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Monday, December 17, 2007

Daler and his Car Deal

Hi bhangra fans,

Today, when you say Bhangra, you cannot help bringing the word 'daler' into the picture. He is very much part of the Bhangra culture, or a matter of factly, the person who brought Bhangra pop to the world, and made it so popular with several of his hit songs that soon became disco friendly and also a rage among the youth all over india. Mehandi, who bought a Volkswagen car from a Kashyap Vehicles Works Private Limited, Noida for Rs 39.77 lakh in September, had registered a criminal case against the officials of the dealer after they took away the car from his friend’s house on October 6.

The dealer’s representative, on the other hand, lodged an FIR against the singer at Noida alleging criminal intimidation on October 24. ending the dispute, Additional Sessions Judge Arun Kumar Arya noted the submissions of both the parties were registered amid some misunderstanding and confusion. Good that our own Bhangra king got away with his car deal. Tuluk tuluk tukul .. naa naa naa... keep going Daler !!