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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Official A R Rahman Website

hi to all you Rahman fanatics,

There is good news for everybody. Finally, the Official website of the 'Mozart of Madras' (as quoted by the TIME magazine) A R Rahman, has been re-hosted by his team after the long hiatus following the closing down of the site '' and '' for renovation. The new website has an elysian feel to it, with the moving clouds taking you closer to heaven, an effect or feeling that is very close to the one that burgeons in us when we listen to his works.

The web address is :

The website provides detailed information on the awards, accolades, and nominations received by the legend, his biography, discography and also information on the his future endeavours.

A lot of websites have been hosted by his fans, so far, which have already provided information on his career and biography. This website, being official, is void of any spoof and contains precise information especially on his future projects and also about the singles and international projects he is involved in, which includes Shekar Kapur's 'GOLDEN AGE', the sequel to his Oscar-Winning 'Elizabeth' in 2000, and also the Kaizad Gustad directed "Beth and Beatrice" that is due for release in Jan 2008.

The website is not complete. It is still in the embryonic stage with only the 'The Journey' category open. The rest read 'Coming Soon'. The home page allures you with those clouds, that breeze which carries the clouds, blowing almost straight into you, and the ever-soothing music ( I have not heard that music piece before ) that goes on an 'eternal' loop, taking you through the skies without hurldes or even jerks !!

And, apart from all the trivia and chronological listings, you also get to download some cool wallpapers of the 'Isai Puyal'. The wallpapers are new and have been created exclusively for the launch of the website.

Keep checking out the site for updates.

Think Music. Think Rahman.