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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ricky Martin found GAY

Hi Ricky fans,

This could be good news to some and for most Ricky fans, this must be a shocking news. How would you feel if someone told you that your favorite personality is a homosexual ?!! Well, that is exactly what hard core Ricky Martins felt when they heard that Ricky was a Gay. The news was released in most of the popular news papers all over the globe. Many of his fans were reported to have been upset over the issue with many of them continuing to allege that the news was nothing but a spoof or rumor. Infact, Ricky was careful enough over the years and he never expressly confirmed or infirmed his sexual orientation. The fact that he was never publicly seen in the company of any potential girlfriend didn't help, either. But back to the whole "out of the closet" routine. Who did the outing? Well, if I tell you his name, I'm pretty sure it won't mean as much as if I tell you that "skin-care guru" Ole Henriksen, who counts Ricky as a client, was interviewed by a Swedish magazine and was asked at some point who would he choose to spend a romantic vacation other than his partner. "I’d go for Stig Tøfting (former Danish soccer player) but since he’s straight, I’d say my client Ricky Martin" came the reply. You do the maths. With the huge fan following Ricky has all over the world, females comprising the comfortable majority, I am sure Ricky would come over this allegation against him.