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Friday, August 31, 2007

Bruce Willis' 'Nam role

Hey guys ! Good news for all ya Die Hard Fans of Willis. The actor is sort of revamping his career by showin up in new projects , interesting and being helmed by big names in the industry. Guess what the Die Hard actor is upto now ??

Bruce Willis is to star in Oliver Stone's new Vietnam War film.

The Hollywood veteran will play real-life army general William R. Peers who investigated the infamous My Lai village massacre - in which around 350 to 500 people, many of who were women and children, were murdered by US soldiers. Channing Tatum and Michael Pena are also set to star in the movie, with Tatum playing Hugh Thompson Jr., an army helicopter pilot who broke ranks and flew between the villagers and the soldiers to protect them from the slaughter. He later went on to testify against those responsible for the killings. Filming on the as-yet untitled $40 million project is due to start in early 2008.

It is not the first time Stone has tackled the controversial war on the big screen. He directed the critically acclaimed 'Platoon', which starred Charlie Sheen and Willem Dafoe, 'Born on the Fourth of July' - in which Tom Cruise stars as a wheelchair-bound Vietnam War veteran - and 'Heaven and Earth'.

So, I'm hoping a lot from the man who acorched the screen recently with his dilineation of the fiery McLane on screen !