn English. Overtake the rest.

Earn Money For Every Page View On Your Site

Hi all Bloggers,

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Praveen Chandar

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

Hi everyone,

There is mourning news from Karachi. Former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated this evening at around 5:30 PM when she was heading for her car after concluding a political meeting. She was shot at by two men armed with AK-47. Five bullets were fired at her. And she was reported to have been shot at her head and shoulders. Immediately after that, a suicide bomber blew himself up near the car. Nobody came for the rescue following the blast. Everybody stayed aloof from the site fearing further blasts. Bhutto was shot as she was getting into the car after addressing thousands of supporters to canvass votes for the January 8 parliamentary election. Reports said five bullets were fired at Bhutto, one of which pierced her neck. The 54-year-old leader of the Pakistan People's Party was rushed to the Rawalpindi general hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Sometime after that, she was rushed to a nearby hospital, and she expired after 40 minutes at exactly 6:16 PM. Nawaz Sharif, Bhutto's long-time political rival and another former prime minister, visited the hospital and sat silently next to her body. Bhutto's close aides former editor Sherry Rehman and Naheed Khan are among the injured. Following her assassination, there have been several protests carried out at various places in Pakistan. More news is awaited.

Gifts !

Hi friends,

All of us like gifts ! Whether we'd want to receive one form our loved one on our birthday or on our wedding anniversary, or if we'd want to get the something that your close friend always wanted on his birthday. Gifts more often mean more than just what it means to the seller. A gift and the way it is presented packs a lot of emotion and it is true symbol or expression of affection and love we have for someone. Irrespective of the price, it becomes even more special for the person who receives it. When I was a kid, I had always wanted a bicycle. But, my family was not well off to get me one. And, a decent cycle then costed around $400.00 My dad was not ready to shell out all that much. I silently buried all my expectations or dreams of acquiring a cycle from him. But the liking I had towards the cycle kept lingering in me. Whenever I saw any of my friends moving on a cycle gigling and having fun, I'd feel very much for not having one for myself. This yearning had lingered in me for a long time. Until, one fine morning which incidentally happened to be my birthday ! All my friends, who had seen that yearning in my eyes all this while, had discussed a month back about getting me a cycle ! Do you believe that ? And, they all pooled in money from various sources and friends they knew. And, they got me my first "Hercules" bicycle. And, when I saw it, I was overtly overjoyed that I did not know how to react. It was too much of a good thing to me. And, it did a lot to me ! I will never forget those friends, they will continue to stay with me always. Do you want your friends a gift like that and make them feel that way ? Then, make sure you get them the right GIFT ! And, tell me about your gift experiences. If it is found really working, then I will let others know about your gift ideas. Your gifts can also be your friend's favorite watch, or even simple gift cards with your heart felt words inscribed on them !

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Real Estate Booming At Costa Rica

Hi everyone,

All the people who are having low times with your real estate, now is the right time to make your coup. The Real Estate Business is coming up with great promises this time around New Year. The prices of the estates are souring and if you own plots in Costa Rica, I am sure you are going to strike gold at the Real Estate market this time around. Real Estate is a business that has been one of the first assets man ever traded on the face of the earth. The ironic part is that the commodity he sold was nothing but a part of the 'earth' that he himself shared ! Real Estate in Costa Rica is coming up due to several influential factors. The Real Estate boom is touted to be a consequence of the foray of umpteen foreign trade investors in the region and also due to the Information Technology boom and many multinational companies moving into the Costa Rica. Whatever be the reasons, Real Estate in Costa Rica is sure to have a Boom this time, so what comes to your mind should be "boon !".

Indian missiles to upset Pakistan

Hello everybody,

There is serious news on the Arms Enactment of India. Various attempts to come to a nuclear compromise between the two warring nations have failed. The two nations and their leaders from time immemorial have always failed to reach a consensus to neutralize their nuclear ambitions against each other. Now that India has decided to test its newly furbished missiles, Pakistan is upset that it is only going to further the enmity between the two countries. Pakistan on Wednesday said it was opposed to the introduction to South Asia of new weapon systems like India's proposed missile defence shield as they could spark an "unnecessary" arms race. India has conducted several missile tests in the past few weeks to prepare for putting in place a national missile defence shield.Pakistan tested a nuclear-capable cruise missile during the same period. Sadiq also said a judicial committee comprising four judges each from India and Pakistan would meet shortly to discuss steps to expedite the release of prisoners held in the jails of both countries. Let us hope that all good things will be seen by dawn, and that is only if we happen to see tomorrow !

Gammon Fortune

Hi gammon fans,

Back Gammon is one of the most sought after online gambling games you can find today. Gammon has always been every gambler's favorite. There is good news for everybody again. Backgammon is back in all its glory. There are several backgammon sites on the net, so much that it leaves the layman confused as to which site he should choose to find his lucky table ! Mister Gammon solves all your problems by being the one stop shop for all your queries relating to backgammon. There is no better place you will find for backgammon online. The site also features a variety of playing modes and contains information about the various tournaments that are hosted with precise dates and timings. The site is very lucidly fabricated with all the details you require to commence a fun carrier in backgammon online ! So, hit the tab and find your fortune ! So, go ahead and play backgammon.

Beef Kebab !

Hi epicures out there,

Here is something that you may regret missing. I am sure everyone would have tasted a variety of Kebabs. The Kebab is a dish that originated in the Afghans. It is a dish that is comparable to the Barbecues of the West, leave alone the complicated masala that is used to cover the meat with before it is cooked in which ever way depending on the preparation principle of the Kebab. Today, we are talking about making the Beef Kebab ! t seems like a great idea. You thread cubes of beef with cut up vegetables onto skewers, marinate and grill. Only problem is that the beef is overcooked and the vegetables are undercooked, or visa versa. Why? The greatest challenge to grilling kebabs is that different things cook need to cook for different times. How do you solve this little problem? One way is to precook vegetables, especially squash or similar things.

Onions, peppers, carrots and other foods that don't have to be cooked through to be good are perfect for kebabs. In fact I find that having the vegetable part of the kebabs on the crunchier side adds to the quality of the meal. You should also consider fruits as a good addition. Pineapple is especially good because it adds a sweet/tart flavor to the kebab.

Once you have your vegetables selected and everything properly cut up you will need a marinade. You can marinate the meat separately and then brush some of the marinade over the whole kebabs before you grill, or you can simply place the whole kebabs in the marinade and let them sit for an hour or two.As for the grilling time, all you really need to worry about is the meat. Since we have eliminated the need to get the vegetables cooked completely, watch the meat.

As for the kind of skewers, it really doesn't matter. Bamboo skewers are cheap, but you need to soak them in water for at least 30 minutes so they won't catch on fire on the grill. A burning skewer is not what they mean by flaming kebabs. Metal skewers work great but they get really hot. So, there you have your kebabs ready. So, what are you waiting for ! Get to the tables with your aprons !

Magic Holdem

Hi poker fans,

Winning each hand is important to winning the game ultimately. Poker is one game, I have repeated several times, is not where you get to make the best use of your luck, but is a game where the one who eliminates 'luck' emerges the winner. That is the secret behind winning your golden hands. To win each hand, you need to calculate all odds and determine whether you can bet and if you can, how much you can and stuff like that. If you are not an expert, then you will need assistance. Magic Holdem Odds Calculator is here to serve you that purpose for calculating the poker odds for you. You can use this poker calculator to calculate the possibilities for every hand and you can play diligently. Created with world famous poker professionals, this holdem calculator si the best state-of-the-art Poker Odds Calculator tool you can ever find which gives you the most accurate odds and provides you with the best professional advice you can find anywhere on the net.

Animation Flicks

Hi friends,

So, finally the reviews for Bee Movie are out. Animation flicks have always caught my fancy. Be it the award winning ones from Pixar Studios like "The Incredibles" or the last installment "Ratatouille", or the less expensive ones like Shark Tale , and Hanuman, these animation works carry a special attraction with them. One thing that fascinates me about these films is that they all carry a universal theme, and that is what makes them click all over the world, irrespective of the language and the culture. Take Finding Nemo for example, the movie has a very basic storyline that any normal person can understand. A father in search of a lost son. Any body in this world can follow a story like this. In fact you don't even have to understand the language to follow what is going on. The best part about these kind of animation flicks is that they are not only targeted at the younger audience, this is a common misconception. Animation films like Finding Nemo and Simpsons movie has a universal message that reaches out across all regional and linguistic barriers !

