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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Coffee Maker

Hi people,

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Don't let the Easter bunny sneak up on you!

Hi friends,

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

joyland casino

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mahesh Bhatt will make a documentary

Hi film buffs,

Mahesh Bhatt has never failed to stay outta mews. He has more news to make this week. He has made official announcement about the commencement of work on the new documentary which will be in English. That Mahesh has decided to return to direction ten years after the searing Zakhm with the express purpose of depicting the life and teachings of his spiritual guru U.G. Krishnamurthy is a fact has several interesting offshoots.

Mahesh is a life-long devotee of UG's beliefs. To put his thoughts on celluloid would be his most ambitious project to date. For one the film will be in English. Says Mahesh, "It has to be in a language that would reach out to the maximum number of people. I want UG's teachings to be universally accessible, hence my decision to return to direction. But first, my book on UG which is ready to come out.'

The book entitled U.G. Krishnamurthu: A Life releases in August. "It's the story of those glowing hours that I spent with him. It's a story that has to be told. But before the movie, it has to appear in print. This tale of the cosmic terrorist who lived and died alone is a spectacular story. I hope I can tell it effectively." Lets hope this man really delivers with this dream project of his.

Buy Gold

Hi everybody,

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Oscar Nominee Ellen Page

Hi friends,

Ellen Page is one actress who is on cloud nine now. The best thing about this budding talent is the fact that she has no qualms about performing bold roles for any production company provided the scenes are justifies within the premises of the script. She's 20, and currently the most adored nominee for the Best Actress prize.

Of course, that is also because more people have watched Ellen Page's work in Juno than they have any other nominee this year, the sub-$7 million film raking in over a $100 mil, and counting.

She's pretty, young and a powerhouse performer -- something she's already more than demonstrated in her early work. Unless you've watched her new smash hit and already fallen in love with here, here are some reasons why you should. Keep clicking. And, I am sure this petite one has more in the offering.

Oscar Nominee Jason Reitman Talks

Hi friends,

Oscar nominee Jason Reitman talks about his recent oscar nominee film 'There will be Blood'. Jason Reitman has repeatedly described himself as shy.

Son to comic filmmaker Ivan Reitman, it's hard not to imagine Jason curiously peeking on Bill Murray and the Ghostbusters gang wandering the Reitman hallways, baloney sandwiches in hand as they improvised gags with the writers.

Some of the who-you-gonna-call madness had to rub off on 11-year-old Reitman even as he acted in bit roles in his dad's comedies like Twins, Ghostbusters II and Kindergarten Cop. Jason, despite being shy, is a very friendly and warm person by nature. If sources are to be believed, Jason also is very supportive of new talent when it comes to direction. He takes up new offers by debutante directors without fussing about high pays or whatever. That good to hear... :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Online Casino Links

Hi friends,

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Mithya is an amazing film

Hi friends,

This is the review of the film Mithya. I happened to watch the movie last sunday. I was thinking about writing a review for this film for a long time. But, the film left me a lil confused for too long. Mithya is a stern warning against the dangers of method acting. Not just are such performers liable to overdo the histrionics in their overreaching attempts at reality, but often -- while inhabiting another character's skin -- there exists the possibility that playing the damaged could make us equally so.
It's a sobering thought, more so even than the prospect of traipsing the spoiler-filled minefields to review a twisty thriller without giving away the plot. Mithya is an unpredictable ride, a rare film that authentically extracts most of its pleasure from all that you don't know just yet. Which is why I don't really want to tell you what happens. For now, VK is content standing at his regular wine-shop and picking up his quarter-bottle of whiskey. He asks the shopkeeper for his free drinking glass, a demand made with the considerable ease (yet fastidiousness) of the more-than-occasional drinker -- leading us to believe he could likely be building up a set of these humble glasses. So sits the actor with fifteen years of on-stage experience, drinking cheap whisky sitting by the everyman splendor of the sea.

This is one of the best movies to have come out this year after several of the debacles that came out in Tamil and also English.

Monday, January 28, 2008

$ 8 Complete Prescription Eyeglasses+ Case

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

oscar nominations 2008

Hi friends,

The Oscar nominations 2008 are out. And here they are for you.
Best Motion Picture

Michael Clayton
No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood

Best Director - Motion Picture

Julian Schnabel – The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
Jason Reitman – Juno
Tony Gilroy – Michael Clayton
Joel and Ethan Coen – No Country For Old Men
Paul Thomas Anderson - There Will Be Blood
Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture

Cate Blanchett – Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Julie Christie – Away From Her
Marion Cotillard – La Vie En Rose
Laura Linney – The Savages
Ellen Page - Juno
Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture

George Clooney – Michael Clayton
Daniel Day-Lewis – There Will Be Blood
Johnny Depp – Sweeney Todd
Tommy Lee Jones – In The Valley Of Elah
Viggo Mortensen - Eastern Promises
Best Performance by an Actress In A Supporting Role

Cate Blanchett – I'm Not There
Ruby Dee - American Gangster
Saoirse Ronan – Atonement
Amy Ryan – Gone Baby Gone
Tilda Swinton – Michael Clayton

Best Performance by an Actor In A Supporting Role

Casey Affleck - The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford
Javier Bardem - No Country For Old Men
Philip Seymour Hoffman - Charlie Wilson's War
Hal Holbrook - Into The Wild
Tom Wilkinson - Michael Clayton

Best Foreign Language Film

Beaufort (Israel)
The Counterfeiters (Austria)
Katyn (Poland)
Mongol (Kazakhstan)
12 (Russia)
Best Animated Feature Film Of The Year

Surf's Up
Achievement In Art Direction

American Gangster
The Golden Compass
Sweeney Todd
There Will Be Blood
Achievement In Cinematography

The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford
The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood
Achievement In Costume Design

Across The Universe
Elizabeth: The Golden Age
La Vie En Rose
Sweeney Todd
Best Documentary Feature

No End In Sight
Operation Homecoming: Writing The Wartime Experience
Taxi To The Dark Side
Best Documentary Short Subject

La Corona
Salim Baba
Sari's Mother
Achievement In Film Editing

The Bourne Ultimatum
The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
Into The Wild
No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood
Achievement In Makeup

La Vie En Rose
Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End
Achievement In Music Written For Motion Pictures (Original Score)

The Kite Runner
Michael Clayton
3:10 To Yuma
Achievement In Music Written For Motion Pictures (Original Song)

Falling Slowly from Once
Happy Working Song from Enchanted
Raise It Up from August Rush
So Close from Enchanted
That's How You Know from Enchanted
Best Animated Short Film

I Met The Walrus
Madame Tutli-Putli
Even Pigeons Go To Heaven
My Love
Peter & The Wolf
Best Live Action Short Film

At Night
The Substitute
The Mozart Of Pickpockets
Tanghi Argentini
The Tonto Woman
Achievement In Sound Editing

