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Monday, January 21, 2008

Debix identity protection

Hi people,

Today we are dealing with a serious issue. It is about identity theft. Identity theft has become a common occurance today. With the increasing border of cutting edge technology, the methods to find short cuts to steal through all the security has become more of a challenge than for money to all the frauds in the town. Identity theft is a catch-all term for crimes involving illegal usage of another individual's identity. The most common form of identity theft is credit card fraud. While the term is relatively new, the practice of stealing money or getting other benefits by pretending to be a different person is thousands of years old. identity theft is sub-divided into four categories:
  • Financial Identity Theft (using another's identity to obtain goods and services)
  • Criminal Identity Theft (posing as another when apprehended for a crime)
  • Identity Cloning (using another's information to assume his or her identity in daily life)
  • Business/Commercial Identity Theft (using another's business name to obtain credit)
In a situation that involves identity cloning, a criminal acquires personal identifiers, and then impersonates someone for concealment from authorities. This may be done by a person who wants to avoid arrest for crimes, by a person who is working illegally in a foreign country, or by a person who is hiding from creditors or other individuals. Unlike credit-dependent financial crimes, these crimes can be non self-revealing, continuing for an indeterminate amount of time without being detected. Debix is here to help protect you against these threats to your account and indentity. The LoudSiren system works 24x7 to safeguard your identity against potential threats. So, go ahead and insure your identity !!