Deluxe Plastic Surgery Center

Hi people,

This is something about breast cancer that many would not prefer sharing with others. Well, this is a serious problem and could turn out to get more complicated if left unattended. A lot of breast treatment techniques have been introduced. But, there is not enough awareness among the populace today about the treatment techniques available.

Breast cancer is a cancer of the glandular breast tissue.

Worldwide, breast cancer is the fifth most common cause of cancer death. (after lung cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, and colon cancer). In 2005, breast cancer caused 502,000 deaths (7% of cancer deaths; almost 1% of all deaths) worldwide. Among women worldwide, breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer death.

In the United States, breast cancer is the third most common cause of cancer death (after lung cancer and colon cancer). In 2007, breast cancer is expected to cause 40,910 deaths (7% of cancer deaths; almost 2% of all deaths) in the U.S. Among women in the U.S., breast cancer is the most common cancer and the second-most common cause of cancer death (after lung cancer). Women in the U.S. have a 1 in 8 lifetime chance of developing invasive breast cancer and a 1 in 33 chance of breast cancer causing their death. In the U.S., both incidence and death rates for breast cancer have been declining in the last few years. Nevertheless, a U.S. study conducted in 2005 by the Society for women's health research indicated that breast cancer remains the most feared disease, even though heart disease is a much more common cause of death among women.

The appointment and the issues discussed will be kept highly confidential. You may also wish to check out beverly hills liposuction. And some may also be interested in Beverly Hills plastic surgery. Feel free to find more about what you can do to improve your health and avoid complications in the future. Liposuction is a new procedure using which Breast Cancer can be treated without pain. This is the latest installment in medical advancement to have triggered in recent times. Liposuction is hailed as a painless surgical procedure that comes to your pockets at a very reasonable cost. You can get to know of more about breast augmentation los angeles here. Breast cancer is one complication that many are not aware of. If detected and corrected at earlier stages, complication could be effectively prevented.

Shah Rukh Khan plays villain for Krrish 2

Hi film buffs,

This is the most interesting news to have come out after the rumors that stormed the nation about Shah Rukh Khan taking up Shankar's Robot and then Aamir Khan to have taken up the project. This time it is about king khan again. He makes sure he always he hogs up the most part of showbiz news ! This time it is alleged that he is to play the baddie in the much touted Sci-Fi third installment from Rakesh Roshan's camp, Krrish 2 after the super hit Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish 1. He will star opposite Hrithik Roshan who will play the protagonist again ! It has been a long time since SRK played a negative role. Many years later, he tried to play a negative character again, in Farhan Akhtar's Don. But the film did not do as well as was expected from a SRK Diwali release. So, let us wait and see if SRK will be seen in his Don avatar again. I am sure it will be a treat to watch him again in all his bad glory !

Lets go Salsa

Hi all wannabe dancers,

There is great news for all you wannabe dancers out there ! Everybody loves dancing, I am sure nobody would say no to their conscience when asked "You like dancing ?". Some people, or if you consider the number of people I have come across, many assume that they ain't fit to or not talented enough to dance. This is something that is absolutely wrong. Everybody can dance. Just like everybody can exercise to keep their body fit. Dance is nothing but a stylized and more patterned form of your usual exercise ! Salsa is a type of dance that is catching on the younger generation now. So why leave the older ones behind. Salsa is for everyone. Salsa evolved in the Latin lands. Salsa is a type of dance that requires you to dance in pairs. Well, that should be more than enough to get you interested in it I guess ! Salsa dancing is one of its kinds that makes you tap your feet round the clock. is the ultimate guide to salsa dance as it provides the latest news on dancing, reviews, musings and plain craziness as far as salsa is concerned. This site also covers in-depth news about the current World Salsa Championships where expert salsa dancers coming from various countries showcase their flair and talent on the dance floor. This site offers dance videos too, and provides a guide to learning ballroom dance. So, don't wait for your friend, get your partner today and hit the dance floor !

IAF to launch Akash Missile

Hello all,

More news from the Indian Air Force to threaten you ! Yes, this time they are back with the deadliest of their missiles. It is the much awaited Akash this time. This missile is a very hi-tech one that has been under construction for almost a year. It is believed that this missile was constructed with close interaction with the top nuclear warfare professionals from Russia. It is also worth noting that Russia has been India's potential weapon consultant ever since the Kargil wars. To start with, a squadron of these missiles, comprising 16 launchers would be inducted into the force, in what could be a happy new year tidings for the missile scientists, after repeated rejections by IAF experts earlier, according to Air Chief Fali Homi Major. The missile has already suffered a massive slippage as it was earlier scheduled to be ready for induction in 2003. So, guess this new Akash will send shivers down the spines of all those it intends to target !

Donate a Boat

Hi guys and girls,

Charity is something that we should never forget. The simple thought that what you have got is more than what you deserve is enough to get you working towards charity. There are so many people we see around us, everyday, on the streets, everywhere, whom we find are so mercilessly under privileged, and what we have today is simply not the result of anything that we did but simply because we a re luckily privileged. If this thought matures on you, you will also understand that you are responsible for helping the underprivileged. With great privileges, comes great responsibilities. There are several ways to work for charity. The simplest way is to donate money. There are several ways you can donate money. BoatAngel provides you a simple way to perform charitable acts through boat donations. BoatAngel is a non-profit organization that works towards collecting funds. This money is used for various charitable purposes, which include funding Children's Christian Short films that are used for social awareness. The money that is collected through charity boat donations is used to make these short films that are sold absolutely free of cost. They are available as Free DvDs. You can get these Free DVDs from the boat angel site. They have just completed a project on Drug Abuse. You can get to watch that on DVD completely free of cost. The outreach endeavor are already showing a favorable outcome and all its need is continues support from voluntary donors to provide their unused boats; by donating them to Boat Angel through their associate CarAngel’s website. The proceeds will likely help at-risk kids and to provide them with an uplifting FREE DVD’s for kids. So, I am sure you can do this little charity by donating a boat and letting others know about this charitable act.

Billa is brainlessly sexy !

Hi movie buffs,

So, finally the reviews for the film Billa is out. The ultra hyped Ajith starrer and the remake of the yester year RajiniKanth classic film by the same name turns out to be the most stylish film to have hit the silver screen in Tamil Cinema. It is best to watch the film leaving aside comparisons to the hindi 'Don'. This product of Vishnuvardhan does not make any changes to the script. In fact he has been so sincere to the original Billa that he hasn't failed to even carry along the large sized flaws in the original script faithfully ! To remake a film is often a thankless task, particularly in an industry where they are few and far between. Success when achieved is attributed to the popularity of the original film and failure would be in spite of it. The cheesiness of 1980 is gone and if you were born in the latter part of that decade and grew up on a strict diet of only Tamil movies, it's quite likely you will dig this Billa. The best thing about Billa 2007 is that it keeps the pace tight. The movie does not sag at any point. The original script by Salem Javed was one of the most sought after ones when it came out in the 1980s. Hence, Vishnu is left with minimal responsibility on the script department as he had decided not to make any changes to it. Vishnu had only the packaging to concentrate on ! And, I will tell you, he has done that to the best of his ability, and anything more than what he has done to the style would only leave you cloyed of over dosage of style, that too completely without brains ! For those of you who still don't know the story, here's a brief version of it. Billa is the lieutenant of Jagdish, who runs drugs and guns in Malaysia. Hot on his heels is the Chennai Crime Branch, represented in Malaysia by a DCP, played by Prabhu. It's hard to think of Prabhu as a cop anymore for he has essayed too many roles in which he is the loving brother or dutiful son. Though the police want him alive, Billa, in a scene remarkably enacted by Ajith, dies unexpectedly. A petty thief Velu, also played by Ajith, is brought in fill the gangster's shoes till the police nab Jagdish. The costume department, headed by Vishnu Vardhan's wife Anu, does a great job of dressing up the two women.Yuvan Shankar Raja retains the two songs, composed by M S Viswanathan, that made the original film famous. My Name Is Billa and Vethalayai Pottendi get an electronic version. But much of the background score is loud. In short, Billa is a no-brainer, but utterly stylish, or rather style at the cost of brains ! So, keep your brains refrigerated while watching this entertainer !

