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Friday, December 21, 2007

Barbecue Sandwiches

Hi foodies out there,

I just thought I'd present you a great recipe today. Well, it is more of an elucidation of the intricate nuances of cooking, especially preparing one of my most tempting and obsessively compelling delicacies, "the Barbecue". What is a dinner party without a barbecue !?? That sounds like whiskey without ice cubes !! I will teach you to make barbecue sandwiches in a very few simple steps that you will never have to look into again. Barbecue sandwiches are really delicious and are best paired with cocktails and sometimes, even Thai rice. So here we go :

I prefer chicken for making the Barbecue for several reasons. Firstly, Chicken is my favorite !! Chicken is perfect for the smoker or the grill. Regardless of which you use, you can produce delicious shredded chicken barbecue easily. There is a lot more variation in how your chicken turns out. Unless the chicken is burnt to a dried crisp it can still be salvaged with a good barbecue sauce.
Picking the right pieces:
Chicken is really two kinds or meat. The white meat is very different in texture and flavor from the dark meat. For this reason you can choose the kind of meat you want to make your chicken barbecue out of. Of course, by using whole chickens you will get a variety in one great pile of shredded meat. If you choose chicken breasts be careful not to let it dry out. While you’ll be slathering the meat with a great barbecue sauce, dry meat will be tough and chewy, not something you want in a barbecue sandwich.
Cooking the Chicken: The secret of good barbecue is low and slow. If you were preparing a big pork shoulder you’d be looking at a minimum of 12 hours of cooking time. Chicken on the other hand can be cooked at a hotter temperature in a shorter amount of time. This means you can either use your smoker at a temperature between 225 and 250 degrees F. If using your grill, cooking indirectly with a low flame. The whole goal of this cooking process is to cook the chicken, allowing fat to drain from the meat, while keeping it tender and moist.
Adding the Smoke: All great barbecue needs smoke. This is the most important aspect of a barbecue that actually gives the delicacy a flavor of its own. Smoke not only adds that authentic barbecue flavor but the nitrates in the smoke breaks down connective tissues and changes the very nature of the meat. If you are using a smoker you should already know how to get the smoke. If you are grilling indirectly you will need to . Of course, you are going to be adding barbecue sauce later, but the flavor just isn’t the same.
Shredding the Chicken: When the chicken is completely cooked, let it sit for about 15 minutes to even out the heat and allow it to cool down enough to handle. While you are getting the chicken ready for serving you will need to reheat it so it doesn’t matter if it cools down a lot. The big question about shredding is how to do it. Traditionally chicken is pulled apart by hand. This is time consuming so you might want to consider chopping or pulsing in your food processor. This is an important step that decides the final physical form of the dish.
Adding the Sauce: Most people will use a sweet tomato-based barbecue sauce on their pulled chicken barbecue. This works well because the sweetness of the sauce adds to the chicken and the smoke. If you have added smoke to your chicken while cooking you won’t want to use a smoky sauce. You can go with a more that relies more on vinegars and savory flavorings.
Serving your Chicken Barbecue: Nothing fancy please, this is barbecue after all. Pulled chicken should be piled high on a bun that does nothing more than give you the ability to hold the sandwich. And, there, your Barbecue sandwich is ready, all delicious and succulent to please your senses ! All right, I'll catch you people at the table, I am going for the scarf and the cutlery !

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hotel Reservations

Hi everybody,

Traveling is something that everyone would love. Traveling not only gives you the opportunity to visit places that have fascinated you in the magazines and news articles, but also helps you unwind after a month long span of hard work and toil. Traveling rejuvenates your spirit and refuels you to face yet another phase of life with a new bred energy that evolves into your body. Traveling can also be a very pleasurable experience as an opportunity to spend time with your family. The hotel that you stay in makes an important difference to the quality of your vacation. Hotel Reservations provides you a one stop location for all your hotel booking solutions. They cover a lot of hotel offering different ranges of discount and cost.

If you find the hotels falling short of your expectations, you can also make your choices among the various motels, resorts, vacation rentals etc., for better comfort and luxury.You can even book your train tickets or your flight tickets here. You can visit the site and get to know of all the details. If you are looking for an entire package then the All-in-one package is the right scheme for you. So, what are you waiting for ? Get your bags packed and make your vacation the most special one by reserving your favorite hotel right away !

