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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mahesh Bhatt will make a documentary

Hi film buffs,

Mahesh Bhatt has never failed to stay outta mews. He has more news to make this week. He has made official announcement about the commencement of work on the new documentary which will be in English. That Mahesh has decided to return to direction ten years after the searing Zakhm with the express purpose of depicting the life and teachings of his spiritual guru U.G. Krishnamurthy is a fact has several interesting offshoots.

Mahesh is a life-long devotee of UG's beliefs. To put his thoughts on celluloid would be his most ambitious project to date. For one the film will be in English. Says Mahesh, "It has to be in a language that would reach out to the maximum number of people. I want UG's teachings to be universally accessible, hence my decision to return to direction. But first, my book on UG which is ready to come out.'

The book entitled U.G. Krishnamurthu: A Life releases in August. "It's the story of those glowing hours that I spent with him. It's a story that has to be told. But before the movie, it has to appear in print. This tale of the cosmic terrorist who lived and died alone is a spectacular story. I hope I can tell it effectively." Lets hope this man really delivers with this dream project of his.

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Hi everybody,

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Oscar Nominee Ellen Page

Hi friends,

Ellen Page is one actress who is on cloud nine now. The best thing about this budding talent is the fact that she has no qualms about performing bold roles for any production company provided the scenes are justifies within the premises of the script. She's 20, and currently the most adored nominee for the Best Actress prize.

Of course, that is also because more people have watched Ellen Page's work in Juno than they have any other nominee this year, the sub-$7 million film raking in over a $100 mil, and counting.

She's pretty, young and a powerhouse performer -- something she's already more than demonstrated in her early work. Unless you've watched her new smash hit and already fallen in love with here, here are some reasons why you should. Keep clicking. And, I am sure this petite one has more in the offering.

Oscar Nominee Jason Reitman Talks

Hi friends,

Oscar nominee Jason Reitman talks about his recent oscar nominee film 'There will be Blood'. Jason Reitman has repeatedly described himself as shy.

Son to comic filmmaker Ivan Reitman, it's hard not to imagine Jason curiously peeking on Bill Murray and the Ghostbusters gang wandering the Reitman hallways, baloney sandwiches in hand as they improvised gags with the writers.

Some of the who-you-gonna-call madness had to rub off on 11-year-old Reitman even as he acted in bit roles in his dad's comedies like Twins, Ghostbusters II and Kindergarten Cop. Jason, despite being shy, is a very friendly and warm person by nature. If sources are to be believed, Jason also is very supportive of new talent when it comes to direction. He takes up new offers by debutante directors without fussing about high pays or whatever. That good to hear... :)