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Friday, January 4, 2008

Make Easy Money Online

Hi friends,

Make easy money online with the simplest technique that I follow. Using this technique I make round $200 every month. It is too simple to realize and it guess what, it does not take too much time too. Ok, lets stop the talking here and get to business right away.

So, it is called "Subvert And Profit".

And, its absolutely FREE to sign up !

Just get the idea :

Subvert and Profit is an agent where advertisers sign up to invite traffic to their websites. Traffic is bought from them by means of Diggs and Stumbles. When the advertiser's site receives more Diggs and Stumbles, the website becomes more popular, it appears on the front page of most search engines and easily gets a traffic drive of 10000+ for a purchase of just 50 Diggs. So, when they purchase the Diggs and Stumbles, who does the Digging and Stumbling for them ?? Well, that is where we come in ! We are "social users" who sign up to work for Subvert and Traffic. We do the initial Digging and Stumbling for the advertisers to give their website the initial traffic boost. So, you got the hang of it ? I'm sure you did. Anyway, that was all general knowledge.Don't bother much about gettin it perfect.

What should you do ?

I'll put down what you should be doing in simple steps. This will get you started in 10 minutes.

Pre-requisite: You shoud have a Paypal account. That is the preferred mode of Payment.

Step 1: Get a Digg account


and sign up for an account. It is free of cost. Note your username in your Digg account.

Step 2: Get a Stumble account and install the Stumble toolbar on your browser.


Download the toolbar after signing up, all easy steps man ! you will understand as you move on. The Stumble toolbar will become part of your browser. You will have three main buttons on it. 1) Stumble 2) I like it (thumbs up button) and 3) Thumbs down button. what we need is just the "thumbs up" I like it button ! Note the username of your Stumble account.

Step 3: Sign up for your Subvert and Profit account

Click the link above "Subvert and Profit" to enter the sign up information which is again a very simple form. It will require you to submit your Digg and Stumbleupon usernames. You will be asked to Digg and Stumble one task to see if your Digg and Stumble accounts are active. It will also verify your Digg and Stumbleupon accounts and send you a confirmation mail in an hour's time.

Step 4: Start Making Money

After you receive the verification confirmation mail, you are set up to make money. Now, you can log into your account and click the "Social User" tab to see if you have any Digg or Stumble tasks to do. You will be paid $0.50 or 50 cents for every task you complete. And, your task is nothing but Digging a link, or just opening a specified URL in your browser and clicking the "I like it" button ! Thats it ! you click Digg ! Or you click " I like it" and you get 50 cents for that.

The faster you respond to their tasks, the more tasks they will send you. If you are able to do 12 tasks a day, you will make $6 a day. And, that does not take more than 10 minutes to complete the 12 tasks at your slowest speed ! So, in a month Subvert and Profit will fetch you $180. Who would'nt want a $200 a month like a piece of cake ! So, go ahead and make your bucks right away !

And, guess what ! From January 18 2008, Subvert and Profit is increasing its payscale. From Jan 18 you will be paid $1 for every task ! So, if you make it to 12 tasks per day, that puts $12 dollars into your pockets, that amounts to $360 per month ! I am sure you don't want to miss out on this !

**And guess whats the best thing about this, you can start off right away, you don't need a blog for this !