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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

UK Payday loans

Hi everybody,

Money has always been something we're after ever since we realized the undeniable fact that today, without money, you are non-existent to the world. Some people are gifted with inherited wealth, while others have to go through a day long toil to just make a few cents. And most of us fall under the second category. It is not easy to produce an eye-popping sum in a matter of days, in case you are planning on your son's marriage ceremony, or in case you are required to pay an advance to by a new house or any such situation that demands an amount of money that you cannot furnish all of a sudden. Many of us do more often than not come across any of these situations, that also most likely put a lot of mental pressure on us.

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Online Poker - A Conflagration

Hi poker faces,

The Online Poker Tournaments have become a rage among the young poker faces today. With more and more teenagers joining the poker league, a meteoric rise in the number of poker players was observed in the last two years, which is statistically reported to have doubled when compared to the charts the year before the last. With the advent of Online Poker, it becomes even more handy for novices to try the game with real money. There are numerous tournaments conducted online and within a span of three years since its inception, several online poker sites have opened up providing online poker players more avenues to bet !

he popularity of online poker has increased at an astounding speed recently. Besides the obvious - poker is an intriguing game with great recreational value - the main reasons are the flexibility, speed and global 24/7 access afforded by playing online.

Poker as a sport has received substantial media coverage since the inception of the TV show World Poker Tour in 2002 and the win of online amateur player Chris Moneymaker at the WSOP Main Event in 2003. The coverage has resulted in a self-perpetuating trend where the growing base of online players fuels interest in the WSOP and WPT, which now get prime-time TV slots on a weekly basis, inspiring even more viewers to take up online play.

In effect, the live and online poker industries are benefiting greatly from each other. Few people seem to remember today that live poker was in decline as recently as the year 2000 (!), with an aging demographic and a low profile, to such an extent that most casinos had shut down their poker rooms.

The brick-and-mortar poker world has also benefited greatly from the explosion in interest in the game, with poker rooms again flourishing in casinos. Today many new players start out playing online and then move on to play at home games and casinos around the world.

What makes poker particularly fascinating for a larger crowd is that in the short term, any decent player can compete and even win against the world's best players. Luck and hidden information play a large enough role in poker to make this possible. In many other skill games, the most highly skilled player almost always wins, even in the short term.

By the same token, poker is deceptive, as many less-skilled players are not sufficiently aware of their long-term outlook to win, let alone break even. As most people know, poker is a game of skill and the best players will win money over time. Luckily, by following some simple rules you will be able to minimize your losses very quickly.

I'm sure you wanna try out your hand on the table ! Don't think twice, give it a shot, and you'll find yourself comin' back for more !

Big Island vacation rentals

Hi everyone,

So, we're approaching weekend and everybody should be in the mood to unwind. Taking a break from our hectic week long work schedules is very important to us biologically and also psychologically as it revives our spirit and rejuvenates our energy. There are several ways to unwind. I used to listen to music, preferably Red Hot Chilli Peppers or some of Santana's classics, or go to the movies with my family, or go on a long ride along the country side. But, very recently, I found the best way and the best place to unwind and spend your vacation. Its the Hawaiian Beach !

The state of Hawaii is an archipelegic U.S state located in the Central Pacific, south of Alaska, and north of Tahiti. Politically, Hawaii is considered to be a part of the North American continent. The climate of Hawaii is typical for a tropical area, although temperatures and humidity tend to be a bit less extreme than other tropical locales due to the constant trade winds blowing from the east. Summer highs are usually in the upper 80 degree centigrade, (around 31 degree centigrade) during the day and mid 70s, (around 24°C) at night. Winter temperatures during the day are usually in the low to mid 80s, (around 28°C) and (at low elevation) seldom dipping below the mid 60s (18 °C) at night. Snow, although not usually associated with tropics, falls at the higher elevations of Mauna Kea (13,796 feet/ 4,205 meters) and Mauna Loa on the Big Island in some winter months. Snow only rarely falls on Maui’s Haleakalā.

The Hawaiian vacation is provided by various agencies that are indigenous to the Islands. The most exciting and attractive of all is Big Island vacation rentals. To find out more about what others who have taken the Big Island Vacation feel about their trip, you can check out Hawaiian Travel Blog. By visiting these links you can also learn more about what to do at Big Islands during your visit by taking a cursory view at their experiences and also much about the travel history of frequent travelers.

