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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

PBR Finals

Hi friends,

Today I have something really interesting for everyone. It is for people who enjoy violent sports. Yes, I am talking about Professional Bull Riders ! I happened to go to Las Vegas last year to catch up on the Professional Bull Riders World Finals (PBR Finals) at Neveda and I must admit that I fell meekly to the spell of the magic that they produced in the arena with the men and the bulls ! They are the most violent things I have seen tread the arena. I have always been interested in bull riders and bull fighting, so last year when I heard about this bull riders World Cup, it came to such that I dint want to miss it. I made up my mind, pooled in some money and then found a few of my best pals for company and booked the tickets online. The tickets were alloted online and the rest was pretty simple for me. I arrived there and produced my ticket and found no problem in finding my seats at all. I was shown my seats by the personnel there and we got our seats at a very comfortable place. You can even choose where you would like to be seated there when you book your tickets online. Your tickets to the Pro Bull Riders can be obtained at the ease of a click from the comfort of your desk ! I just loved the entire experience that the show in Las Vegas brought about in my trip. The entire trip was worth the experience. It was enthralling to see those huge creatures pumping out hard burnt fuel from their nostrils and charging towards the end post with some of the strongest and bravest male muscles donning them, controlling the beasts. Merely thinking of the scene gets me so very excited. I am not going to miss it this time too. So catch you people there this year !

* This is a sponsored post