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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

User focussed search site

Hi friends,

I am sure this news I have with me now is going to surprise all you people out there. Searching the internet for information is one task that all of us would have done. And, most of us would have more often than not had bitter experiences in searching for specific information. Especially information pertaining to research study, or career planning, wedding preparation, vacation planning etc. There are several search sites on the internet that facilitate browsing the internet for content. Some of the most popular search sites with powerful search engines are Google, Yahoo, Altavista, and a few more. These search engines have their own way of functioning and rating websites depending on which they list out websites. Google adopts a policy known as Page Rank based on which it determines the popularity of the webpage and hence the search on Google is based on the popularity of the site and also on the Traffic the webpage receives which is directly related to its popularity on the internet. Sometimes, you may have to use different search engines to arrive at the required result. Some results you may be looking for can be found only using specific search sites. It is very tedious to hunt for information by switching between various search sites when time is not very friendly. This is where a new break through technology has come which lets you access all the search sites from one place ! Now, isn't that real news ! I am sure it was ! Jumphunt is a site that allows you to use all the popular search sites from one box at the ease of a single click. There are simple codes you need to know to access all of the search sites you want to. It goes simply like this :

w hello = search wikipedia for hello
y hello = search yahoo for hello
Google is default if no keyword are used.

You can also modify these codes, share it and download jumps created by other users of jumphunt. It is a brand new site, hardly even a week old, the only user being the one who created it. But, the site is sure to grow in popularity very soon. Do visit the site and make use of this wonderful feature and tell your friends about this.