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Ricky Martin found GAY

Hi Ricky fans,

This could be good news to some and for most Ricky fans, this must be a shocking news. How would you feel if someone told you that your favorite personality is a homosexual ?!! Well, that is exactly what hard core Ricky Martins felt when they heard that Ricky was a Gay. The news was released in most of the popular news papers all over the globe. Many of his fans were reported to have been upset over the issue with many of them continuing to allege that the news was nothing but a spoof or rumor. Infact, Ricky was careful enough over the years and he never expressly confirmed or infirmed his sexual orientation. The fact that he was never publicly seen in the company of any potential girlfriend didn't help, either. But back to the whole "out of the closet" routine. Who did the outing? Well, if I tell you his name, I'm pretty sure it won't mean as much as if I tell you that "skin-care guru" Ole Henriksen, who counts Ricky as a client, was interviewed by a Swedish magazine and was asked at some point who would he choose to spend a romantic vacation other than his partner. "I’d go for Stig Tøfting (former Danish soccer player) but since he’s straight, I’d say my client Ricky Martin" came the reply. You do the maths. With the huge fan following Ricky has all over the world, females comprising the comfortable majority, I am sure Ricky would come over this allegation against him.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Rodeo Drive Liposuction

Hi people,

This is something about breast cancer that many would not prefer sharing with others. Well, this is a serious problem and could turn out to get more complicated if left unattended. A lot of breast treatment techniques have been introduced. But, there is not enough awareness among the populace today about the treatment techniques available.

Breast cancer is a cancer of the glandular breast tissue.

Worldwide, breast cancer is the fifth most common cause of cancer death. (after lung cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, and colon cancer). In 2005, breast cancer caused 502,000 deaths (7% of cancer deaths; almost 1% of all deaths) worldwide. Among women worldwide, breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer death.

In the United States, breast cancer is the third most common cause of cancer death (after lung cancer and colon cancer). In 2007, breast cancer is expected to cause 40,910 deaths (7% of cancer deaths; almost 2% of all deaths) in the U.S. Among women in the U.S., breast cancer is the most common cancer and the second-most common cause of cancer death (after lung cancer). Women in the U.S. have a 1 in 8 lifetime chance of developing invasive breast cancer and a 1 in 33 chance of breast cancer causing their death. In the U.S., both incidence and death rates for breast cancer have been declining in the last few years. Nevertheless, a U.S. study conducted in 2005 by the Society for women's health research indicated that breast cancer remains the most feared disease, even though heart disease is a much more common cause of death among women.

The appointment and the issues discussed will be kept highly confidential. You may also wish to check out tummy tuck in Beverly Hills. And some may also be interested in Beverly Hills breast augmentation. Feel free to find more about what you can do to improve your health and avoid complications in the future. Liposuction is a new procedure using which Breast Cancer can be treated without pain. This is the latest installment in medical advancement to have triggered in recent times. Liposuction is hailed as a painless surgical procedure that comes to your pockets at a very reasonable cost. You can get to know of more about liposuction in Los Angeles here. Breast cancer is one complication that many are not aware of. If detected and corrected at earlier stages, complication could be effectively prevented.

Strangers does adapt Strangers on a Train

Hi film buffs,

We're back with yet another hindi film this time. This time it is Aanand Rai's Strangers. Though the director claims that his film is not an adaptation of Strangers on a train (1950), the film does seem to be, though not entirely ripped off, borrowed in parts from the classic film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. But Rai has managed to pull off some really interesting twists and bends to the original story. Aanand Rai's Strangers treads the trodden path of Bollywood filmmaking's cliche while adapting foreign films -- that is, of opening the film with an extremely dramatic event that is in actuality only an incident, such as one of the protagonists of the film being arrested for a murder of another of the protagonists. But the screenplay is so cleverly designed such that it is impossible for you to trace the sources from which they are borrowed ! Jimmy Shergill does a neat job in pulling off some of the best one liners and also some chilling moments. The last 30 minutes of the film steals the show. The permutations can be anything out of a possible 16 options. Watch Strangers to relish the independent update on a revered classic. I've been maintaining the idea of how a film school specialising in Second Half Of The Film should be set-up for the larger good of Indian mainstream cinema. Aanand Rai's Strangers surprises by achieving the rare feat of an Indian film's second half bettering, and even improving over the first half. This film does work, and must already be tasting success with the urban audience. Films of this kind must be appreciated so that we get to see many more such films in the future.

