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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Earn Money For Every Page View On Your Site

Hi all Bloggers,

This is a call to all bloggers.You must have heard of Google Adsense which pays you for every click made on your targeted Ads on your sites/blogs. A new break-through technology is about to storm the internet market called Pay-Per-Play advertising technology. This program will pay you for every page visit your site gets. Which means, you will be paid for 100% of your traffic ! Unlike, Adsense where you get paid only for clicks. No clicks, No stumbles,No Diggs ! Just page views ! This will become the future of internet marketing.Many top companies like Ford, Honda, Sony, AMD, Harley Davidson and many more biggies have roped in this new technology. This is not a scam that you more often than not come across today exhorting titles like "Earn $20K per month" "Millionaire in a month" "Find your Fortune today" and all that crap. This is a real residual revenue scheme, just like your Google Adsense. And, all the calculations are explained.With a decent website/blog, you can definitely earn atleast $150-300 a month. Every minute people are joiing this program. You can enroll as many blogs as you can and create. This program also offers you income from referral system. You will be preferred by several TOP advertisers if you are part of a bigger referral chain. And more, you will also receive 5% of the earnings of the members your referrals bring in, which are accounted just like your direct referrals.Sign up right away ! And, I think forgot to mention the most important thing,

This is Absolutely Free !

Opportunity is limited, gates close by Feb08.Advertisers will bid from the 1st of Feb 08. Learn more and sign up:

Important: Make sure you watch and listen to all the videos on the site. They explain the working of the system very clearly. If you are not able to sign up immediately (due to heavy traffic,believe me,it took me an hour to finally land at the sign up page), check your mail for the sign-up URL/link.You may sign in using that later on. Hurry!

If you are not able to sign in now due to high traffic, you may sign in any other time using this link, which gives you direct access to the sign-up page:

Hurry Up !

And make sure you grow this chain stronger by referring more people. All before Feb2008 to reap maximum bidding from TOP Advertisers.

Praveen Chandar