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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Top 10 XBOX games in 2008

Hi gamers,

I just thought I would collect all the information on the Xbox games that would hit the market in 2008. Well, there were too many and most of them are releasing in the second half of the year. So, I had to put them under stringent scrutiny to bring out the list of the TOP 10 would-be-most-sought-after games on the big console in 2008. I am sure this will be of much use to all you X-Box fans across the world !

At no: 10

God of War: Chains of Olympus
This is surely one game to watch out for with its promos promising us some swift archaic action.

At no: 9
Little Big Planet
Sony’s quirky puzzle-platformer is turning heads with fun team-based gameplay and a great physics engine.

At no: 8
Lost Odyssey
The next long-awaited title from Mistwalker Studios is set to offer excellent graphics and tons of classic gameplay elements.

At no: 7
Kill Zone 2
One of the most controversial upcoming titles around, Killzone 2 has been much of an enigma following a much speculated trailer a few years ago, but no doubt should be worth a look in 2008.

At no: 6
EA's oft-delayed uber-sim looks to finally land on PC this year, and could be the revolutionary kick in the pants that the PC platform needs.

At no: 5
Resident Evil 5
While it’s tough to weigh in on the upcoming entry to the Resident Evil series, considering how little is known about it in terms of gameplay, it still promises to carry the legacy of the series nicely in a brand new desert setting.

At no: 4
Super Smash Bors. Brawl
Promising to bring the series’ beloved mascot-pounding action to the Wii in online form, Brawl is the title that Wii owners are undoubtedly anxious for.

At no: 3
Final Fantasy XIII
After years of waiting, it seems that the thirteenth installment of the long-running, wildly popular RPG franchise is going to launch this year, marking the series’ debut on the PS3.

At no: 2
Metal Gear Solid 4
What is billed as Snake’s final mission is one of the most anticipated games since, well, Snake’s last mission. Metal Gear Solid 4 is turning out to be every bit as exciting and groundbreaking as series fans have been waiting for.

At no: 1
With gamers awaiting each new trailer with bated breath, Grand Theft Auto IV, the God of this genre ( open ended violent gameplay ) should’ve been the biggest game of 2007. Unfortunately, delays have pushed it back until sometime this year, but haven’t killed the excitement that gamers feel about it.

So, that completes the list of TOP 10 XBOX games to look ut for in 2008. Hope you got the hang of it. Will catch you with more updates, trailers, gameplay videos and screenshots of these listings shortly !