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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Saran accuses Kamal

Hi movie fans,

Rumor mill has it that popular film director Saran of Vasool Raja fame, has reportedly lodged a complaint against universal hero Kamal Haasan since he did not return the advance of Rs. 2 crore that was paid to the profilic actor for a film that was to be directed by Saran under his Gemini Circuit Banner. Kamal Haasan, busy supervising the post-production work for his Dasavatharam, isn’t even seen at public events as often. He seems fully immersed in the project. This project has been delayed so much that it has almost slipped out of the audiences’ minds and has let the official announcement do the talking. Even talks of his next film after Dasavatharam have quiesced. Saran decided to handover the production to Ayngaran International. This decision reportedly irked Kamal who claims he wasn’t informed about this move and now wants to opt out of the project. Saran claims that he had no issues with Kamal opting out but wanted him to return the advance amount he had received earlier. Saran has approached the producer’s council to procure the amount from Kamal. When asked what his next plan of action would be if nothing comes off mediation he said that he would disclose it when such a situation arises. Controversies and Kamal seem to go hand in hand. Let’s hope all is settled amicably. Hope all the effervescence comes down to see the two of them give us more entertaining films in future.