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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Celebrating 25000 visitors milestone

So this is it ?
Is that all ur life was about ?
kindergarden, school, movies, bournvita, exams,
College, books, computers, dad, mom, old friends, biscuits, pop corn, window shopping,
is that all ?? and for how long ?
10th grade, till 12th, till college, 2 yrs from then ? 5 years ? 15 years ?!!
damn it !!

some ppl don cum into ur life invit'd,
more often than not,
they'll be the ones who'd keep u excit'd,
all ur life,
but only if u let them in,
uninvited !

u want somethin', u wanna be somethin',
it makes no sense to wait at the balcony lookin' for it,
get to the doors to see whats in store,
u want 'life',
you gotta invite it !

as simple as that !
and remember,
everythin in this world,
comes with a price tag,
rangin' frm shellin' out a few bucks for a nice shirt,
to mortgagin' ur heart for the love of someone,
nothin comes gratit !

dream big,
breathe knowledge,
feed ur curiosity,
think outside the box,
Like what 'you' wanna like,
u need balls to be what u wanna be !
n say 'this is me, now what ?!'

invite life,
as much as u want'd it,
make sure u can afford the price,
what ever be it !

Celebrating 25,000 PAGE VISITS milestone on my blog !
I thank all you people and fans who have been instrumental in this achievement.
This is success for everybody,
and it only puts more pressure on me,
that I have to strive harder to continue doing quality work,
and keep my fans and regular visitors contented about my posts.

I will contribute to keep you entertained and enlightened,
as long as I have a great visitor base as this,
I promise,
and will continue my quality work,
to the best of my ability.

Praveen Chandar.