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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 proves to be good !

Hi guys and gals, those who are still immured in the cynicism about whether to adopt the new Office 2007 or not, here is some useful stuff i got to tell you all. I've been using Office 2007 for the past 2 and half months. And, I can summarize the pros and cons as follows :

Pros :

License for 3 computers, OneNote, Create PDF files.New UI and this UI is more intuitive then in the past.


New docx, xlsx, and pptx file formats. New UI to learn but the new UI is also a big strength.

What I think :

Office 2007 Home/Student comes with Word, Excel, Power Point, and OneNote. I mostly use Word but sometimes use Power Point and excel in the past. I always have to learn the menu structure when a new office version comes out. However, office 2007 uses a different system called ribbons which is very user friendly and intuitive, so much so that I missed it in OneNote, which uses a menu UI..The standard file output for Word, Excel, and Power Point has an "x" added to the extension. The format is not compatible with the old version of Office, however, you can output using the old file format version. Writing to pdf format is great. Office can also read the old file format versions..I really like OneNote. I the past, when I do research on the internet (like for a vacation trip), I used a program to save the web pages so I organize them and can read them offline. I could organize them somewhat using tags and other things but Office OneNote is so much better!

While still expensive, Office 2007 is essential to working with almost any documents in a decidedly Microsoft world. However, I am not at all impressed with the new menu system that Microsoft has introduced. I would have been much happier if there was an option to revert to "classic view." Even so, this is the way of the future, and one must upgrade to the new version to avoid being left in the dust. As described, if it includes outlook in the package, more people may be satisfied with this software package.