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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Should you trust these GRE questions ?

Hi guys and gals,

This is in response to some of the messages I had noticed in the C-Box of my blog commenting on the authenticity of the content that I publish about GRE, some even directly accusing me of publishing spurious content that could mislead other GRE test-takers. Well, my answer to all these allegations is very simple, and straight forward :

* I do not fabricate these questions myself, it is a result of amassing information from several friends of mine and also contacts from other social groups like orkut, hi5, tagged, minglebox etc.

* I also use other threads that are available all over the net and provide solutions to all the questions that I collect from the various threads, besides producing a content that makes this blog a one-stop shop for all GRE threads.

* I have also not insinuated in any of my posts to avoid preparing from Barron's or Princeton's which are primary preparation material, and I have never pronounced my blog content as the only study material, nor have I made promises to anyone saying that all these questions will appear the forthcoming GREs.

* The posts in my blog with GRE content are only supplementary preparation material to help you get acquainted with commonly occuring GRE questions in that particular time frame of 3 months, so that you are better equipped to face the GRE.

* I am not making any profit by publishing this content, nor am I charging anyone for this. When I prepared for my GRE, I felt it very difficult to browse through several sites to accumulate GRE questions. So, I thought it would be of much use to all, if all this information was availiable at one place. And thats precisely what I am trying to do.

And, to all the people who think that these questions are fake, I wish to say something : I am not compelling you in anyway to use my content as preparation material. You can very well avoid it. And I thank you all for passing such comments and libels, if not for your "encouraging" comments, I would not have communicated this elucidation to vindicate the authenticity of my content relating to GRE.

I always believe that : when they try to stop you, you know you are doing good.

I will continue to work on this, for the benefit of those, only those, who believe in this.

Thank you

Praveen Chandar.