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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rajini in Shankar's Robot

Hi friends,

It finally went official against all public confusion about who is the protagonist in Shankar's magnum opus. Superstar Rajinikanth signed on the dotted line that would officialy commence the big budget film that has been long pending. This film is also touted to be Director Shankar's dream project. He had tried to rope in several actors and stars, that include Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan from Bollywood, and the last one to join the wagon being Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar. None of the reports were backed by official information from the production houses or the director himself. Now, that it is official, it is worth noting that Ayangaran Movies and upcoming production company in the north "Eros International" will produce this dream venture of Shankar. Shankar's regular AR Rahman will compose the score for this film. This film is also expected to have extra ordinary special effects and visual effects. This film will also become the costliest film to be produced in India. We wish the team all success and eagerly await the day this film wil hit the silver screen.