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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tobi fashion boutique

Hi everybody,

Dressing is something that makes others decide about what we could be made of, even before our smiles could speak. In my vernacular, there is a popular saying that you are nothing but half flesh and half your attire.

Well, guys, when I talk about dressing, I'm not jus' talking about 'threads', I'm talking about 'confidence', I'm talking about 'non-verbal positive communication' , 'power of stature'. Dressing is the quintessential part of non-verbal communication. It is the first thing that someone notices in us when they encounter us for the first time. And it easily makes up for more than 50% of what people call the "FIRST IMPRESSION". I have read so many books (You know, stuff like 'how to impress your girl', '101 different ways to accost her', 'what you shouldn't do on your first date', etc.. !!!) and one thing which I found common in all of them is the highly pronounced stress on 'Dressing sense' and 'setting the exuberance level for the occasion with your attire. For all those who agree with me on dressing, here is a wonderful site called which i found as i was browsing the internet for all those who wish to increase their fashion quotient. It is one the best places on the internet which offers online shopping boutique experience. There are a wide variety of popular brands like Nudie and seven for all mankind from which you can choose the best attire that suits you. We can take a look at all those new attires to hit the fashion market just by sitting in front of our computers. You can get anything from Pants to shoes to handbags in a single place.From formals to casuals you have everything here. It offers its service for both men and women. The are innumerable styles and color available. Everything here is trendy especially those nudie jeans which attracted me a lot. You even have a sale on selected items. If you are looking forward to buy some of the best clothes in the market then you should first visit this site.