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wedding Cruises on a Luxury Yacht

Hi friends,

We have heard and been to several grand wedding ceremonies, cocktail parties and anniversary bashes and toasts. But, here is a unique way to celebrate your anniversary. Even in your wildest dreams, you would never have thought about giving your wedding ceremony on a Luxury Yacht. The Chicago Cruises just promises you this. Just imagine yourself on a luxury yacht tugging your soul mate by your side and with all the special people in your life around to bless you, amidst all that silent water around and the champagne glasses clinging to elevate your moods to celestial heights ! That is simply what we are talking about. There is no more perfect and unique way to spend your wedding day in Chicago, than in the comfort and privacy of the Yacht Valara VI, cruising Chicago’s skyline!A romantic wedding and exchange of vows joined by your family and friends on the scenic waters of Chicago’s Lake Michigan is becoming more and more popular by the year, and we have the perfect yacht for your special day! I am sure you’ll be delighted by the deluxe accommodations they have to offer, specifically designed for weddings, receptions and for you, on your very special day. When you board Valara VI on your special day, you’ll be able to relax on board with your friends and loved ones, experiencing treasured moments in the beautiful celebration of matrimony. This is your day! A worry-free and hassle-free wedding day - now isn't that something we would crave for ? Then why think about it, go aboard !

Non-Profit Debt Consolidation

Hi people,

Money has always been something that we either are chasing or are being chased by. In most cases, its the former kind of race. Money is not something that just comes to us easy. It ain't like grapes that you can pluck from trees. I seriously wish it were that way ! And, I am sure you will agree with me ! Money is also not something that we can amass in a short period of time when it is most needed. For example, you need to buy a new house, or you need to plan for your daughter's wedding, or you have to put you son to higher education abroad. On all these occasions, most of us do not find all the money in the locker, so we naturally tend to get loans. And more often than not, most of us end up with huge debts. And, debts are something like what cancer is to our bodies biologically. It grows, it grows bigger and bigger every month, every year, until it finally swallows you, your happiness and your tranquility. And, the worst thing about debts, just like cancer, is that it does this killing very very slowly, and very painfully. It is not easy to produce an eye-popping sum in a matter of days, in case you are planning on your son's marriage ceremony, or in case you are required to pay an advance to by a new house or any such situation that demands an amount of money that you cannot furnish all of a sudden. Many of us do more often than not come across any of these situations, that also most likely put a lot of mental pressure on us.

So, if you are running on high debts are are really feeling low, a non-profit debt consolidation company is here for your rescue. You can find debt help here that will prove to be very useful in consolidating your debt problems. You can also get to know of your status and how much you have progressed through your debt consolidation by checking out the credit report. You can also look forward to more plans on debt relief that you will find on this site. It gives more information on how to get rid of your high running debts.

Johnny Depp in Sweeny Todd

Hi movie buffs,

So all of you are wondering what is all this hoopla about the new Johnny Depp film that has come out, and also whats with that funny name "Sweeny Todd". Well, Sweeny Todd was a real criminal who was a barber, who survived on killing his clients and his accomplice using the meat to make her pies ! Well, it does sound too morbid a tale to make up for a Broadway Musical. But, that is how the script writers conceived it and now the movie adaptation has hit the screens with our favorite actor who also proves to be the most versatile actor in recent times. Johnny Depp. n this adaptation of the classic musical, Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp) is a barber who is sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit. After his release years later, Sweeney opens up a new shop and plots revenge against the judge (Alan Rickman) who sent him behind bars. But, before he does, he practices his knife skills on unsuspecting customers who have their necks cut along with their hair. The bodies of his victims then fall into the possession of Sweeney's girlfriend, Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter), who carves them into delicious meat pies that become the talk of the town. The movie is rated "R" for its graphic violent content. So it might not go well with the chicken hearted ! So, that is Sweeny Todd in a nutshell. Hope you got the hang of it. The film promises a lot of drama and chilling moments, let us see what the Carribean Sparrow has to offer this time !!

Logyes Logos

Hi people,

So you people looking forward to starting your own firm ? Looking forward to getting your new company started ? You tyro entrepreuners planning on launching your first business ? Good decision ! And, before you can start off on your venture, it becomes very important that your first check out business history. You have to see what others have achieved. Success, as the dictionary defines is the achievement of something planned or sought after. Success, to me, is winning ! Winning whom ? Winning the competition. Winning the odds. Winning the winners in the arena. A new winner emerges at the cost of another one ! Atleast, that is the way when it comes to the corporate world. And all winners in this arena are recognized, most obviously with the name of their company, and among the business circle, they are recognized with their LOGO. The Logo of your company is an important symbol that represents your company, its goals and what it aspires to be in the future. As time progresses, your logo gains more importance and finds more meaning for itself. With more success and progress, your logo will grow in importance and will radiate an energy to other companies and peers in the field. Hence, all you green horns, it is very important to design a good looking and meaningful logo for your company. A logo that you and your employers can flaunt anytime during your progress. It is something like what the national flag is to a country.

You can design attractive logos using Logyes logos. Logo design has never been this easy and interesting. Logyes is nothing but a free online service where you get to create your logo using their Patent-pending process. It is very much a try-before-you-buy service. If what you created is not satisfactory, you don't have to pay for it ! And, when you are done, you will wonder if you really thought you could make such a great logo ! You can check out all the logos you can create at the Custom Logo Design. It allows you to make brilliant logos and what is surprising is that it needs no professionalism from you. And your logo just looks too good on your business card. On step six of this logo creation process, you can see your logo on scores of differently designed business cards with the same colors you chose ! When you buy the logo that you just created, you recieve EPS vector files that lets you change it anytime you want to. It is very much a unique service. You can also check out their Free Logo and Business Card Creator and design your business card right away with the logo you designed. Find more about your logo design and publish your powerful symbol !

Luxury Boat Cruises

Hi travelers out there,

All you people looking forward to spending your summer at an exotic locale, there is great news for you ! You may wish to check out Goa. Goa is a state in India that has one of the most exuberant cultures that is a consequence of the Portuguese influence on the prime Goan culture. The portuguese influence is strongly felt in every aspect of the state and its culture, ranging from the architecture, the languages people speak, the cuisine, the beach culture till the jewelry and informal attire. All these factors strongly affect tourism and holidaying experience. Goa, thus, attracts approximately not less than 2,00,000 tourists every year. And, the number of foreign tourists from the west and the Africas only keep increasing every year.

The most fascinating part about holidaying at Goa are the Luxury Boat Cruises. You cannot find a better scenario to romance with your soulmate. This could be one experience you seriously would regret if you knew you missed it ! There are many cruise packages. The couple package is listed below.

10 AM to next morning 9AM – Incl. of breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and bed–tea
(Food- authentic Goan cuisine, Indian or Chinese)
2 bed-rooms available.( Exclusive of all taxes )
2 kids below 12yrs free. Children above 12 yrs will be charged.
Continental meals will be charged extra. All beverages to be bought from the Just-A-Saiil Bar.
Bird watching cruise 7am to 8am.

Just-a-Saiil is providing all this luxury cruise travel. The Boat cruise simply blows you away with its flamboyance, cuisine and the mood it creates to make your holiday satiating. Goa also boasts of a superior weather throughout the year. The Goan cuisine is very popular for its fish and chips and also for its delicacies with Crab. Goa is also very popular for its daring water sports activities and also bungee jumping. So if you dare to see heights that you had only seen in your dreams, get strapped up and dive into the spirit of Goa !

Medical Assistant Training

Hi student friends,

Medical Science has always been a very much sought after educational stream that many students fall in love with. It is not only a very ambitious career, but also one that demands extreme dedication and top quality skills, because you are not giong to be working with machines, but lives. And that is why we have many people referring to doctors more often than not as the Gods when they plead to them to save their loved ones. Doctors are one of the most skilled professionals you can find any day any where. Medical Science puts its professionals into highly compelling arenas of skilled labor and mental pressure. Doctors are required to handle complex situations and handle pressures of varying degrees with no qualms, and also do it without letting the rest know what really is happening inside the operation theatre. The most important thing the doctor has to learn is to consider the patient he is working on, as simply a specimen, even if it happens to be his own daughter or his sibling, and perform the medical treatment like he works on a machine, lest he fails to himself and his profession. This is what doctors are actually trained on during their four or five years of medical training.

There are several medical schools that offer high quality medical training, that makes selecting the best school as per your requirements a tedious process. You can find several medical assistant schools at Medical Assistant Training. You can find the top schools that offer training at affordable costs. You can also get to know more about the various medical assistant training programs that are available there. Here, you will find several programs that interest you. You can also choose between various programs that suit your needs and also fall between your financial limits. You can find umpteen number of medical assistant programs here that may draw your interest. So, what are you waiting for ? Hit the tab and get yourself enrolled into the most lucrative and service oriented career stream of your dream and pursue it at your most popular and favorite medical school !


