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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Top Ten Chinese Dishes For All You Gourmets !!

Hey guys, this is dedicated to all the gourmets who love chinese food. I fell in love with chinese food ever since I pushed in the first fork of succulent noodles into my mouth, at the GOLDEN DRAGON restaurant around the corner of my street when I was doing my sixth grade ! The Chinese have always boasted of a superior cuisine that exemplifies mouth-watering flavor and enticing aroma. Here are ten of the most favorite chinese delicacies of mine. Its easy to make them too. I have not given a consummate recipe here. So, Get hold of a complete guide to make these delicacies. Dont miss out on these !

1) Cold Asparagus Salad :
Fresh asparagus is boiled and topped with Chinese seasonings in this simple recipe that uses only six ingredients.

2) Baked Chicken Wings :
Chicken wings are coated in a sweet and spicy mixture and baked. The only unusual ingredient is hoisin sauce; you can substitute barbecue sauce if it’s not available.

3) Broccoli With Oyster Sauce :
This recipe is so easy to make - just boil the sauce and pour it over broccoli that has been briefly cooked in boiling water. Either regular broccoli or Chinese broccoli (gai lan) can be used.

4) Beef Stew :
Beef, carrots and tomatoes are seasoned with soy sauce and tomato paste in this hearty stew.

5) Pepper Steak :
A retro dish from the 1950s and '60s, fried pepper steak is a great way to get an idea of the flavors used in Chinese cooking. This recipe uses bell peppers, fresh mushrooms and canned baby corn.

6) Oyster Sauce Chicken :
This easy chicken dish is made with chicken thighs, onion and bell peppers, all cooked in the frying pan in a flavorful sauce. This recipe uses healthy olive oil for browning and frying the chicken.

7) Roast Honey Chicken :
Here’s a great recipe for Sunday night dinner - a roasting chicken is marinated in the refrigerator for several hours and then roasted in the oven. The chicken is coated with reserved marinade during roasting. The recipe calls for rock sugar, but brown sugar can be used instead. Many grocery stores carry five-spice powder in the spice section. The recipe includes instructions for telling when the chicken is done.

8) Basic Fried Rice :
Here is a very simple, easy recipe for fried rice that can be made in the frying pan.

9) Pineapple Fried Rice :
This is a great dish for busy weeknights, that uses cooked shrimp and canned pineapple rings.

10) Almond Float :
Finally, a simple dessert recipe made with gelatin and almond extract, topped with canned fruit cocktail. This dessert tastes great at any time of year - feel free to substitute seasonal fresh fruit or other canned fruits for the fruit cocktail if desired. Almond Float is the western version of a traditional Chinese recipe called “Almond Tea,” that is made with ground almonds and agar-agar.

Go the Chinese Way !