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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Billa is brainlessly sexy !

Hi movie buffs,

So, finally the reviews for the film Billa is out. The ultra hyped Ajith starrer and the remake of the yester year RajiniKanth classic film by the same name turns out to be the most stylish film to have hit the silver screen in Tamil Cinema. It is best to watch the film leaving aside comparisons to the hindi 'Don'. This product of Vishnuvardhan does not make any changes to the script. In fact he has been so sincere to the original Billa that he hasn't failed to even carry along the large sized flaws in the original script faithfully ! To remake a film is often a thankless task, particularly in an industry where they are few and far between. Success when achieved is attributed to the popularity of the original film and failure would be in spite of it. The cheesiness of 1980 is gone and if you were born in the latter part of that decade and grew up on a strict diet of only Tamil movies, it's quite likely you will dig this Billa. The best thing about Billa 2007 is that it keeps the pace tight. The movie does not sag at any point. The original script by Salem Javed was one of the most sought after ones when it came out in the 1980s. Hence, Vishnu is left with minimal responsibility on the script department as he had decided not to make any changes to it. Vishnu had only the packaging to concentrate on ! And, I will tell you, he has done that to the best of his ability, and anything more than what he has done to the style would only leave you cloyed of over dosage of style, that too completely without brains ! For those of you who still don't know the story, here's a brief version of it. Billa is the lieutenant of Jagdish, who runs drugs and guns in Malaysia. Hot on his heels is the Chennai Crime Branch, represented in Malaysia by a DCP, played by Prabhu. It's hard to think of Prabhu as a cop anymore for he has essayed too many roles in which he is the loving brother or dutiful son. Though the police want him alive, Billa, in a scene remarkably enacted by Ajith, dies unexpectedly. A petty thief Velu, also played by Ajith, is brought in fill the gangster's shoes till the police nab Jagdish. The costume department, headed by Vishnu Vardhan's wife Anu, does a great job of dressing up the two women.Yuvan Shankar Raja retains the two songs, composed by M S Viswanathan, that made the original film famous. My Name Is Billa and Vethalayai Pottendi get an electronic version. But much of the background score is loud. In short, Billa is a no-brainer, but utterly stylish, or rather style at the cost of brains ! So, keep your brains refrigerated while watching this entertainer !


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