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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hrithik is Mr. Modest in Bollywood

Hi Hrithik fans,

There is one great and significant thing that you fans of his need to know about him. Hrithik has been eulogized by all producers he has worked with as one of the most modest persons they've ever met. It is believed that Hrithik Roshan accepts and signs for films just by reading the script and clearing questions about the screenplay and not even knowing who the director is ! Can you believe that ? But, yes, that is true. He has got such a superior taste for quality scripts that he simply signs on the dotted line without further questions or recommendations for heroines or directors, but just being satisfied with the script alone. Now, that is something to be really commended when you find small time actors acting like jerks demanding too much from puny producers who have tough time completing the film with them, and only to see them grumble with discontent. Hrithik, being such a popular actor and a successful hero, has no airs about himself. This is something we can learn from our favorite indian super hero, Krrish !