The Bourne Ultimatum
No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood
Achievement In Sound Mixing

The Bourne Ultimatum
No Country For Old Men
3:10 To Yuma
Achievement In Visual Effects

The Golden Compass
Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End
Adapted Screenplay

Away From Her
The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood
Original Screenplay

Lars And The Real Girl
Michael Clayton
The Savages

Friday, January 25, 2008

Subhash Ghai fails in BLack and White music

Hi friends,

The music for the film Black and White by Subhash Ghai is out. And, I hate to admit that its a complete let down. The title track, Main Chala, is a well-worded song clearly about the protagonist wandering the roads of life in search of meaning. The melody is fine, while being completely unspectacular, but the problem with this song lies in Sukhwinder Singh's voice. he second track livens things up. Peer Manava is much better suited to Singh's voice. The weddingy song also features the high-pitched vocals of Shradha Pandit. The first version of Yeh Hindustan Hai is sung by Udit Narayan, and his ever-fresh vocals instantly breathe life into Singh's album. Having said that, this is the point where lyricist Ibrahim Ashk's words get more dated than ever and while Narayan does his best, the music is regressive and leads to an annoyingly jingoistic track.Well, the other songs aint worth mentioning. You hear them if you have nothing better to do at home !

We need your Honest Opinion! F, B, LRF

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tap Shop

Hi everyone,

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PBR Finals

Hi friends,

Today I have something really interesting for everyone. It is for people who enjoy violent sports. Yes, I am talking about Professional Bull Riders ! I happened to go to Las Vegas last year to catch up on the Professional Bull Riders World Finals (PBR Finals) at Neveda and I must admit that I fell meekly to the spell of the magic that they produced in the arena with the men and the bulls ! They are the most violent things I have seen tread the arena. I have always been interested in bull riders and bull fighting, so last year when I heard about this bull riders World Cup, it came to such that I dint want to miss it. I made up my mind, pooled in some money and then found a few of my best pals for company and booked the tickets online. The tickets were alloted online and the rest was pretty simple for me. I arrived there and produced my ticket and found no problem in finding my seats at all. I was shown my seats by the personnel there and we got our seats at a very comfortable place. You can even choose where you would like to be seated there when you book your tickets online. Your tickets to the Pro Bull Riders can be obtained at the ease of a click from the comfort of your desk ! I just loved the entire experience that the show in Las Vegas brought about in my trip. The entire trip was worth the experience. It was enthralling to see those huge creatures pumping out hard burnt fuel from their nostrils and charging towards the end post with some of the strongest and bravest male muscles donning them, controlling the beasts. Merely thinking of the scene gets me so very excited. I am not going to miss it this time too. So catch you people there this year !

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Rambo is outdated

Hi fans of Stallone,

I am here to tell you something we never wanted to hear about the all hyped up final installment of the Rambo series. There are no two ways about it. You push that 'Nam veteran Green Beret into a conflict zone, and even if the world might bloody implode, he's going to swagger out all sweaty and superior.

That's the rule, deal with it.
Now, the immortal John Rambo, back on the screen after 20 years, is tackling a nightmarish genocide situation in some hellhole. What is it like?

By itself, honestly, one is forced to admit that might be a workable idea -- and is that Shankar I spy, scribbling down notes and rewatching Edward Zwick's film? -- especially if done zany and very camp, but the problem with revamping a franchise is that you need to let go of the nostalgia and take a dive, to make a fresh start of things.

And there aren't even any great action set-pieces to make up for the total predictibility. All we have is the hint that romance still breathes within Rambo's lungs. Maybe Stallone, directing this time again, did realise he needs to have an actual character up there, and thought mistakenly that a silent stirring in his loins was enough to separate Rambo from The Incredible Hulk. No go.

Bird Flu catches on in Bengal

Hi friends,

Bad news about Bird Flu again. This disease has managed to stay in the news for a long time since last year. It is making news again, this time, in India. Bird flu [Images] spread to further areas of West Bengal on Tuesday as the Centre increased the target of number of poultry to be culled to nearly 15 lakh.

Samples from two more blocks of Nadia district, three blocks of Burdwan district and two blocks of Birbhum districts were confirmed to be positive for bird flu.

Briefing the media, Animal Husbandry Commissioner S K Bandopadhyay, however, said the total number of districts where the bird flu virus has spread remains seven, which includes Birbhum, South Dinajpur, Murshidabad, Nadia, Burdwan, Malda and Bankura.

Beyonce supports the Grammys

Hi Beyonce Knowles fans,

There is great news yet again from this person who always spells enigma in her albums and also in all the gossips about her.

Beyonce Knowles has declared her support for the Grammy Awards after confirming that she'll perform at the event even if striking writers boycott the ceremony.

The former Destiny's Child singer will join the Foo Fighters, who announced earlier this week that they'd cross picket lines to perform at the Grammys on 10 February.

Event organisers are resolute the show will go on as scheduled, regardless of the threat of protest from the striking writers, reports Contactmusic.

Writers Guild of America (WGA) union members insisted the Los Angeles music ceremony was "unlikely" to receive a waiver, halting potential picket action, earlier this week.

Oscar fever

Hi friends,

The Oscar fever is back this february. And, this time sources say that everybody is in for more surprises this time. Pleasant or not is yet to be seen ! In the best director's category which has Ethan and Joel Coen (No Country for Old Men), and Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood), there were three relatively new directors getting the nominations ---Julian Schnabel (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), Jason Reitman (Juno) and Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton).

The nominations will give a big boost to the multi-nomination films particularly Juno which, like There Will Be Blood, Atonement and No Country For Old Men, is starting its foreign run within a few days. There Will Be Blood, which is in some 400 theaters in North America, could be playing in 1000 this Friday given its strong performance at the nominations. The emotional sagas centering on a pregnant female teen, Juno which has also been nominated for best movie, has already grossed an impressive $85 million in North America. Whether it gets the crown or not, it could still end its run with about $150 million in North America alone, a mighty gain for a film that hardly cost $10 million (some say it cost just about $3 million) Lets hope the golden statuette goes to the person who really deserves it.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Brooks Institute

Hi friends,

This is for all you friends interested in pursuing photography and graphic design as a career. Who said you cannot pursue them as full time careers and then also be very successful in the field. Well it really is possible. All that you need is utmost sincerity, dedication and you need to put your mind body and soul into your interests and hone your skills and talents so that they can get you where you belong.

Photography gained the interest of many scientists and artists from its inception. Scientists have used photography to record and study movements. Artists are equally interested by these aspects but also try to explore avenues other than the photo-mechanical representation of reality, such as the pictorialist movement. Military, police, and security forces use photography for surveillance, recognition and data storage. Photography is used to preserve memories of favorite times, to capture special moments, to tell stories, to send messages, and as a source of entertainment.