Hi guys and girls,

Diabetes is one medical complication that many of us don't really seem to give too much a damn about. Awareness about it is very essential to the youth today. A layman would know nothing more than just say "Diabetes ? Oh.. you talkin' about sugar patients ??!!". And, they just know that they should not be eating candies. Diabetes is a very complicated 'disease'. It does not show up immediately, nor does it affect your health immediately. It has its effect in the long run. It slowly eats up your immunity and finally renders your body pathetically useless. What best we can do is nothing but slow down the decaying process as much as possible and in a way that is most pain free. Diabetes mellitus, often simply diabetes, is a syndrome characterized by disordered metabolism and inappropriately high blood sugar (hyperglycaemia) resulting from either low levels of the harmone insulin or from abnormal resistance to insulin's effects coupled with inadequate levels of insulin secretion to compensate. The characteristic symptoms are excessive urine production (polyuria), excessive thirst and increased fluid intake (polydipsia), and blurred vision; these symptoms are likely absent if the blood sugar is only mildly elevated.
So, it is clearly understood that Diabetes, so far, has not been found curable. All that we can do is to prevent the process from worsening only to get us to the end point too early. There are several precautions that sugar patients will have to adhere to strictly in order to lead a pain free and stress free life. So, nothing to worry. Keep your sugar low, and walk with your head held high !

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Barbecue Sandwiches

Hi foodies out there,

I just thought I'd present you a great recipe today. Well, it is more of an elucidation of the intricate nuances of cooking, especially preparing one of my most tempting and obsessively compelling delicacies, "the Barbecue". What is a dinner party without a barbecue !?? That sounds like whiskey without ice cubes !! I will teach you to make barbecue sandwiches in a very few simple steps that you will never have to look into again. Barbecue sandwiches are really delicious and are best paired with cocktails and sometimes, even Thai rice. So here we go :

I prefer chicken for making the Barbecue for several reasons. Firstly, Chicken is my favorite !! Chicken is perfect for the smoker or the grill. Regardless of which you use, you can produce delicious shredded chicken barbecue easily. There is a lot more variation in how your chicken turns out. Unless the chicken is burnt to a dried crisp it can still be salvaged with a good barbecue sauce.
Picking the right pieces:
Chicken is really two kinds or meat. The white meat is very different in texture and flavor from the dark meat. For this reason you can choose the kind of meat you want to make your chicken barbecue out of. Of course, by using whole chickens you will get a variety in one great pile of shredded meat. If you choose chicken breasts be careful not to let it dry out. While you’ll be slathering the meat with a great barbecue sauce, dry meat will be tough and chewy, not something you want in a barbecue sandwich.
Cooking the Chicken: The secret of good barbecue is low and slow. If you were preparing a big pork shoulder you’d be looking at a minimum of 12 hours of cooking time. Chicken on the other hand can be cooked at a hotter temperature in a shorter amount of time. This means you can either use your smoker at a temperature between 225 and 250 degrees F. If using your grill, cooking indirectly with a low flame. The whole goal of this cooking process is to cook the chicken, allowing fat to drain from the meat, while keeping it tender and moist.
Adding the Smoke: All great barbecue needs smoke. This is the most important aspect of a barbecue that actually gives the delicacy a flavor of its own. Smoke not only adds that authentic barbecue flavor but the nitrates in the smoke breaks down connective tissues and changes the very nature of the meat. If you are using a smoker you should already know how to get the smoke. If you are grilling indirectly you will need to . Of course, you are going to be adding barbecue sauce later, but the flavor just isn’t the same.
Shredding the Chicken: When the chicken is completely cooked, let it sit for about 15 minutes to even out the heat and allow it to cool down enough to handle. While you are getting the chicken ready for serving you will need to reheat it so it doesn’t matter if it cools down a lot. The big question about shredding is how to do it. Traditionally chicken is pulled apart by hand. This is time consuming so you might want to consider chopping or pulsing in your food processor. This is an important step that decides the final physical form of the dish.
Adding the Sauce: Most people will use a sweet tomato-based barbecue sauce on their pulled chicken barbecue. This works well because the sweetness of the sauce adds to the chicken and the smoke. If you have added smoke to your chicken while cooking you won’t want to use a smoky sauce. You can go with a more that relies more on vinegars and savory flavorings.
Serving your Chicken Barbecue: Nothing fancy please, this is barbecue after all. Pulled chicken should be piled high on a bun that does nothing more than give you the ability to hold the sandwich. And, there, your Barbecue sandwich is ready, all delicious and succulent to please your senses ! All right, I'll catch you people at the table, I am going for the scarf and the cutlery !

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hotel Reservations

Hi everybody,

Traveling is something that everyone would love. Traveling not only gives you the opportunity to visit places that have fascinated you in the magazines and news articles, but also helps you unwind after a month long span of hard work and toil. Traveling rejuvenates your spirit and refuels you to face yet another phase of life with a new bred energy that evolves into your body. Traveling can also be a very pleasurable experience as an opportunity to spend time with your family. The hotel that you stay in makes an important difference to the quality of your vacation. Hotel Reservations provides you a one stop location for all your hotel booking solutions. They cover a lot of hotel offering different ranges of discount and cost.

If you find the hotels falling short of your expectations, you can also make your choices among the various motels, resorts, vacation rentals etc., for better comfort and luxury.You can even book your train tickets or your flight tickets here. You can visit the site and get to know of all the details. If you are looking for an entire package then the All-in-one package is the right scheme for you. So, what are you waiting for ? Get your bags packed and make your vacation the most special one by reserving your favorite hotel right away !

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Ricky Martin found GAY

Hi Ricky fans,

This could be good news to some and for most Ricky fans, this must be a shocking news. How would you feel if someone told you that your favorite personality is a homosexual ?!! Well, that is exactly what hard core Ricky Martins felt when they heard that Ricky was a Gay. The news was released in most of the popular news papers all over the globe. Many of his fans were reported to have been upset over the issue with many of them continuing to allege that the news was nothing but a spoof or rumor. Infact, Ricky was careful enough over the years and he never expressly confirmed or infirmed his sexual orientation. The fact that he was never publicly seen in the company of any potential girlfriend didn't help, either. But back to the whole "out of the closet" routine. Who did the outing? Well, if I tell you his name, I'm pretty sure it won't mean as much as if I tell you that "skin-care guru" Ole Henriksen, who counts Ricky as a client, was interviewed by a Swedish magazine and was asked at some point who would he choose to spend a romantic vacation other than his partner. "I’d go for Stig Tøfting (former Danish soccer player) but since he’s straight, I’d say my client Ricky Martin" came the reply. You do the maths. With the huge fan following Ricky has all over the world, females comprising the comfortable majority, I am sure Ricky would come over this allegation against him.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Rodeo Drive Liposuction

Hi people,

This is something about breast cancer that many would not prefer sharing with others. Well, this is a serious problem and could turn out to get more complicated if left unattended. A lot of breast treatment techniques have been introduced. But, there is not enough awareness among the populace today about the treatment techniques available.

Breast cancer is a cancer of the glandular breast tissue.

Worldwide, breast cancer is the fifth most common cause of cancer death. (after lung cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, and colon cancer). In 2005, breast cancer caused 502,000 deaths (7% of cancer deaths; almost 1% of all deaths) worldwide. Among women worldwide, breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer death.

In the United States, breast cancer is the third most common cause of cancer death (after lung cancer and colon cancer). In 2007, breast cancer is expected to cause 40,910 deaths (7% of cancer deaths; almost 2% of all deaths) in the U.S. Among women in the U.S., breast cancer is the most common cancer and the second-most common cause of cancer death (after lung cancer). Women in the U.S. have a 1 in 8 lifetime chance of developing invasive breast cancer and a 1 in 33 chance of breast cancer causing their death. In the U.S., both incidence and death rates for breast cancer have been declining in the last few years. Nevertheless, a U.S. study conducted in 2005 by the Society for women's health research indicated that breast cancer remains the most feared disease, even though heart disease is a much more common cause of death among women.

The appointment and the issues discussed will be kept highly confidential. You may also wish to check out tummy tuck in Beverly Hills. And some may also be interested in Beverly Hills breast augmentation. Feel free to find more about what you can do to improve your health and avoid complications in the future. Liposuction is a new procedure using which Breast Cancer can be treated without pain. This is the latest installment in medical advancement to have triggered in recent times. Liposuction is hailed as a painless surgical procedure that comes to your pockets at a very reasonable cost. You can get to know of more about liposuction in Los Angeles here. Breast cancer is one complication that many are not aware of. If detected and corrected at earlier stages, complication could be effectively prevented.