So what are you waiting for ?! Pack your suitcases and hit the Islands ! Make your vacation an unforgettable one for you and your family, and I'm sure you will cherish those memories all your life.

Uzi submachine gun

Hi guys and girls,

For those of you who are still confused about the origin of this Uzi gun that Max Payne made immensely popular. Here are the details. The Uzi is a family of guns that started with a compact, boxy, and lightweight submachine gun. Smaller and newer variants are considered machine pistols. The first Uzi submachine gun was designed by Uziel Gun in the late 1940s. It was manufactured by Israel Military Industries, FN Herstal, and others.

It is made mostly of stamped sheet metal and has relatively few parts, making it easy to strip for maintenance and making it less expensive per unit to manufacture than an equivalent design machined from forgings. The fact that the magazine is housed within the pistol grip allows for intuitive and easy reloading in dark or difficult conditions, as the operator simply brings their hands together. On the other hand, the high grip also makes the weapon awkward to fire when prone.

The Uzi submachine gun was used as a personal defense weapon by rear-echelon troops, officers, artillery troops and tankers, as well as a frontline weapon by elite light infantry assault forces. Advanced and smaller Uzi variations were used by the Israeli special forces until recently, when in December 2003, the Israeli military announced that it was completely phasing the Uzi out of use by its forces but would continue to manufacture the weapon for both domestic use and export.

Hawaiian Vacations

Hi guys and gals,

If you are looking for a nice place to spend your vacation or your weekend, and if its fun and full throttled adrenaline filled entertainment you are looking for, there is no better place than the Hawaii. The islands of Hawaii offer you some of the most exotic locales on earth. Studded like diamonds on the Pacific, the islands of Hawaii makes a splendid place for avid travelers and those of you who are dynamic and always love to be on the move.

The Hawaiian vacations will give you an opportunity to unwind after your week-long tiring schedule. And for those of your who are in dire need of a break from your mundane life style, the Hawaiian vacations will come to you as paradise. The islands of Hawaii sport an awesome climate for travel enthusiasts all around the world to visit the exotic locale almost any time of the year. The stunning fact about the climate of Hawaii is that even during the rainy season, it does not get too swampy to cruise around the islands and then through the flamboyantly decorated streets. The Hawaiian Beach Rentals is a group that works exclusively to provide customer satisfaction to travelers all around the world to make sure that you get the best experience during your stay in their resorts and beach rentals. With impeccable quality and innovative outing programs to get you the best out of your limited stay in Hawaii, I'm sure this vacation will leave an indelible impression on your senses that is sure to stay with you forever.

For additional details about the travel packages and fares, you may wish to check out Hawaiian Local Travel Information.

So get your bags packed and hit the seas !
Bon Voyage !

Some common Poker terms

hi guys and gals,

I'm back on the table with some new chips.. !!

I present to you some of the most important terms associated with the gameplay in poker. You will come across these terms more than quite a few times when you play with professionals or at online poker tables. And simply enough, using these terms instead of their vernacular descriptive forms, will make you sound like a real PRO. I hope you get it ! So here they are.. mouth them and make your friends believe what you are not !

