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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Poetry - 'Unfinished'

Hi people, jus' thought i'd share one of the first ever poems i wrote. This poem won me the first place in the State-wide poetry contest held on the 21st of July 2007. Hope you guys and girls like it.. :)

Unfinished :

Today, in the deepest abyss of my loneliness,
in the endless pit I am falling into,
a rope suddenly surfaced
from the tedious plummet of my decline.

A rope that was hanging from some two years ago.
A forgotten page from my past,
from a wrecked book that I buried
with my hopes, with my passion.

Thoughts clash within me
as an argument linger in mind stating
that nothing is impossible,
but with the premise that nothing is real.

I have met a destiny
that once opened the doors
for the resurrection of
the unrevealed madness in me.

And now that a tragedie is engulfing me,
preventing me to settle down
in the confines of my clouded dreams,
I extended my arms and reached for the rope.

An attempt that I know
would scorn others
and hurt my own being. But I need to know.
I had the urge to seek.

In the restlessness of my dawdling fall,
I needed to feel the roughness,
the tangles, and the tightness of this rope.
I need to know that it is safe.
That it is going to be ok.

So forgive me if I held it
and even slowed down my fall.
But in so doing, I shall not tie a knot.
It shall not halt what I am destined to fulfill.

Now I am ready to face my truth,
and that is to plunge into my own demise,
my own death.
That in dying, one’s destiny is fulfilled,
one’s sorrow is finally eradicated.
And that the sorrows that strike others
will fade out with time.
And there shall be
no more unfinished business.

Composed by,
Praveen Chandar.