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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Luxury Boat Cruises

Hi travelers out there,

All you people looking forward to spending your summer at an exotic locale, there is great news for you ! You may wish to check out Goa. Goa is a state in India that has one of the most exuberant cultures that is a consequence of the Portuguese influence on the prime Goan culture. The portuguese influence is strongly felt in every aspect of the state and its culture, ranging from the architecture, the languages people speak, the cuisine, the beach culture till the jewelry and informal attire. All these factors strongly affect tourism and holidaying experience. Goa, thus, attracts approximately not less than 2,00,000 tourists every year. And, the number of foreign tourists from the west and the Africas only keep increasing every year.

The most fascinating part about holidaying at Goa are the Luxury Boat Cruises. You cannot find a better scenario to romance with your soulmate. This could be one experience you seriously would regret if you knew you missed it ! There are many cruise packages. The couple package is listed below.

10 AM to next morning 9AM – Incl. of breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and bed–tea
(Food- authentic Goan cuisine, Indian or Chinese)
2 bed-rooms available.( Exclusive of all taxes )
2 kids below 12yrs free. Children above 12 yrs will be charged.
Continental meals will be charged extra. All beverages to be bought from the Just-A-Saiil Bar.
Bird watching cruise 7am to 8am.

Just-a-Saiil is providing all this luxury cruise travel. The Boat cruise simply blows you away with its flamboyance, cuisine and the mood it creates to make your holiday satiating. Goa also boasts of a superior weather throughout the year. The Goan cuisine is very popular for its fish and chips and also for its delicacies with Crab. Goa is also very popular for its daring water sports activities and also bungee jumping. So if you dare to see heights that you had only seen in your dreams, get strapped up and dive into the spirit of Goa !