To make a play (bet, call, raise, or fold) at the required time. It is Ted's turn to act.
  1. A player's turn to act. The action is on you.
  2. A willingness to gamble. I'll give you action or There's plenty of action in this game
  3. A bet, along with all the calls of that bet. For example, if one player makes a $5 bet and three other players call, he is said to have $5 "in action", and to have received $15 worth of action on his bet. Usually this term comes into play when figuring side pots when one or more players is all in
all in
Having bet all of your chips in the current hand.
A technically legal, but borderline unethical, play. For example, deliberately miscalling one's own hand to induce a fold, or placing odd amounts of chips in the pot to confuse opponents about whether you mean to call or raise. A player employing such tactics is called an "angle shooter".
A reraise from a player that previously limped in the same betting round. I decided to backraise with my pocket eights to isolate the all-in player.
  1. Any money wagered during the play of a hand.
  2. More specifically, the opening bet of a betting round.
  3. In a fixed limit game, the standard betting amount. There were six bets in the pot when I called.
boxed card
A card encountered face-up in the assembled deck during the deal, as opposed to one overturned in the act of dealing. Most house rules treat a boxed card as if it didn't exist; that is, it is placed aside and not used. Different rules cover cards exposed during the deal.
The minimum required amount of chips that must be "bought" to become involved in a game (or tournament). For example, a $4-$8 fixed limit game might require a player to buy at least $40 worth of chips to play. This is typically far less than an average player would expect to play with for any amount of time, but large enough that the player can play a number of hands without buying more, so the game isn't slowed down by constant chip-buying.
chip dumping
A form of collusion that happens during tournaments, especially in the early rounds. Two or more players decide to go all-in early. The winner gets a large amount of chips, which increases the player's chance of cashing. The winnings are then split among the colluders.
The seat immediately to the right of the dealer button.
  1. The person dealing the cards. Give Alice the cards, she's dealing.
  2. The person who assumes that role for the purposes of betting order in a game, even though someone else might be physically dealing.
A card that is dealt facedown.
  1. An unskilled player who plays loosely and passively, calling a lot of bets.
  2. To risk money on a long-shot bet.
fourth street
  1. The fourth card dealt to the board in community card games. Also "turn".
  2. The fourth card dealt to each player in stud.

poker face
A blank expression that does not reveal anything about the cards being held. Often used outside the world of poker.
To deal a hand again, possibly after a misdeal.
scare card
A card dealt face up (either to a player in a game such as stud or to the board in a community card game) that appears to create a strong hand for someone. The Jack of spades on the turn was a scare card because it put both flush and straight possibilities on the board.
An underdog or dog is a player with a smaller chance to win than another specified player. Frequently used when the exact odds are expressed. Harry might have been bluffing, but if he really had the king, my hand was a 4-to-1 dog, so I folded.
A walk is the situation where all players fold to the big blind.

Tobi fashion boutique

Hi everybody,

Dressing is something that makes others decide about what we could be made of, even before our smiles could speak. In my vernacular, there is a popular saying that you are nothing but half flesh and half your attire.

Well, guys, when I talk about dressing, I'm not jus' talking about 'threads', I'm talking about 'confidence', I'm talking about 'non-verbal positive communication' , 'power of stature'. Dressing is the quintessential part of non-verbal communication. It is the first thing that someone notices in us when they encounter us for the first time. And it easily makes up for more than 50% of what people call the "FIRST IMPRESSION". I have read so many books (You know, stuff like 'how to impress your girl', '101 different ways to accost her', 'what you shouldn't do on your first date', etc.. !!!) and one thing which I found common in all of them is the highly pronounced stress on 'Dressing sense' and 'setting the exuberance level for the occasion with your attire. For all those who agree with me on dressing, here is a wonderful site called which i found as i was browsing the internet for all those who wish to increase their fashion quotient. It is one the best places on the internet which offers online shopping boutique experience. There are a wide variety of popular brands like Nudie and seven for all mankind from which you can choose the best attire that suits you. We can take a look at all those new attires to hit the fashion market just by sitting in front of our computers. You can get anything from Pants to shoes to handbags in a single place.From formals to casuals you have everything here. It offers its service for both men and women. The are innumerable styles and color available. Everything here is trendy especially those nudie jeans which attracted me a lot. You even have a sale on selected items. If you are looking forward to buy some of the best clothes in the market then you should first visit this site.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Rings for the Occasion

Hi everybody,

Everybody loves rings, be it of gold, silver or any other precious metal. Rings have always been of paramount importance in representing the quality of love and marriage or the genuineness of an occasion as a token of sincerity and grandeur. Rings are used in several occasions, marriage ceremonies in particular, they are seen as the most famed and revered form of jewellery right from the days of the Kings and Queens.

If you are looking for a place to buy a ring for that special occasion in your life, My Solitaire is the best place on earth. You can find all kinds of rings from engagement rings, diamond rings, black diamond rings, diamond pendants and sapphire rings. Each ring is customizable and meticulously impeccably designed to suit your occasion. You can also choose to design your own ring by specifying the type of metal and the design to employ on it. You can also choose from a plethora or available designer stones and designs to garner your customized ring.