Commercial advertising relies heavily on photography and has contributed greatly to its development. All photography was originally monochrome, or black and white. Even after color film was readily available, black-and-white photography continued to dominate for decades, due to its lower cost and its "classic" photographic look. In modern times, black-and-white has mostly become a minority art form, and most photography has become color photography.

The best place to pursue your photography course is at the Brooks Institute photography school. It is one of the finest arts schools that teaches this delicate art form in the way it should be taught. If graphic design is your forte, then I will say eyes shut that Collins graphic design school is the place for you. Check them out for more details and contact information.

Debix identity protection

Hi people,

Today we are dealing with a serious issue. It is about identity theft. Identity theft has become a common occurance today. With the increasing border of cutting edge technology, the methods to find short cuts to steal through all the security has become more of a challenge than for money to all the frauds in the town. Identity theft is a catch-all term for crimes involving illegal usage of another individual's identity. The most common form of identity theft is credit card fraud. While the term is relatively new, the practice of stealing money or getting other benefits by pretending to be a different person is thousands of years old. identity theft is sub-divided into four categories:
  • Financial Identity Theft (using another's identity to obtain goods and services)
  • Criminal Identity Theft (posing as another when apprehended for a crime)
  • Identity Cloning (using another's information to assume his or her identity in daily life)
  • Business/Commercial Identity Theft (using another's business name to obtain credit)
In a situation that involves identity cloning, a criminal acquires personal identifiers, and then impersonates someone for concealment from authorities. This may be done by a person who wants to avoid arrest for crimes, by a person who is working illegally in a foreign country, or by a person who is hiding from creditors or other individuals. Unlike credit-dependent financial crimes, these crimes can be non self-revealing, continuing for an indeterminate amount of time without being detected. Debix is here to help protect you against these threats to your account and indentity. The LoudSiren system works 24x7 to safeguard your identity against potential threats. So, go ahead and insure your identity !!

Holiday LEDs

Hi friends,

Christmas is a very special day for all of us. It is not only an auspicious day to do all that we had always wanted to do, but never found time to do it. Christmas is one of the seasons that we look out for in the year. It is one time where we get to meet all our family kith and kins. It is that time of the year when we get to meet a whole lot of new people and plan out for stuff that we always liked to do. Christmas is always characterized with lots of cakes, balloons, color papers, and lights. You will find the houses and carol places lit up with lights everywhere. Lights play an important role in setting the right mood for the christmas eve. The lights produce that festive mood in the place where you celebrate christmas. Christmas lights first gained importance in the 16th century, then Over a period of time, strings of Christmas lights found their way into use in places other than Christmas trees. Soon, strings of lights adorned mantles and doorways inside homes, and ran along the rafters, roof lines, and porch railings of homes and businesses. In recent times, many city skyscrapers are decorated with long mostly-vertical strings of a common theme, and are activated simultaneously in Grand Illumination ceremonies. In the mid 2000s, the video of the home of Carson Williams was widely distributed on the internet as a viral video. It garnered national attention in 2005 from The Today Show on NBC, Inside Edition and the CBS Evening News and was featured in a Miller television commercial. Williams turned his hobby into a commercial venture, and was commissioned to scale up his vision to a scale of 250,000 lights at a Denver shopping center, as well as displays in parks and zoos. White LEDs are similar to colored LEDs in most respects such as power and durability, but utilize a two-stage process to create the white (polychromatic, or broad spectrum) light. In the first stage, the LED actually only produces one color of light, similar to any other LED. In the second stage, some of the blue or violet-blue is absorbed by a phosphor which fluoresces yellow, imitating the broad spectrum of colors which our eyes perceive as "white". This is essentially the same process used in fluorescent lamps, except for the use of an LED to create blue light rather than excited gas plasma to create ultraviolet. LED Christmas lights that you find at are 85-95 and more efficient than most other standard incandescent lights and you will find that they will last for more than 50,000 hours when compared to the ordinary ones you will find in the market.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Valentine's Day

Hi friends,

Valentine's day is special to anyone who is in love and also anyone who has been waiting to express his or her love to their special someone. It is one day that is filled with vibrant expression of emotions. Emotion of love and affection. For all those in love, Valentine's day will be very special for the two of you. There are so many things you can do on this day. Your partner will expect you to be prepared for the day. And so, are you ? You are not alone if you are hesitating to submit a "NO" ! Coupon Chief is here to your rescue ! Make a wish list of all your beloved ones and think of the most amazing thing you would think of getting for them, if you could afford that. There are several stores you can access like the Old Navy and BlueNile. You might find more relating to your interests. You must visit to get more information on other stores you might be interested in.
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Sports Book watch

Hi friends,

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Flame-grilled Chicken Recipe

Hi epicures and foodies out there,

Here is some great news for all of you. Everybody would love to munch on some juicy chicken legs or wings, sipping on your favorite wine on any given Sunday evening. And, what if you were offered grilled chicken, I am sure you wouldn't think of denying that lip smacking experience. Well, that is simply what we are talking about today. All you hard core epicures crazy about chicken delicacies must check out El Pollo Loco’s delicious flame-grilled chicken. Its got this taste that takes you on a pleasure ride that will make you go "Yumm.. !!" all the way to your sweetest sleep ! You can check out more chicken recipes out here and will you find yourself getting addicted to the grills for the first time. I am sure you will keep coming back for more grill chicken once you have tasted these. I promise you that you will never go looking for better grills ever !

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some Casino Reviews

Hi gamblers,

Here are some of the reviews I thought I'd share with all of you.

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English Harbor Casino: Established in 1998 English Harbor casino offers unsurpassed reliability and quality of standard. Their casino software features over 80 thrilling casino games to choose from and play including a great selection of video slots, table games and video pokers. Download and play at English Harbour today and get a 100% Match bonus up to $275 with your first purchase at the casino.

One Club Casino: Take advantage of a great online casino gaming experience when you play at One Club a top rated RTG powered online casino. Enjoy well over 80 exciting games including several multi-line video slots and a large selection of table games and much more. Get up to $777 when you play at One Club today. Download their free casino software and start playing online today.

Real Estate Property Home Listings

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Everybody wants to own a house today. And, what most of us oversee is that all houses don't really become Homes ! Making a home is something very special, it is something beyond the four walls. There is something more to your home than to merely the bricks and cement. And, making your home involves a lot of expenses and work in selection of land, architects and interior designers and much more that might leave you confused as to where to begin and how to end ! Leave all your worries behind when you have Welcome Home ! Welcome home gives you reviews of lands and the locality so that you can choose your home and where you want it. You can buy 2 bed flat in Bedminster Bristol through this site. You can also learn about all the features and commodities that come with your new house. This site is becoming extremely popular with real estate hitting high on the outskirts today, the most common of which is the Abram Manchester one bed flats for sale. Everybody is on a rage to get one for themselves, what are you doing ?!! Get on and get your home !

