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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Donate a Boat

Hi guys and girls,

Charity is something that we should never forget. The simple thought that what you have got is more than what you deserve is enough to get you working towards charity. There are so many people we see around us, everyday, on the streets, everywhere, whom we find are so mercilessly under privileged, and what we have today is simply not the result of anything that we did but simply because we a re luckily privileged. If this thought matures on you, you will also understand that you are responsible for helping the underprivileged. With great privileges, comes great responsibilities. There are several ways to work for charity. The simplest way is to donate money. There are several ways you can donate money. BoatAngel provides you a simple way to perform charitable acts through boat donations. BoatAngel is a non-profit organization that works towards collecting funds. This money is used for various charitable purposes, which include funding Children's Christian Short films that are used for social awareness. The money that is collected through charity boat donations is used to make these short films that are sold absolutely free of cost. They are available as Free DvDs. You can get these Free DVDs from the boat angel site. They have just completed a project on Drug Abuse. You can get to watch that on DVD completely free of cost. The outreach endeavor are already showing a favorable outcome and all its need is continues support from voluntary donors to provide their unused boats; by donating them to Boat Angel through their associate CarAngel’s website. The proceeds will likely help at-risk kids and to provide them with an uplifting FREE DVD’s for kids. So, I am sure you can do this little charity by donating a boat and letting others know about this charitable act.