The website also offers a shopping cart using which you can buy several rings and pay for all of them in one go. You can also interact with the consultants to get a better idea of which ring would suit your occasion.

So, don't look elsewhere when you have My Solitaire. Go ahead and make your ring to make your occasion more special than it could ever get !

The fundamental theorem of Poker

Hi all,
Back to Poker !

The fundamental theorem of Poker, introduced by David Sklansky, states that every time you play your hand the way you would if you could see your opponent's cards, you gain, and every time your opponent plays his cards differently from the way he would play them if he could see your cards, you gain. This theorem is the foundation for many poker strategy topics. For example, bluffing and slow-playing (explained below) are examples of using deception to induce your opponents to play differently than they would if they could see your cards. There are some exceptions to the fundamental theorem in certain multi-way pot situations, as described Morton's Theorem.

The relationship between pot odds and odds of winning is one of the most important concepts in poker strategy. Pot odds are the ratio of the size of the pot to the size of the bet required to stay in the pot. For example, if a player must call a $10 bet for a chance to win a $40 pot (not including his $10 call), his pot odds are 5-to-1 (20% probability). To have a positive expectation, a player's odds of winning must be better than his pot odds. If the player's odds of winning are also 5-to-1, and if he plays the pot five times, his expected return is to break even (losing four times and winning once).

So go ahead and play your hand !

Poker Matters #1

hi everybody,

I just thought I'd introduce to all those who are not aware of, to the most popular and much famed high stakes Card game that is played in casinos all over the world - POKER.

Poker is a popular type of card game in which players gamble on the superior value of the card combination ("hand") in their possession, by placing a bet into a central pot. The winner is the one who holds the hand with the highest value according to an established hierarchy, or otherwise the player who remains "in the hand" after all others have hand rankings hierarchy, or otherwise the player who remains "in the hand" after all others have folded (the player who makes an un-called bet.).

Poker has many variations, all following a similar pattern of play. Depending on the variant, hands may be formed using cards which are concealed from others, or from a combination of concealed cards and community cards.

Other games that use poker hand rankings may likewise be referred to as "poker." Video Poker is a single-player computer game that functions much like a slot machine.

We'll be discussing more about Poker and playing strategies soon. So you keep that poker face until we get back !!

Point No: 14 : Stay Loyal

Hi everyone,

This is about the fourteenth point in the 21 rules of life that we discussed in the post before the last one. We're talking about Staying Loyal. This is not a characteristic that is found in human beings alone. Loyalty is something that is observed in various animal species. Loyalty is nothing but whole hearted adherence to a certain code of ethical bonding to another person or a country, or sometimes even God. From time immemorial, man has always observed loyalty in various forms, beginning from loyalty to the Sun God, by offering prayers and sacrifices regularly to appease the Gods whom they believed saved them from the hostilities of nature and that if they ever failed to be loyal in their faith to God, they will incur their wrath and eventually end up losing their race to the sands of time.

Loyalty reached its zenith during times of war. It was observed as a very precious token of love for one's motherland : Loyalty to the Country. And it was then that the people who were not loyal to their country were termed 'Traitors' or 'Renegades'. They were imprisoned, or punished to death. Loyalty to one's motherland was observed as a degree of supreme citizenship and something to take pride in.

Loyalty was also observed to a dangerous extent in the Crime Syndicates that originated in Chicago and Sicily. The Mafia termed Loyalty in their world as "Omerta". It was a certain code of Loyalty that they followed in order to prevent their intrinsic wars and misunderstanding from becoming an advantage to the police and the law. And if any gangster or mob boss trespassed or violated the omerta, they were not only digging their own grave, but also their fellow gang men.
Hence, Omerta was something that was considered very serious and if someone in the syndicate ever thought of breaking it, he better have his reasons strongly grounded and the holes dug, lest he find himself in one of those !

