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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gifts !

Hi friends,

All of us like gifts ! Whether we'd want to receive one form our loved one on our birthday or on our wedding anniversary, or if we'd want to get the something that your close friend always wanted on his birthday. Gifts more often mean more than just what it means to the seller. A gift and the way it is presented packs a lot of emotion and it is true symbol or expression of affection and love we have for someone. Irrespective of the price, it becomes even more special for the person who receives it. When I was a kid, I had always wanted a bicycle. But, my family was not well off to get me one. And, a decent cycle then costed around $400.00 My dad was not ready to shell out all that much. I silently buried all my expectations or dreams of acquiring a cycle from him. But the liking I had towards the cycle kept lingering in me. Whenever I saw any of my friends moving on a cycle gigling and having fun, I'd feel very much for not having one for myself. This yearning had lingered in me for a long time. Until, one fine morning which incidentally happened to be my birthday ! All my friends, who had seen that yearning in my eyes all this while, had discussed a month back about getting me a cycle ! Do you believe that ? And, they all pooled in money from various sources and friends they knew. And, they got me my first "Hercules" bicycle. And, when I saw it, I was overtly overjoyed that I did not know how to react. It was too much of a good thing to me. And, it did a lot to me ! I will never forget those friends, they will continue to stay with me always. Do you want your friends a gift like that and make them feel that way ? Then, make sure you get them the right GIFT ! And, tell me about your gift experiences. If it is found really working, then I will let others know about your gift ideas. Your gifts can also be your friend's favorite watch, or even simple gift cards with your heart felt words inscribed on them !