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Monday, December 17, 2007

Amir Khan And Shankar Team up for Robot

Hi guys and gals,

Ever since Shankar's "Sivaji" hit the theatres, there was speculation about his next venture going round the city. As with any of Shankar's projects, rumor has always served him a considerable publicity 'gratuit' ! There have been several rumors about his next venture titled "Robot", including some magazines coming up with different versions of the story line, some of them so creative that the ace director himself could think of pitching on them ! About the protagonist, there have been several rumors recently. First, it was Kamal Haasan who was to star in this dream project of Shankar's. News also held the belief that Preity Zinta was to act along side the universal hero. A photograph of the star was also released in a magazine. And, soon after that the topic went into oblivion after both the director and the actor taking up different projects individually.

Later on, there was news that Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood Badshah, had accepted to take up the shelved project, and not only act but also to produce it under his Red Chillies Entertainment banner. This was the first news about the project that was made official by both the actor and the director. Khan also announced in an interview to the press that he was to produce and perform in the film. But in a short while, it was said that due to creative differences, the actor and the director parted ways in a gentlemanly way, resulting in the product to be shelved again. Now, the latest run around the silver mill is that actor Amir Khan has opted to take up the project. It is also believed that Amir picked up projects that were dropped by King Khan and turned them into block busters, some of which include Rang De Basanti and Fanaa. Amir, once he got the news that SRK had dropped Shankar's project, he immediately contacted the ace director from the south and expressed his desire to star in it and also produce it under his banner which also produced his oscar nominated "Lagaan" and also his recent directorial venture "Taare Zameen Par".

The news has not been confirmed officially, but we are looking forward to realizing this Sci-Fi project soon !

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