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Monday, January 7, 2008

India won't call off the Australia tour: BCCI

Hi cricket fans again,

In Ganguly dismissal there is a great joke. MARK BENSON ASKING the decision to RICKY PONTING weather ganguly IS out ot not??? is ricky ponting is a third umpire or fourth umpire. to win the match aussie captain say its out only. its hectic to see these stupid happenings. the two umpires should be heavenly punished by ICC. or else no one can save the cricket. symonds is not at all a decent cricketer. even he knows that he is out he just standing. waitng for the umpire decison. after the day's play he is telling the he s out. third umpire also give him a chance to surrive when he s stumpped of by dhoni . this is indicates that ausiee cricket board give lot of money or land to those three umpires for the consequtive test wins. no need to win the test matches like this. when ever the test match played in australia all the umpires give the decison favorable to the aussie players. i dont know why they behaving like this. rahul dravid dismissal is also shamefull for gilchirst. i think him as a decent cricketer but even he know that is not out he s claiming for the umpire. buckor should be advise for the indian team is just to quit the tour against the idiotic aussies and return home .then only it will give a nose cut to CRICKET AUSTRALIA..NO NEED TO PLAY IN AUSSIE. THEY WILL WIN TEST MATCH NOT TO THEIR OWN TALLENT BUT BY HAVING UMPIRES ONLY....;icc should bring the technology into the cricket as soon as possible to save matches going for one side.