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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Welcome to the House of Sin

I remember attending the fiesta mass in my village years ago. Cardinal Sin was the host. the cardinal has an amazing way of saying his homily. he was funny, unlike most priests (ohm, my memory scrapes out no other priest actually).

"In Amish thought, pride is a cardinal sin and humility is essential to salvation."

And in all the irony doesn't his name speak of it? well, he used his name to bring humor one day when he told in his homily that when he was visited by foreign participants in the World Youth Day, as he opened the door at the Archdioscese, he said to them "Welcome to the House of Sin!" All smiles. And cheery eyes.

I don't know if he was a symbol of anything, maybe faith to others, maybe humility. And although i admit not attending any mass lately, and not even praying as often as i used to when i was a kid... i light another candle, not for hope, not for world peace, not for the rollback in tuition fees and fare hikes, not for a 500 pesos across the border wage increase, not for women's nor gay's rights, not for the aquital of an archbishop's sexual harrassment case, not for the garci tapes to be spread, and not even for the current president to step down... but just for the thought that another man, great or not to others, who may have touched someone's life in one way or another have now crossed the realm into the side of the endless unknown.