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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Things People Really Shouldn't Do At The Movies

Hi guys,
I'd been to the theatre today to watch 'The Simpsons Movie' for the third time. This time I had gone with m best friend. I thought it would be one of the best experiences in recent times because I so much wanted to watch this film with him, but it turned out to be anything but that !! Guess who is responsible ?? The movie goers !! Not all, but just a few . And, those few and the annoying gesticulations are enough to get on your nerves and mar the experience totally ! I quickly got back home and enumerated a list of things that should strictly not be done at the theatre. Well, If I owned a theatre, I would make these mandatory !!

1. Come late
2. Then talk loud about where to sit
3. Eat loud
4. Bang the back of other people's seats (particularly if you also did 1 and 2)
5. Sit right next to people you don't know when more than three quarters of the cinema is empty
6. Provide a loud running editorial about what is happening in the movie
7. Not leave the cinema when you have a coughing fit
8. Stand up in the middle of the movie ... I mean at least move or leave
9. Crackle your packets of whatever you are eating (especially if you are also committing number 3)
10. Realise you are in the wrong movie long after it starts
11. Slurp the end of your drink
12. Leave your mobile phone on (especially if you have one of 'those' ring tones)
13. Answer your mobile phone (especially if you also did number 12)

Hope you got that !!