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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rambo is outdated

Hi fans of Stallone,

I am here to tell you something we never wanted to hear about the all hyped up final installment of the Rambo series. There are no two ways about it. You push that 'Nam veteran Green Beret into a conflict zone, and even if the world might bloody implode, he's going to swagger out all sweaty and superior.

That's the rule, deal with it.
Now, the immortal John Rambo, back on the screen after 20 years, is tackling a nightmarish genocide situation in some hellhole. What is it like?

By itself, honestly, one is forced to admit that might be a workable idea -- and is that Shankar I spy, scribbling down notes and rewatching Edward Zwick's film? -- especially if done zany and very camp, but the problem with revamping a franchise is that you need to let go of the nostalgia and take a dive, to make a fresh start of things.

And there aren't even any great action set-pieces to make up for the total predictibility. All we have is the hint that romance still breathes within Rambo's lungs. Maybe Stallone, directing this time again, did realise he needs to have an actual character up there, and thought mistakenly that a silent stirring in his loins was enough to separate Rambo from The Incredible Hulk. No go.