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Friday, August 31, 2007

Eat like the French !

Ever wondered how and what the french ate !??

Here is the result of a small research I did on the dining habits and cuisine of the french. I found that these are a really cool bunch of guys. They smoke more, booze more, and ingest more cheese than the rest of us, but live longer.

It’s been called the French Paradox: The problem of how a nation of butter-lovers, cheese-eaters, Gallic-cigarette-smokers, croissant-munchers, and red-wine drinkers have lower rates of obesity and a lower incidence of heart problems than most health-conscious North Americans.

The stats don’t lie, I’m afraid. Only 8% of French citizens are overweight, compared to 50% of Americans; while only 7% of the French are obese, compared with a whopping 22% of Americans. The French eat four times as much butter, 60% more cheese and nearly three times as much pork as we do, and they consume more total fat and much more saturated fat. But -- and here’s the punch line -- according to the British Heart Foundation, in 1999 the French averaged a mere 83 deaths from heart disease per 100,000 males aged 35 to 74 years, compared to a staggering 230 in the U.S.

The French might eat rich, fatty foods for every meal and follow up lunch and dinner with dessert, but they eat less per meal than we do. A study of portion sizes across Paris restaurants showed a mean size of 9.8 oz, compared with an average in Philadelphia of 12.2 oz -- about 25% more. What’s more, Philadelphia's Chinese restaurants served 72% more food than the Parisian ones. A supermarket soft drink in the U.S. was 52% larger, a hot dog 63% larger and a carton of yogurt 82% larger. In other words, we eat lots -- too much, actually.

If you want to stay slim, eat smaller portions and don’t keep eating until you think you may burst. Nutritionists say a serving of meat, for example, should be no larger than a deck of cards. Take smaller bites and finish each completely before taking the next. Taking smaller bites and allowing more time for them to digest enables the body to better process what you’re feeding it and gives it more time to process what’s there. Moreover, it will take less time for your body to realize it’s full.

Parts of France are blessed with a beautiful climate and people there generally spend more time than we do outdoors and relaxing along the Mediterranean coast, skiing in the Alps or cruising the streets of its major cities on foot. We, on the other hand, tend to drive everywhere we can and spend our leisure time in front of the TV. How do you expect to burn many calories if you don’t exercise? So, make it a daily routine to take a walk after dinner or on your lunch break at work. Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator, if you can, and if you don't live far from the corner store and you need milk, walk there.

Bonne chance et a votre santé!