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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Celebrating 25000 visitors milestone

So this is it ?
Is that all ur life was about ?
kindergarden, school, movies, bournvita, exams,
College, books, computers, dad, mom, old friends, biscuits, pop corn, window shopping,
is that all ?? and for how long ?
10th grade, till 12th, till college, 2 yrs from then ? 5 years ? 15 years ?!!
damn it !!

some ppl don cum into ur life invit'd,
more often than not,
they'll be the ones who'd keep u excit'd,
all ur life,
but only if u let them in,
uninvited !

u want somethin', u wanna be somethin',
it makes no sense to wait at the balcony lookin' for it,
get to the doors to see whats in store,
u want 'life',
you gotta invite it !

as simple as that !
and remember,
everythin in this world,
comes with a price tag,
rangin' frm shellin' out a few bucks for a nice shirt,
to mortgagin' ur heart for the love of someone,
nothin comes gratit !

dream big,
breathe knowledge,
feed ur curiosity,
think outside the box,
Like what 'you' wanna like,
u need balls to be what u wanna be !
n say 'this is me, now what ?!'

invite life,
as much as u want'd it,
make sure u can afford the price,
what ever be it !

Celebrating 25,000 PAGE VISITS milestone on my blog !
I thank all you people and fans who have been instrumental in this achievement.
This is success for everybody,
and it only puts more pressure on me,
that I have to strive harder to continue doing quality work,
and keep my fans and regular visitors contented about my posts.

I will contribute to keep you entertained and enlightened,
as long as I have a great visitor base as this,
I promise,
and will continue my quality work,
to the best of my ability.

Praveen Chandar.

Cash advance

Hi guys and girls,

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Be game to gamblux

Hi poker fans world-wide !

With online gambling catching up on the youth gamblers today like a conflagration, many amateurs are joining the league. With the advent of online gambling a few years back, it is surprising to find innumerable gambling sites available now. Each gambling site boasts of its own special features and added sign up bonuses to attract new players all over the world. If you have decided to play the online table, then you got to make this important decision on which gambling site you are going to use as your platform.

The best place I found on the net is GAMBLUX. GAMBLUX boasts of a superior design when compared to other online casinos. It offers a variety of games such as Baccarat, Black Jack, Craps, Keno, Pai Gow, Poker, Roulette and the rest. This online casino also features tournaments on a regular basis. You can sign up upto 32 vegas casino from this site. So go ahead and conquer the online tables with your best casino online.

A Fine Romance

Hi guys-looking-for-gals and gals-looking-for guys !

Romance is something that has always been part of our lives. Romance is not something that necessarily has to do with love or relationships. Romance or the idea behind it basically evolved from the thrill or the adrenaline-high experience a human undergoes when he is chasing something he always wanted to own or achieve, and knowing what it would cost to lose in the chase. Now, thats what you call romance. And more often than not, Romance is identified with love affairs, relationships and dating. So, you're looking to date someone ? High time that you found someone to spend all your money with ? Looking forward to share your highs and lows with that special someone ? Well, you got it all at

This is the perfect dating site for all you people longing to meet your special one. This is the place to find your love & romance. All your age long hunt will end here. I can guarantee. You can contact the dating services for more details.

So get started on your first scheduled online date and get dressed for that special dinner this weekend with that special someone of yours !

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Let's Go Omaha

Hi poker fans,

Apart from the more popular Texas Hold'Em poker, not many know that there are several variations and version to this game. The most common of them being Omaha. It is widely played in almost all Casinos, but not as popular as Texas because the rules of Omaha, more often than not, get on your nerves effortlessly, that is for a beginner. Some common rules for Omaha are listed below.

The High Hand

The high hand is exactly the same as in regular Omaha, where it is the best "normal" poker hand, starting at the top with a royal flush and moving on down the line. Similarly, just as in regular Omaha, one must use two (exactly two) of the hole cards and three (exactly three) of the board cards when making a hand.

