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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oscar Nominee Ellen Page

Hi friends,

Ellen Page is one actress who is on cloud nine now. The best thing about this budding talent is the fact that she has no qualms about performing bold roles for any production company provided the scenes are justifies within the premises of the script. She's 20, and currently the most adored nominee for the Best Actress prize.

Of course, that is also because more people have watched Ellen Page's work in Juno than they have any other nominee this year, the sub-$7 million film raking in over a $100 mil, and counting.

She's pretty, young and a powerhouse performer -- something she's already more than demonstrated in her early work. Unless you've watched her new smash hit and already fallen in love with here, here are some reasons why you should. Keep clicking. And, I am sure this petite one has more in the offering.