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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Yoga Leg Exercises

Hi friends,

Yoga is one of the most celebrated forms of physical exercise. ogic leg raises are deceptively simple practices. They are tough to do, specially if you choose to either increase the duration in the final pose or increase the number of repeats in each pose. To do either you must have already practiced yoga for a while and reached an intermediate level of confidence and muscular stamina. But these poses are must-do for beginners too, since they work on the flexibility of the soft muscle called fascia. They also provide a subtle but definitive spinal traction which makes other poses, including advanced poses, easier to negotiate.

Even advanced practitioners cannot become complacent with these poses or stop doing them. In fact, they are ideal warm-ups for inversions and stretches, particularly for such poses like the plough pose (halasana) or paschimottanasana (forward bend).

These poses are part of the pawan muktasana series (energy/joint releasing poses) which prepare the practitioner by purifying, toning, strengthening and rejuvenating the body.

For weight loss, you must build stamina in the final pose. This may take a few weeks, months or years, depending on your current level of physical fitness and your regularity of practice with these poses. Learning to hold the pose longer will have a toning, body sculpting effect. Increasing the number of repeats, will also have similar effect.