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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lets go Salsa

Hi all wannabe dancers,

There is great news for all you wannabe dancers out there ! Everybody loves dancing, I am sure nobody would say no to their conscience when asked "You like dancing ?". Some people, or if you consider the number of people I have come across, many assume that they ain't fit to or not talented enough to dance. This is something that is absolutely wrong. Everybody can dance. Just like everybody can exercise to keep their body fit. Dance is nothing but a stylized and more patterned form of your usual exercise ! Salsa is a type of dance that is catching on the younger generation now. So why leave the older ones behind. Salsa is for everyone. Salsa evolved in the Latin lands. Salsa is a type of dance that requires you to dance in pairs. Well, that should be more than enough to get you interested in it I guess ! Salsa dancing is one of its kinds that makes you tap your feet round the clock. is the ultimate guide to salsa dance as it provides the latest news on dancing, reviews, musings and plain craziness as far as salsa is concerned. This site also covers in-depth news about the current World Salsa Championships where expert salsa dancers coming from various countries showcase their flair and talent on the dance floor. This site offers dance videos too, and provides a guide to learning ballroom dance. So, don't wait for your friend, get your partner today and hit the dance floor !