Casino Online Software

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The goal of this site is to aid you, the player, in finding an online casino that suits your needs the best. All online casinos run using software that is specifically designed to make make these businesses run smoothly and efficiently. Some of the more popular and reputable casino applications are; Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech, Odds On, Realtime Gaming (RTG), Random Logic, Net entertainment and Boss Media.

Online casino software does many things including create the interatvivity between you and the casino. The games are virtual and the only way you can really acess them is via the software. The software that poweres online casinos is generally developed in either C++ or Java with elements of flash embeded within the software for high impact graphic delivery and movies. Today's online casinos are extemely secure and efficient and offer your game play that in my opinon suprasses that of what you'd get if you were to play in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. We've ranked the online casino software providers for you below with Microgaming being the best online casino software provider and on the highest end of the scale and Boss Media being on the lower end of the scale. So, get your Free Online Casino software right away pals.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


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Construction is one business that does not come easy to anyone and everyone ! It is a profession that requires very highly skilled labor and work force and also diligently working professionals. Construction is one stream that demands a lot of hard work and some real brains too. And, more than everything, Construction requires one more vital skill that most professions can do without, it is instincts ! You got to have that right instinct to predict the mode and satisfy your customers. It is the most important thing when it comes to Construction, because it is your good work that moves up to be the best form of your advertisement. So, all you people who have been employed in the Construction field, it is mandatory today that you have all your construction skills honed as sharp as the winter ice blades ! So, here is something that you must be looking for now. Here is where apprenticeships comes into the picture, CSkills, a partner of the sector skills council for construction. This site provides information for people employed in or around the construction industry on topics that include how to become a certified professional in your trade by the year 2010, the latest health and safety legislation stuff, and also about career development within the industry. It gives insight information about a lot of stuff that you will need to develop and grasp to make it successful in the construction business. You can learn mroe about CSkills on their site and get yourself informed on more offers that have at their disposal. I am sure it will be immensely helpful in honing your constructional skills.

Bomb in southern Thailand kills 8 troops

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Bad news again about terrorism !

The soldiers were on a routine morning patrol in the Chanae district of Narathiwat province when a bomb hidden on the road exploded as their vehicle passed, said the spokesman, Col. Akara Thiprote.

After the blast, suspected insurgents attacked the vehicle with a barrage of gunfire, leaving no survivors, he said.

More than 2,700 people have been killed in Thailand's Muslim-majority southernmost provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat, and some parts of neighboring Songkhla, since a long-simmering Islamic separatist insurgency flared in January 2004.

The government has made little progress in curbing the violence, despite the presence of nearly 40,000 police and soldiers.

Drive-by shootings and bombings occur almost daily, as rebels continue efforts to scare Buddhist residents away from the area.

More than 90 percent of Thailand's 65 million people are Buddhist, and many of the country's Muslims have long complained of being treated as second-class citizens.

India China Relations

hi people,

Hawks in search of appropriate atmospheric metaphors to describe Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to China would have been heartened by the constant turbulence accompanying Air India One's flight to Beijing early on Sunday and the below freezing temperatures -- minus eight degrees Centigrade -- that greeted the Indian delegation in the Chinese capital that morning.

But forecasts of a frosty, rough patch in India-China relations, observers in New Delhi and Beijing told, may be inaccurate for now.

The Chinese would neither like controversy nor conflict till the Olympics conclude this August. The Games are Beijing's long awaited moment to seize what it believes is its rightful place in the sun and it won't allow anything -- not even next week's referendum in Taiwan -- to rain on its parade.

Even though the Chinese have been vocal about their claim to Arunachal Pradesh in the past 14 months, these observers believe no movement is expected on the contentious border issue during the prime minister's visit.

The Chinese know the prime minister has been weakened by the political stalemate over the India-US nuclear agreement, but Dr Singh, these observers say, begins his official talks with the Chinese leadership on Monday confident that India today has a minimum credible deterrent vis-a-vis China.

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lap band surgery

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Everybody knows it is very easy to gain weight and it very difficult to lose weight. Obesity is a problem that is faced not only by the middle aged today, but also the youth. Owe it all to the extra cheese and mayonaise that you find in all the burgers and hot dogs in the store next to your street about which the youth are crazy about today. The youth today are the ones most susceptible to obesity today. Blame what ever you want to, but that wont help getting rid of the extra tire of fat around your waist ! Well, I agree with you, shedding weight is twice as hard as how easy it is to put on weight ! All must have heard of the numerous gymnasiums boasting of amazing offers reading aloud "Shed 15 Kg in just a single week" ! Well, I tell you, I tried them all, and can advice you that nothing of that worked, atleast for me ! The best way I figured out was to undergo the painless Lap band surgery. JourneyLite has come up with this break-through lap band surgery technique that will render you at the weight you desired to be ! Now isn't that wonderful to hear. Well, it is as believable as it sounds wonderful ! lap band surgarland is totally painless and it gets you on your feet within a week or two. The LAP-BAND System is the safest today and it also happens to be a proven weight-loss surgery and it is the only weight-loss surgery that is completely a reversible technique and adjustable throughout your life. I am sure you will not find a better weight loss surgery to fix your weight. So, all your dreams will come true through Lap Band Surgery. So, consult your surgeon and wake up to see the 'dream-you' !

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XBOX power supply repairing

Hi Xbox geeks,

This is something a lil technical. Well, but I just thought you would want to know about how to fix up your console if you find your Xbox isn't turning on for reasons best known to the Microsoft geeks ! Well, a little knowledge will help you fix up stuff simply easy enough so that you can save your time to catch on another race or wrestling match with your fiercest neighborhood nemesis !

So here it goes :
Does your Xbox spark and crackle when you plug the power cord in. If so you are one of the many Xbox owners who could be in danger of smoking your box and also a potential fire hazard on your hands. This tutorial will show you how to correct that problem if it is already going on or how to take pro-active measures to see that it doesn't happen or at least get bad enough to do some damage. If you have a 1.0 Foxlink power supply or one of the delta versions with the same problem and you don't want to deal with this again there is one final solution; the Minebea power supply. Take it from the Llamma's mouth, the Minebea is the best OEM power supply out there. We feel they are the least likely to fall victim to this failure.

Remember; make absolutely sure that you unplug your Xbox before opening the unit.

Now that you have it open remove the two screws that hold the power supply in place and slide it toward the front a bit and it will lift right out. Again, be careful because there are capacitors that store enough bang to make you jump or worse :) believe me... I know! Now flip that thing over and zoom in for a look.

Above is a photo of your average power supply, this one happens to be a foxlink.
See both tabs? The top one is obviously black and burnt but the lower one has also broken loose and is making intermittent contact. A little alcohol and a q-tip to tidy up most of the vaporized lead.

A little scraping with a blade removes the hard to get stuff.
Dab a little flux and heat it up (800 degrees/30+ watt iron)
A quick touch up on the other contact and we are ready to rock and roll.
I like to squirt a little hot glue behind the A/C connector on the top side in the hopes that it helps
make it more solid. But, so far, I have had one fail again relatively shortly after the repair which
leads me to believe that it doesn't help much. If the pins are too loose and the cord is too tight
it will just break again no matter what you do!


