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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Madhuri will roll on

Hi people,

There is more news for Madhuri fans. The mediocre reviews about ther "Aaja Nachley" is not going to stop her from giving herself into more films in the future. She has reported to newspapers stating firmly that she is looking for good scripts and that she is definitely looking forward to doing more films in the future. And that she was not ready to get into another hiatus, not a brief one even. When questioned about the response to her dance drama that is touted to be her much hyped come back, she politely replied that her fans, who had always been her fans, truly loved it, and that she also got loads of appreciation for it. And that her producers were extremely happy with the box office results. She is also said to have thanked the entire crew of the film for having given her the right or rather the best platform for her timely come back, as she calls it. She cuts down all speculation regarding her unwillingness to be in India to promote the film. "What rubbish! Yash Raj Films and I had decided that I should be here fifteen days before the film's release, and here I am. I think two weeks is a decent period to acquaint people with a film. And the TV promotions had paved the way for my arrival." Madhuri admits she had never gone all-out for any of her earlier films. "Times have changed. Now you need to tell people to come and see your film. It is like inviting guests for a daughter's wedding. And you know what? I'm enjoying it.

Whatever grape vine has to say, one thing is certain, Madhuri is here to stay !