Strangers does adapt Strangers on a Train

Hi film buffs,

We're back with yet another hindi film this time. This time it is Aanand Rai's Strangers. Though the director claims that his film is not an adaptation of Strangers on a train (1950), the film does seem to be, though not entirely ripped off, borrowed in parts from the classic film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. But Rai has managed to pull off some really interesting twists and bends to the original story. Aanand Rai's Strangers treads the trodden path of Bollywood filmmaking's cliche while adapting foreign films -- that is, of opening the film with an extremely dramatic event that is in actuality only an incident, such as one of the protagonists of the film being arrested for a murder of another of the protagonists. But the screenplay is so cleverly designed such that it is impossible for you to trace the sources from which they are borrowed ! Jimmy Shergill does a neat job in pulling off some of the best one liners and also some chilling moments. The last 30 minutes of the film steals the show. The permutations can be anything out of a possible 16 options. Watch Strangers to relish the independent update on a revered classic. I've been maintaining the idea of how a film school specialising in Second Half Of The Film should be set-up for the larger good of Indian mainstream cinema. Aanand Rai's Strangers surprises by achieving the rare feat of an Indian film's second half bettering, and even improving over the first half. This film does work, and must already be tasting success with the urban audience. Films of this kind must be appreciated so that we get to see many more such films in the future.

Amir Khan And Shankar Team up for Robot

Hi guys and gals,

Ever since Shankar's "Sivaji" hit the theatres, there was speculation about his next venture going round the city. As with any of Shankar's projects, rumor has always served him a considerable publicity 'gratuit' ! There have been several rumors about his next venture titled "Robot", including some magazines coming up with different versions of the story line, some of them so creative that the ace director himself could think of pitching on them ! About the protagonist, there have been several rumors recently. First, it was Kamal Haasan who was to star in this dream project of Shankar's. News also held the belief that Preity Zinta was to act along side the universal hero. A photograph of the star was also released in a magazine. And, soon after that the topic went into oblivion after both the director and the actor taking up different projects individually.

Later on, there was news that Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood Badshah, had accepted to take up the shelved project, and not only act but also to produce it under his Red Chillies Entertainment banner. This was the first news about the project that was made official by both the actor and the director. Khan also announced in an interview to the press that he was to produce and perform in the film. But in a short while, it was said that due to creative differences, the actor and the director parted ways in a gentlemanly way, resulting in the product to be shelved again. Now, the latest run around the silver mill is that actor Amir Khan has opted to take up the project. It is also believed that Amir picked up projects that were dropped by King Khan and turned them into block busters, some of which include Rang De Basanti and Fanaa. Amir, once he got the news that SRK had dropped Shankar's project, he immediately contacted the ace director from the south and expressed his desire to star in it and also produce it under his banner which also produced his oscar nominated "Lagaan" and also his recent directorial venture "Taare Zameen Par".

The news has not been confirmed officially, but we are looking forward to realizing this Sci-Fi project soon !

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Chat lines

Hi youngsters out there,

Chatting has become ubiquitous today, especially amongst the young blood. Text messaging has even caught on the mobile world, with every Service Provider competing to attract more customers by alluring them to attractive SMS offers. Chatting only seems to be getting hotter by the day. A special service lets you to make online phone calls for free, these are popularly known as chat lines. This is a free service provided locally. Using chat lines, you can chat with anybody on the internet. Using phone chat, you can all anyone online and speak to them. The best thing about this service is that you need not necessarily have to reveal your telephone number. You can also record a greeting message that can be heard by others when they call you. You can also leave voice messages which will be heard by the recipient when they sign in next time. Callers are anonymous when they make use of this service. There is not better place you can find free chat online !

Apple i Phone

Hi guys and gals,

This is about the all new Apple i-Phone. I'm sure many must have already been smitten by its looks and also by the mind blowing features that it flaunts. But many must not be aware of the short comings in the i-Phone. There have been several ill comments about the performance of the i-Phone recently from month-old users. The Apple i-Phone is said to suffer from very low battery lifetime. It supports a battery life of upto barely 12 hours when used incessantly. And, it supports only 6 hours of music and video playback continuously. The charger also requires special converter to be used in other countries apart from America and Europe. So, if you are banking on buying the i-Phone, consider these factors too. Hope this post was useful.

Bad Credit Offers

Hi people,

Money has always been something that we either are chasing, or are being chased by ! Not everybody is privileged with inherent wealth. We, thus, indebt ourselves to borrowing money and in many cases end up with bad credit. But you can put aside your worries now, you have that provides you with bad credit loans. These loans are easily accessible. The site provides several sources that offer bad credit loans, from which you can choose the one best suited to your requirement and satisfaction, instead of applying for the first offer that is sent to your mail box. You can also apply for Credit Cards here by choosing from the various banks available. By making regular payments, customers can rebuild their credit history and perhaps overcome their financial low times !

Daler and his Car Deal

Hi bhangra fans,

Today, when you say Bhangra, you cannot help bringing the word 'daler' into the picture. He is very much part of the Bhangra culture, or a matter of factly, the person who brought Bhangra pop to the world, and made it so popular with several of his hit songs that soon became disco friendly and also a rage among the youth all over india. Mehandi, who bought a Volkswagen car from a Kashyap Vehicles Works Private Limited, Noida for Rs 39.77 lakh in September, had registered a criminal case against the officials of the dealer after they took away the car from his friend’s house on October 6.

The dealer’s representative, on the other hand, lodged an FIR against the singer at Noida alleging criminal intimidation on October 24. ending the dispute, Additional Sessions Judge Arun Kumar Arya noted the submissions of both the parties were registered amid some misunderstanding and confusion. Good that our own Bhangra king got away with his car deal. Tuluk tuluk tukul .. naa naa naa... keep going Daler !!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Truck Lights

Hi drivers out there,

This is to all you people who own trucks. Apart from the usual accessories and spares that your truck demands to stay in good condition, one of the most important and most neglected spare is your truck light ! Your truck, if you had noticed, has several lights attached to it. A couple at the front, a few on the sides (not on all trucks) and a few more at the back. There are several kind of truck lights depending on the size of the light required, the power required, and also on the position of the light on the truck. Deciding on the right kind of light can be a little taxing as a layman. Put your worries aside. You can get all your truck lights at

Here, you will find innumerable options to choose your kind of light from. You will find lights that suit various models of trucks. All your favorite truck lights are offered at unbelievably low pricing. You must also check out the LED Light Kits from Pacer that are available as Cab Roof Lights or also as Tailgate Running Lights. They fit most Dodge, Chevy and Ford trucks alike. Truck Lights are really a boon when off roading while LED truck lights can really get your truck looking at its coolest best ! So what are you waiting for ? Get your truck lights today and watch other trucks envy yours !

Billa hits screens today

Hi guys and gals,

So the most hyped film, after Shankar's Sivaji hits the silver screen today. Yes, We are talking about Vishnuvardhan's 'Billa'. Ever since this movie was announced, it has raised expectations for several reasons. The movie will mark Vishnuvardhan's first stylish flick compared to his rather raw earlier products "Pattiyal" and "Arindhum Ariyaamalum". The director, who was apprenticed to ace cinematographer Santosh Sivan whose short films are renowned all over the world, worked with his mentor on "Navarasa" even after completing his "Arindhum Ariyaamalum", which also turned out to be decent grosser at the box office. This film is also touted to be Ajith's return to the throne of tinsel town. He has always been promising the same thing for years, but expectations are curiously high this time around. And it takes balls for an actor to essay a role already immortalized by a giant who still reigns the box office. I will catch you back with the review of the film shortly. But my instincts say this film is not worth missing !

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Payperpost gets you everything

Hi bloggers,

Here is special news for all of you. You might never want to miss this opportunity I am going to talk about today. There are several money making option available online these days. At the drop of the hat you will find sites that allure you with attractive options of making money, some even promising you with sign up bonuses and other attractive offers, and many of them eventually turning out to be pranks. Money is something that all of us have been crazy about ever since we were hit by its importance in declaring our image in the society. Money speaks for itself. So, people all over the world are looking forward to options at every corner of the crossroads to get a piece of the money thats being made there ! Here is a wonderful option for all you avid bloggers. Did you know that you can make easy money by doing just what you have always been doing : blogging ? Yes, it is true. payperpost gives all quality bloggers a wonderful opportunity to make easy money by posting blogs reviewing various products of advertisers. Payperpost is a place which links bloggers and advertisers. Advertisers put up their campaigns for bloggers to choose from. Qualified bloggers can accept campaigns, post reviews about them on their blog, and get paid for the same. Advertisers have the privilege to use high quality and popular blogs to advertise their products.

