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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

IAF to launch Akash Missile

Hello all,

More news from the Indian Air Force to threaten you ! Yes, this time they are back with the deadliest of their missiles. It is the much awaited Akash this time. This missile is a very hi-tech one that has been under construction for almost a year. It is believed that this missile was constructed with close interaction with the top nuclear warfare professionals from Russia. It is also worth noting that Russia has been India's potential weapon consultant ever since the Kargil wars. To start with, a squadron of these missiles, comprising 16 launchers would be inducted into the force, in what could be a happy new year tidings for the missile scientists, after repeated rejections by IAF experts earlier, according to Air Chief Fali Homi Major. The missile has already suffered a massive slippage as it was earlier scheduled to be ready for induction in 2003. So, guess this new Akash will send shivers down the spines of all those it intends to target !