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Friday, August 31, 2007

My All Time Favorite Actor : Al Pacino

I have always wanted to talk about this legend, but have not really got to discuss about his acting prowess because I seriously lacked the kind of company with whom I could talk somethin' as complicated and confound as 'Pacino'. He is one of the best actors Hollywood has ever produced. The Italian-American actor has enthralled movie goers for several decades and still continues to raise eye-brows and expectations among his fans even today, evidently proven with Pacino giving a new gush of energy to the third installment in the Oceans series. So, I finally resorted to write a blog on him. My last Resort. This man needs serious attention from the people who are'nt aware of this living legend.

Why I like him ?

Al Pacino is the actor who portrays some of our favorite characters: Michael Corleone in The Godfather, Tony Montana in Scarface, and Carlito Brigante in Carlito's Way. He deserves our Man of the Week feature simply for delivering some of the greatest one-liners a man can use.

Why is he famous ?

Al Pacino's roles in The Gofdather, Scarface, Carlito's Way, Scent of a Woman, Heat and many, many more great performances put him in a very select group. He's an Oscar (he's earned it) winner and one of our favorite actors.

Al Pacino is one of finest actors in the world. His endless range, his emotion, his anger, his laughter, and those eyes have made for some very memorable moments in cinematic history. He also knows how to party with the best of them (though no one outdoes Jack Nicholson).

Unlike his buddy, Robert De Niro, Pacino is approachable and hasn't let fame stand in the way of who he really is. He remembers his roots and that part of his personality makes him so likeable. You could only get by in Hollywood for so long on cruise control. Pacino has long-lasting talent that has allowed him to remain in the business for over 30 years.

Pacino is a short man with no particularly attractive physical attributes. Still, women love him and his bad boy "charm," and his passion for his craft and the cool men he portrays can never hurt a man's appeal with the opposite sex.

He can't do much more with his acting career. He has reached the pinnacle of his industry by receiving 8 Oscar nominations, winning countless awards, appearing in 30 feature films, and most importantly, winning the respect of his peers.

Pacino is the kind of guy we'd love to play poker with, go to clubs with, go to strip joints with, and see a boxing match with. It seems that he simply can't say anything stupid. Put it this way; Al Pacino can walk into any restaurant in Brooklyn or the Bronx and be treated like a king. So yes, of course I would want to be him !!

Adieu, Godfather !