Life shows no mercy for the weak. Cognizance about everythin has become mandatory to survive. Get a piece of everythin that life has in the offering ! i share all that i know to help others know what i know. we stay together , we survive. welcome to candor corner. know. share. survive. always with candor, Praveen Chandar

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

a hellishcat emerges from the unparalleled..

I stare. An empty gaze into nothing. Into an illusion of an object I see. And now I know and yet I don’t understand. And what is this in front of me? An image of an imaginary life. A lie. A terrible lie. I disgust. I pity. Thrown back into the thought again. Shadows and lullabies. Tomorrows said goodbye. And my memory fades and my movement halts. And I stare. A blank stare. Nothing to think about, nothing to do. No problems unsolved. No worries to befall. And yet in this small world within limitless boundaries, I found peace. And yet, the turmoil of an undeciphered heart wraps the question of yesterday and now.

Wind blows hard, still no muscles bound, bound to change. And so I drift together with the wind. And I won’t smile, and I won’t frown. I stretch my soul to touch the clouds and make it mine. And I tie it with my sorrow and I burn it with my misery. Let it die. Let it fade. Burst it into tears of rainy days’ summer and dry season’s winter. And I stare. Into an empty space and time. Movements gone. Following me down. And I drain an envelop lust for space. The void I see in front of me, asking to enter within. And I see another me, staring..


Composed By,
Praveen Chandar.