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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Stop the Yawning !

Hi guys and gals,
This is one of the rarest topics to have been treaded on !
Yeah, I'm talking about YAWNING !!

Given the increasingly fast-paced, high-stress world we find ourselves in, it seems like the “yawn” should have become a relic from our past. But as long as things like waiting in line, bad theater and mindless busy work continue to exist, the “yawn” will continue to be a staple of modern life. And although it’s inevitable that many of us find ourselves in a yawn-inducing situation, that doesn’t mean there aren’t various practices and habits that minimize how many times we succumb to our boredom.

So now you’re asking yourself, “What are these habits that will prevent me from yawning and who do I have to beat up in order to obtain them?” But don’t worry, these habits don’t need to be obtained via a pair of bloody brass knuckles

Life is not always peaches and cream. No matter how much you feel in control, there will always be situations and circumstances that are out of your grasp. Work, friends, family, and spousal responsibilities sometimes conflict with your own wants and supersede your own plans. Sometimes, this leads to what may be the least-anticipated moment in your life -- the "boring event."

During a boring event, time ticks by slowly, your mind wanders and comes up with the most random thoughts, and you try to devise ways of escaping the dreaded situation.

Well, fortunately for all you bored men out there, your scheming time is now over. I have broken down the typically boring events that men encounter into four categories -- friends, work, girlfriend, and family -- and will tell you exactly how to make time pass painlessly.

Sometimes, we get our arms twisted into doing things we actually don't want to do; heading to a friend's party that you know is going to be a downer is one of those times. Since you're close with the host, you can't just get up and leave. Why not try to liven up the gathering by stocking up on alcohol and getting especially sloshed? There are times when getting a good buzz on is called for, and this may be one of them.

Being caught in a movie theater watching the latest Hollywood stinker is simply no fun. When you make plans with friends to see the flick and perhaps get a drink afterward, it's even worse.
If you're with a platonic girl friend, you could always try to liven up the relationship and make a move, but if you're not down with that (or if you're with a dude), there are other ways to salvage the night, short of walking out of the theater. You can always try sneaking into the latest action flick.

Trifle your Yawns !