You can also get to meet a lot of people in here. You can make new friends with fellow bloggers and community members. I heard about Payperpost through another friend of mine called Swaminathan. I am very grateful to him for that, otherwise, I would not have discovered this amazing opportunity myself, and more than making money, it is the quality of new friends you can make out there. I made a lot of new friends here. Several wonderful people. You can also learn a lot more things from enrolling yourself with Payperpost. I learnt how to manage the money that I earn, interacting with new people, how to maintain official contacts, how to sustain professional relationships that will foster a lucrative and mutually beneficial bonding, and also on how to improve your Payperpost scores, and your real page rank. Payperpost also gives you the option of attracting advertisers directly to your blog by using PPT tools and by putting up a logo on your blog. It is also necessary to follow a certain code of ethics when you work for payperpost. It is important that you maintain a 1:1 ratio between sponsored posts and normal posts.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Taj Mahal in Dubai

Hi guys and girls,

Akbar Khan has done us proud again. This time, by taking his magnum opus titled after the recently rejuvenated by fans all around the world voting for it to be ranked one among the 7 wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, across the Arabian Sea, all the way to Dubai, to be screened at the Dubai film fest. A revised and shortened version of the film TAJ MAHAL - AN ETERNAL LOVE STORY by filmmaker Akbar Khan is being screened at the Dubai International Film Festival. The screening is part of the comprehensive selection of contemporary cinema from around the globe, reflecting Dubai's multi-cultural and multi-ethnic community, and will serve as an effective platform for inter-cultural dialogue and global understanding. This is one of the most acclaimed movies to have come out this year. And it was pitched against the other film by Bharat Bala with the same title, that was touted to be India's first IMAX film, but somehow it din't make it to the screens for reasons best known to Bala himself. TAJ MAHAL - AN ETERNAL LOVE STORY, made at a cost of Rs 700 million, has been included in the festival as a ''Historical Spectacular Classic'' in the Director's Cut section as he is the director and editor of the film. So, by any chance you happen to go to Dubai around this week, make sure you catch our very own Taj at Dubai !!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Al Pacino And De Niro Come Together Again

Hi boys and girls,

This is to all the movie buffs. And especially to the hardcore fans of the legendary Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. The two shared screen space in the 1995 action and crime drama "HEAT" directed by the award-friendly Michael Mann. Though the actors shares screen space only in the last few scenes, the rendezvous at the restaurant when Pacino almost does a confession about his miserable family life and asks De Niro for suggestions was touted as one of the most chilling moments in motion picture history. The movie also gave birth to a new genre in the name of "Modern Classic". The movie, like many of its counterparts, was not a period film. It was placed in the modern milieu with mind blowing music and camera work by Daniel Spinotti, who has been Mann's regular for several of his films. Their second act -- next year's Righteous Kill -- is coming together much more quickly than the first. This movie will be directed by the not-so-famous Jon Avnet. The police drama -- in which De Niro and Pacino play a pair of detectives searching for a vigilante killer -- already boasted the participation of the two heavyweights, that include 50 Cent Curtis Jackson, Donnie Wahlberg and a whole lot of interesting personalities making up the casting coup. So this summer, we will be treated once again to the magic produced by the screen shared by two of our most favorite and greatert actors of our time.

Go around Europe by Car

Hi everybody,

Travelling is something which everyone would relish be it a business trip or for pure holidaying.Holiday season is imminent and i guess most people would have started planning for their vacation. Vacations are so important to get along with your family and get your time off from a highly laborious office work. The hotels where you stay is very important because they are what that will make your stay a pleasing one. Everyone enjoys traveling whether it is for a business trip or for pure holidaying. Given a chance to choose a travel spot in Europe, London, Barcelona and Berlin, no one would deny the opportunity, or atleast I definitely wouldn't.

Barcelona is one of Spain's most famous and historic cities. It's home to the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. Inspired by nature, and adorned by brightly colored tiles, Gaudi's designs are world-famous. Perhaps his best known work is the La Sagrada Familia. You would be able to stay in the midst of these grand designs if you were to stay in one of the hotels in Barcelona.
London is one of the best places to be in this world. London is also one of the most romantic places you can find. You can find out more about hotels in London from their site. Going around Europe in car is something we would never have imagined before. I experienced it once, and believe me, I have still not stopped recommending it to my friends !

Everybody knows that Paris is touted to be the most romantic place in the world. The French people have always been known for their romanticism, be it their architecture or their literary works that give special importance to romance and love. Imagine yourself getting to all those places by car, I am sure you can imagine how it feels ! You can find amazing hotels in paris that suit your specific needs. Berlin is one place we would never want to miss. Don't miss this place. You can find the best hotels in Berlin here. So, are you ready to hit the road. I will catch you on the highway motel ! Get geared up to see Europe in car !

About Taare Zameen Par

Hi folks,

This is about Amir Khan's first directorial venture. Amir has always managed to stay in the news, be it for the right or wrong reasons. He was recently noted for his no-so-good comment about the award winning Sanjay Leela Bansali's film "BLACK", about the lack of social responsibility in the film relating to the treatment of an affected child. The issue happened in a very timely fashion as Amir releases his directorial debut this friday which is also incidentally based on bringing up of a special child. The movie has Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy scoring the music and some of Amir's well wishers holding important positions in the crew. This movie holds a lot of expectations among the public. The synopsis of the film goes something like this. Ishaan Awasthi is an eight-year-old whose world is filled with wonders that no one else seems to appreciate; colours, fish, dogs and kites are just not important in the world of adults, who are much more interested in things like homework, marks and neatness. And Ishaan just cannot seem to get anything right in class. When he gets into far more trouble than his parents can handle, he is packed off to a boarding school to ‘be disciplined’. Things are no different at his new school, and Ishaan has to contend with the added trauma of separation from his family. One day a new art teacher bursts onto the scene, Ram Shankar Nikumbh, who infects the students with joy and optimism. He breaks all the rules of ‘how things are done’ by asking them to think, dream and imagine, and all the children respond with enthusiasm, all except Ishaan. Nikumbh soon realizes that Ishaan is very unhappy, and he sets out to discover why. With time, patience and care, he ultimately helps Ishaan find himself.

So, don't miss this one, if at all you happen to, you are doin' it at your own risk !

Observation is the Key Skill

Hi poker faces,

We are back with the most important poker skill. The most important thing when it comes to striking a successful game playing strategy in texas hold'em poker is hining your observational skills. If you continually study your opponents you are guaranteed to learn a lot. It's that simple. Most of the time you spend playing you will not be involved in a hand, and you should use that time to observe your opponents. Watch how each player plays their hand and use that information against them. It is important to listen to what they say. A lot of players will tell you what kind of hand they threw away or why they played a hand in a certain way. Try to figure out what they are holding and put them on hands whether you are involved in the pot or not. Consequently, when you are playing a hand with them, you will know what their checks, bets, calls and raises mean. Pay equal attention to your own game and think of your table image at all times. You will notice that some players do not examine the game at all and therefore your table image is virtually non-existent when playing against them. Just as you search for tells in your opponents, look for tells in yourself. When you spot one in an opponent, consider whether or not you are displaying that very same tell. Thus, your observation makes up for most of your strategy. You need not be a scientist. But poker demands superior skills in observation. What matters most is the way you understand your opponents. And the only way you can find out more about them, is only by OBSERVING them !

Boston Condos

Hi friends,

A Condo is everyone's dream. Everybody and anybody would want to own a condo. A condo a place where you can find yourself seated comfortably, located at your favorite vacation spot, where you can leisurely spend your vacation or even a weekend. Owning a condo always gives you the pleasure of spending your saturday nights there. Its one place you can always turn to for some real luxury with your spouse and children when you feel like you definitely got to unwind. And, more then everything else, owning a condo at Boston is something like a prestige statement. Now, you happen to tell someone you party saturday nights at your Boston Condo, I am very sure that it is going to raise eyebrows ! And Boston is one of the coolest places on planet earth. Boston is one place where you get the best of climate in the world. You also have Boston boasting a temperate landscape that you cannot afford to miss. Boston is also one place where you get a lot of amazing places to visit. There are locales that you would want to spend your honeymood, or plan out your marriage, or just take a stride down the lane by your condo.