Well, talking about Loyalty in our lives, its important to be loyal to our families, to our spouses, to our brothers, sisters and friends. Being loyal to someone also gradually increases the respect that they have for us. There are several subtle ways to express out loyalty to someone. It is very important to stay Loyal in our friendship. As your loyalty to someone grows older, you will find that you can trust that person more than anybody else, even more than yourself. He or she will eventually become your confidant. Being loyal to our spouses will decide how the relationship will be shaped and also how long it will last depending on he strength that it has acquired wit loyalty. When you are found to be disloyal, you will lose the trust that others have on you. You will be looked down as an ingrate, as an apostate, as a renegade. To be termed disloyal, is to be imbued in shame and guilt, which will eventually result in falling into self pity and killing of the inner self.

It is very important to be loyal,
In War,
In Crime, and
In Love.

You know the rest...

Praveen Chandar.

Get your payday loan today

Hi everybody,

Money is something that everyone of us are after ever since we realized its value in this competitive world. Everyone would dream of either owning a luxurious house or a high class car. But getting money all of a sudden is too difficult. Hence loans are the only option to fulfill your dreams. But getting loans isn’t so easy nowadays. They ask lots of guarantee and mortgages to provide you loans. Even if provided, they make take so much time to give away the loans. But Payday Loan Quotes provides you loans instantly with only asking you a few personal information. They contact you within seconds and approve your loans immediately. Payday loans or cash advance is a quick and easy way to bridge your cash needs between pay days without a credit check. You can also get your Payday Loans online. You can also get no fax payday loans. All you have to do is provide some basic information. All your information and data are kept secure. It is the only place to get your loans instantly. So get your loans right away. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and sign up for your payday loan today and may your dream be re-written as reality !

Sunday, November 11, 2007

21 Cardinal Rules of Life

hi all,

I have always found myself pondering on the things that any person should do or accomplish to make our lives "livable".. !! Most of us, or more often, all of us, fail to do one or more of these important things which ends up in making a portion of their lives miserable. And what most people overlook is the fact that we might regret for not having done something much more and deeper that for things that we did. The following are a list of 21 things that we must accomplish or adhere to, in order to keep things squared and even. In my following blogs, I will discuss in detail some of the points below that might need more elucidation.

1. Marry the right person . This one decision will determine 90% of your happiness or misery.
2. Work at something you enjoy and that's worthy of your time and talent.
3. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.
4. Be forgiving of yourself and others.
5. Discipline yourself to save m0ney on even the most modest salary.
6. Understand that happiness is not based on possessions, power or prestige, but on relationship with people you love and respect.
7. Be generous.
8. Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.
9. Have a grateful heart.
10. Persistence, persistence, persistence.
11. Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated.
12. Commit yourself to constant improvement.
13. Commit yourself to quality.
14. Be loyal.
15. Be honest.
16. Be a self-starter.
17. Be decisive even it it means you'll sometimes be wrong.
18. Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for every area of your life.
19. Don't do anything that wouldn't make your Mom proud.
20. Take good care of those you love.
21. Be bold and courageous. When you look back on your life, you'll regret the things you didn't do more than the ones you did.


Trust TrustSource

Hi everybody,

Online marketing has caught on today's world. Every company or firm tries to expand its market and per day sales to thrive amidst the intense competition. Ever since Online marketing made its foray into the marketing field, almost all companies expanded their markets into the world wide web. Millions of new users begin using the net everyday, making the world wide web a potential place to market your products. And today, in the marketing field, when a new avenue opens up, you better be among the first ones to get a firm hold on it, else you will lose it to your competitor who will invariably establish an edge over you in the market. Internet is one avenue, I should say, has still not been taken advantage of to the fullest. There are two important steps to improving your online marketing strategy. The first one is taking the decision as to whether or not you are going to invest in online marketing. The second is to decide which source or market site to use as your platform.

Now that you have decided to step into the e-market, deciding which market site becomes a crucial part in deciding the curve of your product's destiny. This is where TrustSource comes in. Trust source helps you find out about what people think or feel about the products that they use, and also get to know of their tastes and expectations.

At trust source you get several categories to classify your products. The categories include provillus, cash advance and payday loans. You can choose to categorize your product under these popular topics.

So, don't wait to get your hands over the internet market. Move on and make that big step which will take your product and market sales to a height that you never would have imagined !

Trust me, TrustSource will provide you the best platform to kick start your career in online marketing.