The Low Hand

The low hand is slightly more complicated to figure out. One must still use two of the hole cards with three of the board cards in order to qualify for the low hand. However, all low hands must be Eight or lower (the lower the better). An Eight low contains an Eight and four lower cards, a Seven low contains a Seven and four lower cards, and so on. The best possible low is called a wheel and is Five high, 5-4-3-2-A (a Five high straight). The worst possible low is 8-7-6-5-4 (an Eight high straight). Accordingly, in order for there to be a possible low on the board, there must be at least three cards Eight or lower on the board.


An 8-4-3-2-A low is worse than a 7-6-5-4-3 low.
A 7-4-3-2-A low is worse than a 6-5-4-3-2 low.
An 8-7-3-2-A low is worse than an 8-6-5-4-3 low.
A 7-6-3-2-A low is worse than a 7-5-4-3-2 low.
An 8-6-5-4-3 low is worse than an 8-6-5-4-2 low, which is worse than an 8-6-5-4-A low.

Getting Quartered

In Omaha high-low it is possible to win a quarter of the pot. This can happen when two players have the same high or low hand, but one of the players has the best high or low hand.

Example 1

Player A has the best high and the same low as player B. As such, Player B will receive one quarter of the pot and player A will collect three quarters.

Example 2

Player A has the best high hand but no low and player B and C hold the same low. Player A receives one half of the pot and player B and C split the remaining half. Player B and C got quartered.

So, let's go Omaha this time. Get professional. Get Versatile.

Online Poker - A Safe Bet

Hi poker faces there,

Online Poker is goin around the city more strongly than a conflagration. Now, is all this for the good of ardent poker player ? That's a real question that's been haunting more than a few for the past few years, ever since online poker conquered the E-Gambling arena. Well, research does state that Online Poker is a safer bet and it packages a lot of advantages apart from the high-voltage fun inherent to it.

Online poker offers many benefits, including:

- 24/7 accessibility

- huge game selection

- great game speed

- multiple-table option

- lower rake

- no tipping

- no travel

- micro-limit and heads-up poker

Probably the greatest advantage to online poker is its speed and accessibility. Online poker is a lot quicker than offline poker. The deals are super-quick and no misdeals or other such errors occur. Another advantage is the option of playing at multiple tables in order to get more action in the same amount of playing time. In addition, when playing online, it is always possible to find a game to your liking, and you can play 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world, as well as from the comfort of your own home. The availability of poker variations and games is also much greater.

Beginners have the chance to play, watch and learn the game in the comfort of their own home. Online you can play for real money at stakes that are much lower than what is possible in a real casino, like $0.05/$0.10 Limit Texas Hold'em. The quickest way to learn poker is actually to read up on basic strategy and play at micro-limits online. You do not have to spend more than maybe $20 in total even if you lose consistently for weeks. When you are starting to get it right, it is time to invite your friends over for a home game!

All in all, the game will feel more "real" when you have the cards in your hand and the chips are stacked in front of you. Even if you are an experienced online poker player, you may find that you are quite nervous when you play in a live poker room for the first time. Many regular online players find it a welcome break to play in a bricks-and-mortar poker room once in a while, to break up the isolation of online play.

House Plans

Hi everybody,

Home sweet Home ! Everyone would want their place of residence, your own home, to be the most comfortable place on the face of the planet when it came personally to you. There is so much of difference when you say "House" and when you passionately call it "Home". Obviously, "Home" has got something deeper and more to it than the word could tell you. Designing your home can sometimes be one hell of a headache, given the pressure that it is mostly a one time process that you don't normally change frequently. And being the place you are giong to reside in for quite many years, you have to decide very carefully and act planned on choosing your designs and architecture.

House plans offers you a very simplistic way of doing this. You can design your own home, your interiors, toilet design, curtains and everything virtually online, or choose from several already customized Home design available on the site. You can check out the various home plans in Log Home Plans.

For the people who are looking forward to something really hi-funda and expensive, you could look forward to luxury home Plans. They are simple eye-tickling !

To suit your tastes, House Plans also offers you a variety of house styles that are totally customizable as per your interest, one of which I liked the most was Ranch House Plans. You can check out right there.

So, I'm sure you must have made your decision to bring your dream home alive. Go ahead and make your own home, and don't forget to invite me for the first luncheon there !!