You can get to know more about these boston condos at their website. These people are leaders in Boston Real Estate and they sell out a variety of condos. And, there are several condos from which you can choose your the one best suited to your tastes. Boston Real Estate will also give you the opportunity to select the best prices you can afford. A lot of affordable condos are available at this site, I bet you cannot find better prices for such amazing condos anywhere else.

So, don't wait any longer to get those condos into your pockets you had always imagined of. Good things in life don't always wait for you. You have to grab them as and when they chance upon you. So, get that car out of your garage and move on ! So, where is you condo ?

Madhuri will roll on

Hi people,

There is more news for Madhuri fans. The mediocre reviews about ther "Aaja Nachley" is not going to stop her from giving herself into more films in the future. She has reported to newspapers stating firmly that she is looking for good scripts and that she is definitely looking forward to doing more films in the future. And that she was not ready to get into another hiatus, not a brief one even. When questioned about the response to her dance drama that is touted to be her much hyped come back, she politely replied that her fans, who had always been her fans, truly loved it, and that she also got loads of appreciation for it. And that her producers were extremely happy with the box office results. She is also said to have thanked the entire crew of the film for having given her the right or rather the best platform for her timely come back, as she calls it. She cuts down all speculation regarding her unwillingness to be in India to promote the film. "What rubbish! Yash Raj Films and I had decided that I should be here fifteen days before the film's release, and here I am. I think two weeks is a decent period to acquaint people with a film. And the TV promotions had paved the way for my arrival." Madhuri admits she had never gone all-out for any of her earlier films. "Times have changed. Now you need to tell people to come and see your film. It is like inviting guests for a daughter's wedding. And you know what? I'm enjoying it.

Whatever grape vine has to say, one thing is certain, Madhuri is here to stay !

When to quit ?

Hi poker fans,

The most important thing about poker is knowing when to quit, lest you lose all the big money taht you have won. The best thing about knowing this strategy is holding your pockets tight when you find that luck and chance is not on your side. You make sure you take home a mojor share of what you have won. When you sit down at your favorite game you should really have only one thing on your mind - playing the best poker you can. If you're going to be successful you have to bring your A-game to the table every time. The question is, how long can you play at peak performance? So when do you plan to quit ? You cant afford to quit too early, else you will miss all the action that you still deserve to mint from. f you're on a rush in poker, the game is good and you're making good money, you should always continue playing. Poker has a lot to do with confidence, and if you're on a winning streak your confidence is definitely high. You'll tend to make more aggressive decisions and punish people for drawing. In a nutshell, you'll own the table.

So get to the table, and see what you can pull off in before your clock runs outta sand !

Super Clubs Honeymoons

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Poker tournament

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there is another poker tournament coming up at pokerlistings. This is one of the most awaited tournaments this month. Bookings will be open shortly. Here you'll find live updates on current tournaments, blogs and articles from our team of reporters, as well as photographs and interviews of your favorite WPT players. Basically, everything you need to keep up-to-date with the biggest poker tournament series in the world is here on So have a look around. Read the hottest news from the latest World Poker Tour destinations. Ready to hit the tables with the pros? Check out our WPT schedule and start planning your own road to fame and fortune! So make sure you get your piece of poker action this summer with this amazing tournament.

Atonement is commendable

Hi film buffs,

I happened to watch this Keira Knightly starrer "Atonement" last saturday. I should say, it was a pleasant film. Not every adaptation of a novel turns out to be a nightmare, this film proves it yet again, after its successful predecessors like Ron Howard's adaptation of Dan Brown's classic last year, and also another Kiera Knightly starrer which was an adaptation of a famous novel titled 'Pride and Prejudice'. This film directed by Joe Wright , stands out, though not as an evergreen classic, but definitely as a stand alone pleasant film. The film is a sincere adaptation of the classic literary work. Knightly has essayed the role of the year. She is becoming a better actress with every film of hers, right from her Carribean days. Everything about this film felt off putting, but the film’s fatal mistake is that instead of focusing it on, you know the great love of the rich society girl Cecilia and her poor handyman Robbie who apparently went to college because Cecilia’s father paid for it. It would have been nice to have at least a little back story on Robbie’s relationship with the family. The first hour of the film is told almost entirely from the point of view of Briony. But even that didn’t fit the dour tone of this piece. I realize these people are the super rich and live in a world that we don’t inhabit but it simply didn’t match the material. It should have looked grimy not sweepingly lush with gorgeous bright colors. These people are supposedly super rich, but they are moving through life as though they are on Prozac and there’s no explanation or external conflict in the film that explains why these people seemed to be permanently depressed and lifeless. Director Joe Wright fails to give this film any sense of urgency or pacing. The film is worth the watch for merely its extravagance.

Super Clubs

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So I guess everybody is in the holiday mood. It is a widely accepted fact that holidaying and going far off places on your vacation does do good to your body and soul. The metaphysical elements of the body and soul get rejuvenated once we unwind ourselves by doing something we always liked to do, apart from the activities relating to our mundane official life style that keeps building pressure on us. Eventually, we reach a threshold point where we ought to decide to take a break. It is as important what your daily 5 hours of sleep means to your brain ! So, now you have made your decision, so where do we go ?

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Bahrain will now train engineers

Hi flyers again,

There is more news about Bahrain. This time it is about their decision to train maintenance engineers and other engineers from the aviation stream in their country. They will offer streamlined courses in some of the most demanded jobs in the profession. The Bahrain Airport Services' (BAS) Aircraft Engineering Training Centre is the first such accredited institution in Asia and the Middle East and only the third outside Europe.

The BD1 million centre has been opened to qualify and license aspiring aircraft maintenance engineers, said BAS manager-engineering training Mahmood Al Balooshi.
The majority of students are Bahrainis and a few have come from Oman and India, said Mr Al Balooshi.

So we will definitely have more to see from Bahrain about the training of these engineers.

Pilot scarcity attracts indonesian pilots

Hi flyers,

We are talking about pilot scarcity again. You know how bad the situation is I guess. So, how does the DGCA make up for it. Simple, they invite expat pilot, more from indonesia. This month, Air India has an astronomical number of expat pilots flying down to our country from Indonesia to fill up the cockpits here ! Indian airline companies are attracting more and more Indonesian pilots by giving them two-three fold higher salary than what their country gives. "In Air Sahara, there are about five Indonesian pilots, while in Jet Air at least ten pilots are from Indonesia. Most of them are former pilots of Garuda, Merpati, Mandala and other private airlines companies of Indonesia," Lulik Turnianto, a former Merpati airline (Indonesian) pilot, who is now working as a pilot in Air Sahara said.

Versa Tables

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There is more news about tables here. Tables are something that have become part and parcel of our daily life. You might be wondering, "Now, what importance do these tables deserve ? So much to be blogged about !!?". Well, you wouldn't know how bad your regular day could get if you din't have tables around. Just imagine one day in your mundane life, without tables, anywhere, in your work place, at the refectory, at the kitchen, at your drawing room. No way friends, you can never do without tables around you. We are indebted to these ineffable pleasures that the tables have given us all through our lives. So lets give them the due respect they deserve !

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The best part about this company is that they have won several Large School Furniture Contracts. And, their popularity only seems to be growing by the day. With an amazing selling record, they are all set to conquer the furniture market. I am sure you would want to get a piece of the best in town too. You can find stuff for your computer furniture that suits your needs. My uncle has a school and he had ordered a dozen of school computer furniture from Versa tables. I happened to see them, and guess what, it simply makes your studying experience more comfortable and enjoyable. I am sure, even if you ain't a studious person, this furniture will put into into the learning groove. So get them now !

Hrithik is Mr. Modest in Bollywood

Hi Hrithik fans,

There is one great and significant thing that you fans of his need to know about him. Hrithik has been eulogized by all producers he has worked with as one of the most modest persons they've ever met. It is believed that Hrithik Roshan accepts and signs for films just by reading the script and clearing questions about the screenplay and not even knowing who the director is ! Can you believe that ? But, yes, that is true. He has got such a superior taste for quality scripts that he simply signs on the dotted line without further questions or recommendations for heroines or directors, but just being satisfied with the script alone. Now, that is something to be really commended when you find small time actors acting like jerks demanding too much from puny producers who have tough time completing the film with them, and only to see them grumble with discontent. Hrithik, being such a popular actor and a successful hero, has no airs about himself. This is something we can learn from our favorite indian super hero, Krrish !

