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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Inner Geek

Clicking back to some comments i landed on two friends commenting about how Geek they are in percentage. hmm.. interesting thought. Let me try. But I must admit I'm not a Star Wars fan. Nor do i tuck my shirt in my underpants. I took the long test. (Whoever dares must be warned.. chances are you are being watched! haa...) well, ok...

Dare to take the Geek Test

This is so far the most extensive Geek test ive tried. And it seems to be precise, although I do not admit it! haha... I scored 39.64497% on the third try. Ok, the first i exagerrated a bit, the second i tried to be more honest. And it scored a whopping 44.+ % still. So the last try, i was totally honest so as to lessen the percentage (see, told you i do not admit it). But still landed me on a "Major Geek" rank. And to think the two friends were only at a 25ish something percent. And they are Star Wars die hards! Fine! Nevermind. Better pass this on to others to see if it is precise. Those who took the test, it wont hurt to please leave a comment on how you did, right?

Last note, i do not think naming your pet after a mythological being has something to do with being a Geek. Although, i named 2 of my hamsters "digital" and "micro" because they were so fast and small. And i still think Buffy is not a convincing vampire slayer. And i still wanted an added RAM and another 80G HD and my processor is reaching an over-heating 60 deg Celsius temp. And i still do not know what "the blue screen" meant. And i cant count up to 31 with one hand. (oh those two i remember now.. took someone *.* to remind me! ha.. and i even havent checked those two items indeed)

And hmm... they said the ratio of male to female is 10:1 but the ratio of female to male in population is 1.8:1 so that makes female geeks about this % chance of ruling the world!? ... oh, tssk... i actually clicked on the calQ d[o.o]b

pause. *sigh*