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The most important thing when it comes to investing in online casino is to determine which online casino is best suited to your needs and requirements and which comes very friendly to your purse as well ! So, that sounds like it is a very complicated task. Yes it is, but not when you have Casinonewbies around ! All you novices and green horns there who are new to online casino, do not feel you are left behind. The best way to hone your skills so that you will make a competent player when you hit the stakes for real money online is to use a good Online Casino Guide . And that is simply what you can find in Apart from all the tutorials and guides you can find on this site, you will also get to download some free software that will help you win more cash and tell you more on the theory of how to eliminate the factor of luck, well that is simply the bottom line of the winning code when it comes to gambling ! At casino newbies you will find current online casino reviews which are updated frequently, free flash casino games and casino tutorials to help you get started quick. You can also learn how to play casino games and which online casinos are safe for gambling so that you don't end up cheated by any casino site or end up in a soup after winning a whole lot of cash after grabbing a big pot ! So, its all secure out there for you to conquer the stakes up there. So, don't wait for anything ! Go, grab your cards and dice right away and find your fortune !!

Online Casino Reviews

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Flatland Online casinos

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Westwood College

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There is great news for all you students aspiring to pursue your studies in Chicago. Education is something that has become mandatory in today's ever increasingly competitive world. Education and specialization in a particular stream has become very vital to shine in your field today. Gone are the days when you can simply walk into the field with simply your brash skills. Today, you need to be strongly educated about the base of your skills and the nuances of the machinery and working backgrounds of your profession. If you want to pursue your business degree, Westwood college at Chicago is the best place for you. Illinois College lends you a very comfortable place for pursuing your studies. Chicago College will give you all that you need for your accomodation. You will also get to do your Criminal Justice degrees there. Design degrees and technology degrees can also be pursued there. Westwood has a very temperamental climate that will not disturb your curriculum in anyway, nor will it disturb your health if you are an international student. You can find more information on their website about Chicago and about the various courses offered there. And also to prepare students for rewarding and challenging careers in a variety of industries, and to prepare them at the shortest time! It's possible for you to earn an associate's degree in as few as 20 months or a bachelor's degree in lesser than three years. So, go on and get your degree !

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Top 10 XBOX games in 2008

Hi gamers,

I just thought I would collect all the information on the Xbox games that would hit the market in 2008. Well, there were too many and most of them are releasing in the second half of the year. So, I had to put them under stringent scrutiny to bring out the list of the TOP 10 would-be-most-sought-after games on the big console in 2008. I am sure this will be of much use to all you X-Box fans across the world !

At no: 10

God of War: Chains of Olympus
This is surely one game to watch out for with its promos promising us some swift archaic action.

At no: 9
Little Big Planet
Sony’s quirky puzzle-platformer is turning heads with fun team-based gameplay and a great physics engine.

At no: 8
Lost Odyssey
The next long-awaited title from Mistwalker Studios is set to offer excellent graphics and tons of classic gameplay elements.

At no: 7
Kill Zone 2
One of the most controversial upcoming titles around, Killzone 2 has been much of an enigma following a much speculated trailer a few years ago, but no doubt should be worth a look in 2008.

At no: 6
EA's oft-delayed uber-sim looks to finally land on PC this year, and could be the revolutionary kick in the pants that the PC platform needs.

At no: 5
Resident Evil 5
While it’s tough to weigh in on the upcoming entry to the Resident Evil series, considering how little is known about it in terms of gameplay, it still promises to carry the legacy of the series nicely in a brand new desert setting.

At no: 4
Super Smash Bors. Brawl
Promising to bring the series’ beloved mascot-pounding action to the Wii in online form, Brawl is the title that Wii owners are undoubtedly anxious for.

At no: 3
Final Fantasy XIII
After years of waiting, it seems that the thirteenth installment of the long-running, wildly popular RPG franchise is going to launch this year, marking the series’ debut on the PS3.

At no: 2
Metal Gear Solid 4
What is billed as Snake’s final mission is one of the most anticipated games since, well, Snake’s last mission. Metal Gear Solid 4 is turning out to be every bit as exciting and groundbreaking as series fans have been waiting for.

At no: 1
With gamers awaiting each new trailer with bated breath, Grand Theft Auto IV, the God of this genre ( open ended violent gameplay ) should’ve been the biggest game of 2007. Unfortunately, delays have pushed it back until sometime this year, but haven’t killed the excitement that gamers feel about it.

So, that completes the list of TOP 10 XBOX games to look ut for in 2008. Hope you got the hang of it. Will catch you with more updates, trailers, gameplay videos and screenshots of these listings shortly !

User focussed search site

Hi friends,

I am sure this news I have with me now is going to surprise all you people out there. Searching the internet for information is one task that all of us would have done. And, most of us would have more often than not had bitter experiences in searching for specific information. Especially information pertaining to research study, or career planning, wedding preparation, vacation planning etc. There are several search sites on the internet that facilitate browsing the internet for content. Some of the most popular search sites with powerful search engines are Google, Yahoo, Altavista, and a few more. These search engines have their own way of functioning and rating websites depending on which they list out websites. Google adopts a policy known as Page Rank based on which it determines the popularity of the webpage and hence the search on Google is based on the popularity of the site and also on the Traffic the webpage receives which is directly related to its popularity on the internet. Sometimes, you may have to use different search engines to arrive at the required result. Some results you may be looking for can be found only using specific search sites. It is very tedious to hunt for information by switching between various search sites when time is not very friendly. This is where a new break through technology has come which lets you access all the search sites from one place ! Now, isn't that real news ! I am sure it was ! Jumphunt is a site that allows you to use all the popular search sites from one box at the ease of a single click. There are simple codes you need to know to access all of the search sites you want to. It goes simply like this :

w hello = search wikipedia for hello
y hello = search yahoo for hello
Google is default if no keyword are used.

You can also modify these codes, share it and download jumps created by other users of jumphunt. It is a brand new site, hardly even a week old, the only user being the one who created it. But, the site is sure to grow in popularity very soon. Do visit the site and make use of this wonderful feature and tell your friends about this.

Saran accuses Kamal

Hi movie fans,

Rumor mill has it that popular film director Saran of Vasool Raja fame, has reportedly lodged a complaint against universal hero Kamal Haasan since he did not return the advance of Rs. 2 crore that was paid to the profilic actor for a film that was to be directed by Saran under his Gemini Circuit Banner. Kamal Haasan, busy supervising the post-production work for his Dasavatharam, isn’t even seen at public events as often. He seems fully immersed in the project. This project has been delayed so much that it has almost slipped out of the audiences’ minds and has let the official announcement do the talking. Even talks of his next film after Dasavatharam have quiesced. Saran decided to handover the production to Ayngaran International. This decision reportedly irked Kamal who claims he wasn’t informed about this move and now wants to opt out of the project. Saran claims that he had no issues with Kamal opting out but wanted him to return the advance amount he had received earlier. Saran has approached the producer’s council to procure the amount from Kamal. When asked what his next plan of action would be if nothing comes off mediation he said that he would disclose it when such a situation arises. Controversies and Kamal seem to go hand in hand. Let’s hope all is settled amicably. Hope all the effervescence comes down to see the two of them give us more entertaining films in future.

