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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wedding Cruises on a Luxury Yacht

Hi friends,

We have heard and been to several grand wedding ceremonies, cocktail parties and anniversary bashes and toasts. But, here is a unique way to celebrate your anniversary. Even in your wildest dreams, you would never have thought about giving your wedding ceremony on a Luxury Yacht. The Chicago Cruises just promises you this. Just imagine yourself on a luxury yacht tugging your soul mate by your side and with all the special people in your life around to bless you, amidst all that silent water around and the champagne glasses clinging to elevate your moods to celestial heights ! That is simply what we are talking about. There is no more perfect and unique way to spend your wedding day in Chicago, than in the comfort and privacy of the Yacht Valara VI, cruising Chicago’s skyline!A romantic wedding and exchange of vows joined by your family and friends on the scenic waters of Chicago’s Lake Michigan is becoming more and more popular by the year, and we have the perfect yacht for your special day! I am sure you’ll be delighted by the deluxe accommodations they have to offer, specifically designed for weddings, receptions and for you, on your very special day. When you board Valara VI on your special day, you’ll be able to relax on board with your friends and loved ones, experiencing treasured moments in the beautiful celebration of matrimony. This is your day! A worry-free and hassle-free wedding day - now isn't that something we would crave for ? Then why think about it, go aboard !