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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Indian missiles to upset Pakistan

Hello everybody,

There is serious news on the Arms Enactment of India. Various attempts to come to a nuclear compromise between the two warring nations have failed. The two nations and their leaders from time immemorial have always failed to reach a consensus to neutralize their nuclear ambitions against each other. Now that India has decided to test its newly furbished missiles, Pakistan is upset that it is only going to further the enmity between the two countries. Pakistan on Wednesday said it was opposed to the introduction to South Asia of new weapon systems like India's proposed missile defence shield as they could spark an "unnecessary" arms race. India has conducted several missile tests in the past few weeks to prepare for putting in place a national missile defence shield.Pakistan tested a nuclear-capable cruise missile during the same period. Sadiq also said a judicial committee comprising four judges each from India and Pakistan would meet shortly to discuss steps to expedite the release of prisoners held in the jails of both countries. Let us hope that all good things will be seen by dawn, and that is only if we happen to see tomorrow !