Dhoom 3 to wait for King Khan

hi friends,

Of all the stars’ films that released in 2007 only Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar managed to keep the box office going. The King Khan’s two releases that were well spaced out saw to it that the box office never really stopped ringing. In fact, his first hit of the year, Chak De, went on to create a new genre in Hindi films – sports. Sadly, 2007 wasn’t the year for Yash Raj Films as all their films except Chak De turned croppers at the box office. King Khan wasn’t Yash Raj’s favorite, in recent times, as the relationship between the two turned sour the previous year. Now all that is dead and buried as they say you can’t argue with success. Guess that applies to SRK as well. Aditya Chopra of Yash Raj Films has decided to cast SRK in their film, to begin this year and the producer seems so hell bent that he has even postponed his plans to start Dhoom 3, which had earlier topped his priority list. Now that is what you call star power. So fans of the Dhoom series will have to wait for the king to make way.

MSMerchant Account

Hi people,

This is about the use of online credit cards. Credit Cards are gaining importance in online marketing day by day. Most of the online transactions including business deals, shopping, booking movie tickets, reserving hotel rooms, signing up for affiliate websites, and everything you think that has got to do with transferring money, it si done through Credit Cards these days. The wide use of credit cards have almost obliterated the use of Cheques, traveler's cheques and other forms of payment that consumes time and is also believed not very safe when it comes to selling and buying online. Hence, Merchants are at an all time risk without the use of credit cards if they ahve to be carrying out their businesses online. msmerchant account gives you the choice to contact a Card Processor Merchant who can facilitate all your online card transactions. It is one of the best and most secure Merchantaccounts Company that you can find today. You can also avail their Merchant Services Off Shore which will serve you the best of their features. They Accept Visa/Mastercard Today and also support most of the major Credit Card Companies. This will be the finest choice you would be making as a merchant aspiring to make it big in the online market.

A R Rahman commences new Music School

Hi music fans,

This is news at its unexpected best ! Ace music director A.R.Rahman who is popularly known as the Mozart of Madras, on his birthday this week, inaugurated his own music school called KM Conservatory that is aimed at developing a world class orchestra. His fans across the world popularly refer him to as the ‘Mozart of Madras’. This musical genius called A R Rahman celebrated his birthday yesterday, January 6th. Rahman has always wanted the music industry to be more organized, which for a long time remained largely unorganized. Rahman has on his birthday announced another initiative worthy of applause and this time it is about nurturing local talent. In his communiqué to Behindwoods he announced that his label KM music has started the KM Music Conservatory and Audio Media Education, India's First Apple authorized training center. Located in Chennai, the center will offer a Program in Music and Music Technology. He says electronic sounds have in the last two decades played an instrumental role in revolutionizing music so much so that listeners have lost interest in live classical compositions. This, he believes, will deprive future generations from appreciating the joy of live classical music and KM Music Conservatory will play a significant role in rekindling interest in live classical music. As of now, Indian music composers have to travel abroad in search of orchestras; it is this hassle that KM Music Conservatory intends to eliminate. The conservatory faculties include both Indian as well as International professors and musicians who will educate students in Indian and Western Classical music. The school will be auditioning and accepting singers and students who play flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, cello, double bass, and percussion. Courses will include Western Vocal and Instrumental Performance, Indian Classical Vocal, Western and Indian Music Theory, Music Appreciation, Ear Training, Piano, Audio Engineering, an Apple certified course in Logic Pro, and a Digidesign certified course in Pro Tools. Scholarships will be offered to deserving students from the A.R. Rahman Foundation. Wish the mozart all the success in his future endeavours.

Advantage Life Insurance

Hi friends,

This is about your life. Your life has a price. If it is important to you or not, it is definitely going to matter to your kith and kin. If there are more than one persons who dependent on you for their survival, it becomes very important for you to make their life secure. By making their life secure I simply mean to make arrangements so that they can sustain their lives even after your death. You may chance upon death unexpectedly. Taking an insurance policy is the most diligent way to set up a secured life for your family and spouse. This is what you call life insurance. You can find Insurance Quotes in many websites online. Advantage One Insurance provides you amazing opportunities to set up your life insurance. So, when you pass away accidentally, the money that was deposited on you, will be handed over to the nominee that you had specified in the Life Insurance form. You can avail various options from Term Life to Whole Life insurance choices in the type of insurance you would want to opt for. This is the only place that lets you Lower Your Insurance Rates and make your coup. Do not overlook the importance of obtaining a Life Insurance. Do it today if you haven't done it yet.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rajini in Shankar's Robot

Hi friends,

It finally went official against all public confusion about who is the protagonist in Shankar's magnum opus. Superstar Rajinikanth signed on the dotted line that would officialy commence the big budget film that has been long pending. This film is also touted to be Director Shankar's dream project. He had tried to rope in several actors and stars, that include Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan from Bollywood, and the last one to join the wagon being Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar. None of the reports were backed by official information from the production houses or the director himself. Now, that it is official, it is worth noting that Ayangaran Movies and upcoming production company in the north "Eros International" will produce this dream venture of Shankar. Shankar's regular AR Rahman will compose the score for this film. This film is also expected to have extra ordinary special effects and visual effects. This film will also become the costliest film to be produced in India. We wish the team all success and eagerly await the day this film wil hit the silver screen.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Hi music fans,