Amir Khan And Shankar Team up for Robot

Hi guys and gals,

Ever since Shankar's "Sivaji" hit the theatres, there was speculation about his next venture going round the city. As with any of Shankar's projects, rumor has always served him a considerable publicity 'gratuit' ! There have been several rumors about his next venture titled "Robot", including some magazines coming up with different versions of the story line, some of them so creative that the ace director himself could think of pitching on them ! About the protagonist, there have been several rumors recently. First, it was Kamal Haasan who was to star in this dream project of Shankar's. News also held the belief that Preity Zinta was to act along side the universal hero. A photograph of the star was also released in a magazine. And, soon after that the topic went into oblivion after both the director and the actor taking up different projects individually.

Later on, there was news that Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood Badshah, had accepted to take up the shelved project, and not only act but also to produce it under his Red Chillies Entertainment banner. This was the first news about the project that was made official by both the actor and the director. Khan also announced in an interview to the press that he was to produce and perform in the film. But in a short while, it was said that due to creative differences, the actor and the director parted ways in a gentlemanly way, resulting in the product to be shelved again. Now, the latest run around the silver mill is that actor Amir Khan has opted to take up the project. It is also believed that Amir picked up projects that were dropped by King Khan and turned them into block busters, some of which include Rang De Basanti and Fanaa. Amir, once he got the news that SRK had dropped Shankar's project, he immediately contacted the ace director from the south and expressed his desire to star in it and also produce it under his banner which also produced his oscar nominated "Lagaan" and also his recent directorial venture "Taare Zameen Par".

The news has not been confirmed officially, but we are looking forward to realizing this Sci-Fi project soon !

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Chat lines

Hi youngsters out there,

Chatting has become ubiquitous today, especially amongst the young blood. Text messaging has even caught on the mobile world, with every Service Provider competing to attract more customers by alluring them to attractive SMS offers. Chatting only seems to be getting hotter by the day. A special service lets you to make online phone calls for free, these are popularly known as chat lines. This is a free service provided locally. Using chat lines, you can chat with anybody on the internet. Using phone chat, you can all anyone online and speak to them. The best thing about this service is that you need not necessarily have to reveal your telephone number. You can also record a greeting message that can be heard by others when they call you. You can also leave voice messages which will be heard by the recipient when they sign in next time. Callers are anonymous when they make use of this service. There is not better place you can find free chat online !

Apple i Phone

Hi guys and gals,

This is about the all new Apple i-Phone. I'm sure many must have already been smitten by its looks and also by the mind blowing features that it flaunts. But many must not be aware of the short comings in the i-Phone. There have been several ill comments about the performance of the i-Phone recently from month-old users. The Apple i-Phone is said to suffer from very low battery lifetime. It supports a battery life of upto barely 12 hours when used incessantly. And, it supports only 6 hours of music and video playback continuously. The charger also requires special converter to be used in other countries apart from America and Europe. So, if you are banking on buying the i-Phone, consider these factors too. Hope this post was useful.

Bad Credit Offers

Hi people,

Money has always been something that we either are chasing, or are being chased by ! Not everybody is privileged with inherent wealth. We, thus, indebt ourselves to borrowing money and in many cases end up with bad credit. But you can put aside your worries now, you have that provides you with bad credit loans. These loans are easily accessible. The site provides several sources that offer bad credit loans, from which you can choose the one best suited to your requirement and satisfaction, instead of applying for the first offer that is sent to your mail box. You can also apply for Credit Cards here by choosing from the various banks available. By making regular payments, customers can rebuild their credit history and perhaps overcome their financial low times !

Daler and his Car Deal

Hi bhangra fans,

Today, when you say Bhangra, you cannot help bringing the word 'daler' into the picture. He is very much part of the Bhangra culture, or a matter of factly, the person who brought Bhangra pop to the world, and made it so popular with several of his hit songs that soon became disco friendly and also a rage among the youth all over india. Mehandi, who bought a Volkswagen car from a Kashyap Vehicles Works Private Limited, Noida for Rs 39.77 lakh in September, had registered a criminal case against the officials of the dealer after they took away the car from his friend’s house on October 6.

The dealer’s representative, on the other hand, lodged an FIR against the singer at Noida alleging criminal intimidation on October 24. ending the dispute, Additional Sessions Judge Arun Kumar Arya noted the submissions of both the parties were registered amid some misunderstanding and confusion. Good that our own Bhangra king got away with his car deal. Tuluk tuluk tukul .. naa naa naa... keep going Daler !!