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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

Hi everyone,

There is mourning news from Karachi. Former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated this evening at around 5:30 PM when she was heading for her car after concluding a political meeting. She was shot at by two men armed with AK-47. Five bullets were fired at her. And she was reported to have been shot at her head and shoulders. Immediately after that, a suicide bomber blew himself up near the car. Nobody came for the rescue following the blast. Everybody stayed aloof from the site fearing further blasts. Bhutto was shot as she was getting into the car after addressing thousands of supporters to canvass votes for the January 8 parliamentary election. Reports said five bullets were fired at Bhutto, one of which pierced her neck. The 54-year-old leader of the Pakistan People's Party was rushed to the Rawalpindi general hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Sometime after that, she was rushed to a nearby hospital, and she expired after 40 minutes at exactly 6:16 PM. Nawaz Sharif, Bhutto's long-time political rival and another former prime minister, visited the hospital and sat silently next to her body. Bhutto's close aides former editor Sherry Rehman and Naheed Khan are among the injured. Following her assassination, there have been several protests carried out at various places in Pakistan. More news is awaited.


ice_fire said...

It is a shame indeed that still dwells in the world, a high pedigree of unrest and violence.
May her soul rest in peace and justice be served.
nice blog!