I have got special news for everybody here. Piano is one instrument that has caught us spell bound with its sound from time immemorial. Piano is an instrument that few have mastered and Mozart is one person who made the piano very popular in the 1960s. That piano is a string instrument is a popular misconception, not many know that it is really a percussion instrument by the way it works on the inside. The piano later not only was known as a music instrument but also as a social status symbol. To have a Grand Piano seated at the center of your drawing room attracts the income tax officials !
The piano is a musical instrument played by means of a keyboard that produces sound by striking steel strings with felt hammers. The hammers immediately rebound allowing the strings to continue vibrating at their resonant frequencies. These vibrations are transmitted through a bridge to a sound board that amplifies them.
The piano, ever since, was known to be a matter of possession for prestige. Playing the piano is not something that comes easy to anyone and everyone. It calls for a high degree of penchant for liking and appreciation of music and also deft skills in understanding music theory and also reading of the musical notation. And, of course, mastering the piano demands superior co-ordination skills of the upper limbs that is the most common limiting factor for many wannabe pianists. A Pianist can find himself garnered with a decent profession at a night club or a Jazz club where the piano is a very important instrument that makes up for most of the melody along with the blowing fleet of instruments. The piano forms the backbone of Jazz melody and also blues and other popular forms of Latin and American modern music. It is still used in today's more popular modern Jazz and also in Metal Jazz. By the 1820s, the center of innovation had shifted to Paris, where the Érard firm manufactured pianos used by Chopin and Liszt. In 1821, Sebastien invented the double escapement action, which permitted a note to be repeated even if the key had not yet risen to its maximum vertical position. This facilitated rapid playing. When the invention became public, the double escapement action gradually became standard in grand pianos, and is still incorporated into all grand pianos currently produced. The grand piano is a huge instrument and is not usually portable. It is sometimes even hailed as a legacy that is carried over from one generation to the next. The tall vertically strung upright grand was arranged with the soundboard and bridges perpendicular to keys, and above them so that the strings did not extend to the floor. Diagonally strung Giraffe, pyramid and lyre pianos employed this principle in more evocatively shaped cases. The term was later revived by many manufacturers for advertising purposes.With so many royalties up its sleeve, the piano does not come at a very friendly price to the common man. Hence, buying a piano is a very tedious task when it comes to finding the right place and the right set of keys that suit your liking. You can find the best antique upright pianos
at the cheapest prices possible in the market. You can find the best of pianos here at competitive prices around the world. You will find several choices from which you can choose the best one that suits your taste. So, go get your keys right away !

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California Wine Country Hotels

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I recently paid a visit to the California Wine Country Hotels. I could not find words to describe the angelic experience I shared with the country. Thanks to the hotels that made my stay all the more exotic for me and my family. This grand, romantic B&B in Old Town Napa is in a stunning Victorian built in 1892. Rooms reflect that era, with rich tapestries and stunning gilded antiques; four have fireplaces, five have whirlpool tubs, and all feature queen-size brass, wood, or iron beds. Guests meet each evening in front of the roaring fireplace in the lower "tavern" parlor for wine and cheese. At other times, the family room is a perfect place to cuddle up and watch the large-screen TV. Bonuses include a gourmet breakfast each morning, port in every room, and VIP treatment at many local wineries.

accredited online university

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We are talking about Education today. Education is something that is very much essential today to the youth and to the grown ups alike. There is interesting news for all you aspiring students wanting to pursue your education online. Education has become mandatory in today's increasingly competitive world. The world today is simply so competitive that education and knowledge has become the most powerful tool to survive. Life does not forgive weakness, and this is something that History has always been teaching us and will always continue to. It is high time that we realized that talent without the necessary educational background can render the skills mercilessly and pathetically handicapped. Education not only provides students with in depth knowledge about the subject but also more information on how to handle the subject in the practical sense, in a way that could be put to use in the corresponding industries that will employ them, or rather, their skills. Today, your certificate speaks louder than what your verbal speech can convey. So, it is necessary to compete your education sooner to avail the existing opportunities. Online education has already become a common term among the students. Capella University provides you the necessary online education that you are looking for. Founded in 1993, The Capella University is an accredited one that is fully an online university that provides graduate online degree programs in streams such as business, information technology, education, human services, public health, public safety, and psychology, and bachelor’s degree programs in business, information technology, and public safety. This accredited online university has commenced its latest Inside Online Education podcast.This Podcast features a conversation with Dr. Chris Cassirer, who is the dean of Capella University’s School of Human Services, regarding Capella’s status as the first and the only online university to receive accreditation from CACREP (the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs) for two of the master’s degree specializations that are provided there. This university also provides provides 104 graduate and undergraduate specializations and also 15 certificate programs. The online university as of now serves nearly 20,000 students from all 50 states and 56 countries in the USA.

Best Smokers

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We are talking about American and Italian Cuisine once again. The best way to enhance your cuisine is to add a smoker to give that authentic flavor. How do you get a smoker for your kitchen ? How do u decide which is the best one ?

Smokers under $400

If you are new to smoking or on a budget you should aim towards a lower priced smoker. These units have all the variety but no the big price tags. Any one of these would be good to start out with. If you don't think you have the patience to tend a fire then choose a gas or electric smoker that will meet you needs. If you really get hooked on barbecue then you can always buy a bigger and better smoker later, but these units are the best in their price range.

Smokers over $400

If you have the cash to spend, these are the best smokers on the market. Prices can easily go well over $1,000 but you will get the ability to smoke lots of food at once and have the best equipment to do it with. These units represent the full range of smokers from electric to hardwood so you can find a smoker that not only meets your needs but also you desire to tend fires. Many of these units are used on the competition circuits to make award winning barbecue.

So, get your smokes ready and go for the Sauce !!

Buy Gold From Monex

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We are talking about GOLD today. I am sure the very term gets your eyebrows high ! Gold has been recognized and celebrated as a precious metal to human kind from time immemorial. Gold coins were the first forms of currency in the old ages. Ever since its value was known to man, man has always yearned to accumulate more of it. Gold is also associated to grandeur, richness, pompousness, priority, social status, opulence and everything else you can find close to "rich". MDC, an abbreviation for Monex Deposit Company exists exclusively to help you amass these precious coins. For over 30 years, the Monex companies have been America’s precious metals investment leader, and has emerged successful amongst stiff competition ever since investments in precious metals made its foray into the online investment market. American eagle gold coins are available in units of 10 one-ounce coins for delivery at doorstep only and not for mass purchases. Gold has always remained a symbol of perfection and luxury from time immemorial. Its the best metal you can gift your soul mate on your anniversary. Gold prices are also soaring. Gold, that is available in coins and ingots can be purchased here. Purchase your gold from Monex Deposit Company and be rest assured that you are becked by the best in the industry.

the brave one enthralls you !

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Let me admit. Ever since I happened to see Silence Of the Lambs, I had become a raging fan of Jodie Foster. I also then happened to see all the films that she had done earlier including the frightening performance in Taxi Driver. Now, she is back with "the brave one" or rather "as the brave one " !! THE Central Park Jogger and Bernie Goetz meet "Death Wish" in post-9/11 New York in "The Brave One," an awkward concept put over by Jodie Foster's award-caliber performance and expert direction by Neil Jordan. The real-life jogger attack, Goetz's subway vigilante and the fictional adventures of Charles Bronson's character took place in the genuinely scary Manhattan of the '70s and '80s. But that Big Apple is a far cry from what has become - as Foster's character, a public radio personality named Erica puts it - "the safest big city in the world." It's pretty clear by this point that while Jordan is observing genre conventions that will please the popcorn crowd, he's trying to say something more profound about moral choices and the corrupting power of violence. ordan carefully avoids exploiting the violence in his most commercial film since "Interview With the Vampire," but all of his skill can't disguise the many coincidences underlying the script credited to Roderick Taylor, Bruce A. Taylor and Cynthia Mort.

The way-too-neat ending of "The Brave One" especially strains credulity, but it's worth watching for Foster's fiercely arresting performance.