Air Deccan Outsources Cabin Crew

Hi cabin crew members,

There is more news for the air hostesses. The Air Hostess training academies are roping in airline companies to offer their students in-flight training. Air Deccan will now outsource cabin crew from training institutes and get paid for it in the bargain.
“We are in talks with cabin crew training institutes and are likely to conclude agreements in a week’s time,” said Air Deccan Chief Operating Officer Warwick Brady.
Sources close to the development said the airline was in talks with Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Air Hostess Academy and a training institute in Hyderabad.
They added that the airline would be deploying over 300 cabin crew members in a year through this. While this arrangement will give aspiring cabin crew of various institutes the chance to train on the job, the airline will not have to hire additional cabin crew. The institutes will pay Air Deccan for giving their trainees this opportunity.
“Foreign cabin crew training institutes have also expressed their willingness to take part in this innovative model,” the sources said.

So, see ya in the cabin gals... !

Teak Furnitures

Hi friends,
Furnitures are very special to any home. They are the ones that give that necessary cozy feeling to what makes our home special to us. Everyone would want to come back to "home" one day. It is because of the native feel that we get from our homes. And guess what creates this magic, its the wooden furniture ! The best part about the interior decoration in any home is the layout and design of the furniture. I have seen several homes that have been lavishly built, but without the requisite grandeur furniture, which makes it look like an empty storehouse ! So, I hope you are getting how important are furnitures when it comes to making your home. So, where can you find the best furnitures.

Teak is widely known to be one of the best materials to construct house-hold furnitures from. Teak is very strong wood that gives the furnitures their necessary strength and also the power required to stay afresh and new for a long period of time. It is quite an investment of money when it comes to buying teak furniture but is never goes for a waste, and you will see it in a few years. Now, where do we get teak furniture ? Patio furniture is the best place to get all your teak furnitures for affordable prices.

They sell teak wood patio furniture to the general public. You can get to see their site at This website offers a lucid presentation that can take you through a pleasurable journey of purchasing. You can also find teak garden furniture to make your garden really envious. If you get to see the teak benches that I purchased last week from Patio furniture, you wouldn't be sitting there thinking more about it ! Those gorgeous teak benches that I got make my drawing room look so elegant and it gives that authentic countenance to the whole space. You cannot find something better to decorate your home with. So, go ahead and make your interior statement with Teak Patio Furnitures. After this, you will find yourself coming back for more from Patio !

What I think about Rakhi brothers and sisters !

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I am here with something interesting. This is about a topic you really would not wanna debate on. Well, but doin exactly that, is simply what that turns me on ! All right, so how did I choose this one ? Well, I happened to read an abstract from one of Shoba De's most celebrated works that revolves around the truths behind men, and what women should know about men. What caught my attention was the chapter that dealt with Rakhi brothers and sisters ! And it came to me in a way that got me contemplating hell a lot about it the same evening I read it. And this post delineates my musings !

**Statutory Warning : The content enclosed in this post is merely a statement of my opinion and it could be offensive to some people and/or their ideologies. Read it at your own risk.

I have come across a lot of people go crazy with this Rakhi and more, with the Rakhi day, for more than a few interesting reasons. I have always relished finding others' reasons utterly stupid and thoughtless ! No offence ! But I do admit it ! Some funny things that happen on the day of "Rakhshabandan" is that most guys ( school or college goin') absent themselves to escape from being tied a rakhi on their hands, and being stigmatized as a 'brother' by the damsels they have an eye on ! And, just to give stupid reasons the next day for having made themselves scarce the previous day. I've even found quite a few guys praying that they shouldn't find their crushes running behind them, with rakhis I mean !! And few others who play hide and seek to ensure that they don't end up with a rakhi on their hands.

And, about the girls ( here is the most interesting part !! ), they tie rakhis for a variety of reasons. And it is the girls who have most of the action on the day. Firstly, are the kind of girls we already discussed when we spoke about the guys who were hiding behind the trees and sometimes, even in the toilets for hours, to just find their crushes give up hunting for them with beautifully colored and designed wires to hang their dreams in the gallows ! These girls take their coup on this day, getting as many rakhis as they could, to make as many statements as possible to their 'usual suspects'. And, what statements and to which suspects ? Suspects include guys who are trying to woo them at the drop of the hat, guys who always look like they've painstakingly practiced perfecting, "well, I was just thinking, How about a coffee
this saturday ?", in front of the mirror, and guys whom they really wanna find a good friend in but wanna make sure they efface roots of any other ideas set up in the fella's mind ( and, also their own !) These girls want to make sure that these potential suspects are aware that they wont be happy if they are asked for a date ( and more if that guy happened to be a close friend of the dude they have an eye on !! 'Coz they know it could get things complicated in the future )

There are these second clan of girls who go around tying rakhis for a different reason altogether. And, speaking about them and their intentions raises a lotta questions ( the plot thickens here!!)
There are these kinda girls who were brought up in such an orthodox fashion where they would fear their elders staring at them, when they are 'caught' talking over the phone to a guy or just exchanging a 'hi' at the bus stop, like they just lost their virginity ! There are quite a few downtown girls that way, who very badly wanna see themselves outta their shells once they are in college. And, it is for this category that guys usually fall for, for two reasons, they are vulnerable and they also seem like they want it, and more because they don't sport a look, all that expensive, for most guys to buy ! (And you know, most guys know what they deserve !!)
So, these girls are the ones who make the best use of the rakhi. They find tying a rakhi to a guy as a very acceptable excuse to talk to the guys without any inhibition from their parents. You know, stuff like :

" (whispering) Hey Ammu, who is this guy ?"
"Maa, he is that guy, remember the pink color rakhi I gave him?"
"Oh ya, I do, Do come in young man, would you like some rose milk?"

That guy surely must have been amazed at the kinda greeting from Ammu's mom that was merely the consequence of the pink rakhi on his wrist ! "Visa Granted !!"

So, these girls find the rakhi as a handy excuse to get things started with these guys. Sometimes, so desperately, coz they cant find another way out to get matters across to their crushes ! And, these girls do know that most guys are not really serious about these rakhis, meaning that, in a month's time after tying the rakhi, if they proposed to him, they would least expect him to say something like :

"What !! I never expected this from you !! Then what did your rakhi mean ? Was that all a spoof ?"

Crap ! Frankly speaking, I havn'nt come across one guy who would 'dare' say that ! And, if only she was a chick you could dream going out with, I would be surprised if I din't find him say:

" Oh my Gosh ! I'm going crazy out here, totally outta my mind !! Where do ya wanna go ? Movie Park ? Beach ? Drive in ? Coffee Day ? You know I had always wanted to take you (includes all his attempts !!) to this Daisy Park, where you find the best of (he'd be about to say :chicks in town:) err..lilies ( in a daisy park !!), and then this restaurant on the hill top..., ..., "

you know the rest, all his 'solo duets' !!

So, I'm sure you are getting the hang of it ! And, this is the place most guys fail to be careful, coz they are, most of the time, not aware that they are in what you call the probation period, and only on passing that, will they advance to the next level ! And, you know what happens with the ones who don't qualify, coz you know only one qualifies in the end ! The worst part in this game is that, you get to know of your competitors only when you know ( or rather informed ) that you've lost !! So, all that I got to tell them all, "Play it safe, guys". And to those girls (whom I presume to be the only winners in this game, not even the winning competitor !),

"Good show, yet again !"

And you hear anyone singing praises about this rakhi bullshit saying they really look at him like their brother, they are either too imbibed into this stupid and mindless culture or they are upto fabricating some sinister plan, a few of which I had elucidated in the beginning of this post !
When you really want a guy to be your friend, you can always make him understand how much he would mean to you as a friend, rather than use the tag 'brother', atleast not for other hidden intentions. If you cant make the guy understand that, then he simply does not deserve your affection.

If tagging him a 'brother' is the only way to find a friend in him, then he rather not be your friend at all.


There is no generalizing of the fact that all girls or all boys are this way. Not at all. This post was only about a selected clan of people I had come across. And, If I had hurt the sentiment of a few really really serious rakhi brothers and sisters ( !!! ), I sincerely apologize for having stated all this, and I do not hide behind the cover that "it was not intentional", well, it pretty much was intentional, to those who may have to realize the gray shades in their rakhis !!

Praveen Chandar.

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