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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Cellphone and the Bible

The cellphone is always held and shown off, The Bible is always kept and rather not be shown.

The cellphone is bought even if it costs in thousands,The Bible is seldom bought even if its only a hundred pesos (or less than 2 euros).
The cellphone's case is always replaced, The Bible doesn't even have a case.
The cellphone isn't allowed to have scratch marks, The Bible is left dusty.

The cellphone is seldom forgot where it's placed, The Bible is always forgotten where it's placed.

The cellphone is difficult to lend, it might get broken, The Bible is easily lent, even if it gets lost.

The cellphone is always read if there's a new message, The Bible is never read that's why the massage cannot be seen.

The cellphone's messages are delightful to share. The Bible's verses are always forgotten to be shared.

The cellphone shows the lifestyle of man, The Bible changes the lifestyle of man.

The cellphone easily gets old, The Bible never gets old.

The cellphone's messages sometimes comes late, The Bible's messages are always timely.

The cellphone needs to re-load to create messages, The Bible is always fully loaded with messages.

The cellphone is an important thing for man, but the Bible is more important if used by man.