Capella University

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There is interesting news for all you aspiring students wanting to pursue your education online. Education has become mandatory in today's increasingly competitive world. The world today is simply so competitive that education and knowledge has become the most powerful tool to survive. Life does not forgive weakness, and this is something that History has always been teaching us and will always continue to. It is high time that we realized that talent without the necessary educational background can render the skills mercilessly and pathetically handicapped. Education not only provides students with in depth knowledge about the subject but also more information on how to handle the subject in the practical sense, in a way that could be put to use in the corresponding industries that will employ them, or rather, their skills. A talented person with the necessary educational background will teach him how to employ his skills more diligently which is very very important in this competitive world. Gone are the days
when you can just catch a bus from your small town and become a biggie just by exposing your talents. Today, your certificate speaks louder than what your verbal speech can convey. So, it is necessary to compete your education sooner to avail the existing opportunities. Online education has already become a common term among the students. Capella University provides you the necessary online education that you are looking for. Founded in 1993, The Capella University is an accredited one that is fully an online university that provides graduate online degree programs in streams such as business, information technology, education, human services, public health, public safety, and psychology, and bachelor’s degree programs in business, information technology, and public safety. You will also find that capella university provides 104 graduate and undergraduate specializations and also 15 certificate programs. The online university as of now serves nearly 20,000 students from all 50 states and 56 countries in the USA.

India won't call off the Australia tour: BCCI

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In Ganguly dismissal there is a great joke. MARK BENSON ASKING the decision to RICKY PONTING weather ganguly IS out ot not??? is ricky ponting is a third umpire or fourth umpire. to win the match aussie captain say its out only. its hectic to see these stupid happenings. the two umpires should be heavenly punished by ICC. or else no one can save the cricket. symonds is not at all a decent cricketer. even he knows that he is out he just standing. waitng for the umpire decison. after the day's play he is telling the he s out. third umpire also give him a chance to surrive when he s stumpped of by dhoni . this is indicates that ausiee cricket board give lot of money or land to those three umpires for the consequtive test wins. no need to win the test matches like this. when ever the test match played in australia all the umpires give the decison favorable to the aussie players. i dont know why they behaving like this. rahul dravid dismissal is also shamefull for gilchirst. i think him as a decent cricketer but even he know that is not out he s claiming for the umpire. buckor should be advise for the indian team is just to quit the tour against the idiotic aussies and return home .then only it will give a nose cut to CRICKET AUSTRALIA..NO NEED TO PLAY IN AUSSIE. THEY WILL WIN TEST MATCH NOT TO THEIR OWN TALLENT BUT BY HAVING UMPIRES ONLY....;icc should bring the technology into the cricket as soon as possible to save matches going for one side.

Best Reward Credit Cards

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Credit Cards are something that have become ubiquitous in today's world, especially in the business arena. Several new Credit card offerers are blooming everyday with more and more attractive features and bonuses to choose from. When even choices become competitive and compelling, they only confuse and muddle up the customers more. As I had discussed more than a few times, money is not something that you can reap out of trees ! Its the result of a lot of hard work and toil, not for days, not for weeks, but for years together. Money has been one thing that has not been the privilege for everybody. It decides most of your stance in the society. The kind of impression your money makes, is simply more powerful than any other form of attraction. Its totally different when you get off a brand new BMW in front of your favorite star hotel and give a $50 note as a tip to your driver just for having taken you there on time, rather than arriving there in a hired cab and bargaining with the cabbie just because he asked for more than he initially demanded. I guess you can get the picture. Today, credit cards make a statement. When you pull out your credit card for making a payment, it does make an impact and says volumes about your financial strength. is one of the oldest and most successful online credit card comparison site on the net. The site elaborately provides you a review of all the top credit cards available in the market today comparing their features and privileges. You can find all your Best Reward Credit Cards here. CreditCardSearchEngine features provides you reviews of all the leading U.S Credit Card issuers such as J.P. Morgan Chase, Citibank and leading brands Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card, and you can find detailed reviews about each of them.

Australia beat India in Sydney thriller

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Australia beat India by 122 runs in an amazing finish to the second Test in Sydney on Sunday to retain the Border-Gavaskar Trophy and equal their own world record of 16 successive victories.

The tourists were faced with the daunting challenge of batting through 72 overs to salvage a draw on a turning Sydney Cricket Ground pitch and keep the series alive but came up agonisingly short.

They made no attempt at chasing down the 333 they had been set to win win after Australia had declared on 401-7 but held out realistic hopes of hanging on for draw when they started the second last over with three wickets in hand. He and Hussey, who made 145 not out in Australia's second innings, piled on the runs in the extended opening session to allow Ponting to declare at 401-7 and push for an unlikely victory. Kumble, who took eight wickets or the match, batted for more than two hours to make an unbeaten 45 and seemed to have saved his team when he was forced to watch the last three wickets fall from the non-strikers end. The Indians lost last week's first Test in Melbourne by 337 runs and cannot reclaim the Border-Gavaskar Trophy as Australia are the current holders.

Online used Cars

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We are talking about used cars today. Today, getting a car is something more than merely a luxury possession. A car has become more of a social status or a prosperity symbol. Owning a car is something like walking the streets with power and air. Cars have become too expensive these days to afford for the normal man like you and me. And, the worst part is the numerous choices that are available when it comes to choosing your car. So, why to muddle up your head with so many confusing ideas about getting your car, the preferred option today is getting a used car. It looks its part and also gives the feel that you have owned it for quite sometime, and that you are not new to the road ! But, getting a used car is something that calls for more deliberation and meticulous checking out, which many of us are not good at, simply because we do not have much knowledge about car features and performance characteristics about the latest in the market. So, why toil your neurons about this. Save your valuable time and money by using the BuyYourCar search. It lists all the relevant used car owners and agents who will satisfy your requirements. You will simply be amazed at what used cars will have to offer you. The search engine is equipped with several powerful and attractive features that will help you narrow down on your best choice. It will make you more satisfied with your purchase which is their foremost objective. After all, the customer has to be satisfied with his shopping experience, only that will bring him back to the shop or encourage him to recommend the service to others. Enter the descriptive details such as your car's model, its color and other features that you are looking for and hit the search button. The results will yield you the closest finds to your search parameters giving you a more closed set of options from which you can further shortlist and choose your piece of wheels. You can also specify parameters like distance traveled, insurance provided and many others. They are also able to give guarantee that what they provide will be at competitive prices that you can't find anywhere in the market today. You may also look into the left hand side of the web page if you are unsure of what you exactly need. The buying Advice section offers you excellent advice on what you could be looking for by making you answer simple questions using which the advice panel zeros in on your perfect choice falling within your requirement square. You will never find a better place to check out Used Cars.
They also offer advice on taking care that you are not scammed. It is very important these days to avoid being scammed as it is very common these days. So, go ahead and give it up to used cars and get your set of wheels right away !

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