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Sunday, December 9, 2007

What I think about Rakhi brothers and sisters !

Hi people,

I am here with something interesting. This is about a topic you really would not wanna debate on. Well, but doin exactly that, is simply what that turns me on ! All right, so how did I choose this one ? Well, I happened to read an abstract from one of Shoba De's most celebrated works that revolves around the truths behind men, and what women should know about men. What caught my attention was the chapter that dealt with Rakhi brothers and sisters ! And it came to me in a way that got me contemplating hell a lot about it the same evening I read it. And this post delineates my musings !

**Statutory Warning : The content enclosed in this post is merely a statement of my opinion and it could be offensive to some people and/or their ideologies. Read it at your own risk.

I have come across a lot of people go crazy with this Rakhi and more, with the Rakhi day, for more than a few interesting reasons. I have always relished finding others' reasons utterly stupid and thoughtless ! No offence ! But I do admit it ! Some funny things that happen on the day of "Rakhshabandan" is that most guys ( school or college goin') absent themselves to escape from being tied a rakhi on their hands, and being stigmatized as a 'brother' by the damsels they have an eye on ! And, just to give stupid reasons the next day for having made themselves scarce the previous day. I've even found quite a few guys praying that they shouldn't find their crushes running behind them, with rakhis I mean !! And few others who play hide and seek to ensure that they don't end up with a rakhi on their hands.

And, about the girls ( here is the most interesting part !! ), they tie rakhis for a variety of reasons. And it is the girls who have most of the action on the day. Firstly, are the kind of girls we already discussed when we spoke about the guys who were hiding behind the trees and sometimes, even in the toilets for hours, to just find their crushes give up hunting for them with beautifully colored and designed wires to hang their dreams in the gallows ! These girls take their coup on this day, getting as many rakhis as they could, to make as many statements as possible to their 'usual suspects'. And, what statements and to which suspects ? Suspects include guys who are trying to woo them at the drop of the hat, guys who always look like they've painstakingly practiced perfecting, "well, I was just thinking, How about a coffee
this saturday ?", in front of the mirror, and guys whom they really wanna find a good friend in but wanna make sure they efface roots of any other ideas set up in the fella's mind ( and, also their own !) These girls want to make sure that these potential suspects are aware that they wont be happy if they are asked for a date ( and more if that guy happened to be a close friend of the dude they have an eye on !! 'Coz they know it could get things complicated in the future )

There are these second clan of girls who go around tying rakhis for a different reason altogether. And, speaking about them and their intentions raises a lotta questions ( the plot thickens here!!)
There are these kinda girls who were brought up in such an orthodox fashion where they would fear their elders staring at them, when they are 'caught' talking over the phone to a guy or just exchanging a 'hi' at the bus stop, like they just lost their virginity ! There are quite a few downtown girls that way, who very badly wanna see themselves outta their shells once they are in college. And, it is for this category that guys usually fall for, for two reasons, they are vulnerable and they also seem like they want it, and more because they don't sport a look, all that expensive, for most guys to buy ! (And you know, most guys know what they deserve !!)
So, these girls are the ones who make the best use of the rakhi. They find tying a rakhi to a guy as a very acceptable excuse to talk to the guys without any inhibition from their parents. You know, stuff like :

" (whispering) Hey Ammu, who is this guy ?"
"Maa, he is that guy, remember the pink color rakhi I gave him?"
"Oh ya, I do, Do come in young man, would you like some rose milk?"

That guy surely must have been amazed at the kinda greeting from Ammu's mom that was merely the consequence of the pink rakhi on his wrist ! "Visa Granted !!"

So, these girls find the rakhi as a handy excuse to get things started with these guys. Sometimes, so desperately, coz they cant find another way out to get matters across to their crushes ! And, these girls do know that most guys are not really serious about these rakhis, meaning that, in a month's time after tying the rakhi, if they proposed to him, they would least expect him to say something like :

"What !! I never expected this from you !! Then what did your rakhi mean ? Was that all a spoof ?"

Crap ! Frankly speaking, I havn'nt come across one guy who would 'dare' say that ! And, if only she was a chick you could dream going out with, I would be surprised if I din't find him say:

" Oh my Gosh ! I'm going crazy out here, totally outta my mind !! Where do ya wanna go ? Movie Park ? Beach ? Drive in ? Coffee Day ? You know I had always wanted to take you (includes all his attempts !!) to this Daisy Park, where you find the best of (he'd be about to say :chicks in town:) err..lilies ( in a daisy park !!), and then this restaurant on the hill top..., ..., "

you know the rest, all his 'solo duets' !!

So, I'm sure you are getting the hang of it ! And, this is the place most guys fail to be careful, coz they are, most of the time, not aware that they are in what you call the probation period, and only on passing that, will they advance to the next level ! And, you know what happens with the ones who don't qualify, coz you know only one qualifies in the end ! The worst part in this game is that, you get to know of your competitors only when you know ( or rather informed ) that you've lost !! So, all that I got to tell them all, "Play it safe, guys". And to those girls (whom I presume to be the only winners in this game, not even the winning competitor !),

"Good show, yet again !"

And you hear anyone singing praises about this rakhi bullshit saying they really look at him like their brother, they are either too imbibed into this stupid and mindless culture or they are upto fabricating some sinister plan, a few of which I had elucidated in the beginning of this post !
When you really want a guy to be your friend, you can always make him understand how much he would mean to you as a friend, rather than use the tag 'brother', atleast not for other hidden intentions. If you cant make the guy understand that, then he simply does not deserve your affection.

If tagging him a 'brother' is the only way to find a friend in him, then he rather not be your friend at all.


There is no generalizing of the fact that all girls or all boys are this way. Not at all. This post was only about a selected clan of people I had come across. And, If I had hurt the sentiment of a few really really serious rakhi brothers and sisters ( !!! ), I sincerely apologize for having stated all this, and I do not hide behind the cover that "it was not intentional", well, it pretty much was intentional, to those who may have to realize the gray shades in their rakhis !!

Praveen Chandar.

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ravee said...

you have always said the truth even when you lied macha; thanks for bringing out the truth; had enjoyed every moment reading it; amazing work dude.