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Friday, January 25, 2008

Subhash Ghai fails in BLack and White music

Hi friends,

The music for the film Black and White by Subhash Ghai is out. And, I hate to admit that its a complete let down. The title track, Main Chala, is a well-worded song clearly about the protagonist wandering the roads of life in search of meaning. The melody is fine, while being completely unspectacular, but the problem with this song lies in Sukhwinder Singh's voice. he second track livens things up. Peer Manava is much better suited to Singh's voice. The weddingy song also features the high-pitched vocals of Shradha Pandit. The first version of Yeh Hindustan Hai is sung by Udit Narayan, and his ever-fresh vocals instantly breathe life into Singh's album. Having said that, this is the point where lyricist Ibrahim Ashk's words get more dated than ever and while Narayan does his best, the music is regressive and leads to an annoyingly jingoistic track.Well, the other songs aint worth mentioning. You hear them if you have nothing better to do at home !